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A free manual Traffic Exchange offering surprisingly effective advertising (and some pretty amazing tools and features).

This site is new to me and I learn a little bit every day. I'm amazed at how many different things you can do on this site! I am very picky at which traffic exchanges I upgrade on and at the moment this could definitely be one of them!
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use promo code NewMember and surf 5 pages for 10 credits

Free to join and free to use with paid options offering additional benefits.

Hover over the items in the list below to display more detail.
Hint: Move the mouse up from the bottom of the list and/or in from the side to the item you'd like to read more about.


Easy to connect.
If you have any questions prior to joining you can contact via support ticket or the Click to connect button that floats at the top left of every screen.
Once you've joined, all emails from Traffic Exchange Results are sent from a monitored email address.
Simply reply to any email you receive if you would like to make contact.

No pressure sales.
You will not see any of those so called 'One Time Offers' every time you log in offering you a special price on an upgrade you've already purchased.

Minimal deception.
Every effort is made to ensure you are not presented with advertisements by someone attempting to deceive or scam you.

Easy to use features.
A number of mods have been made (and continue to be made) to the script to make it easier to use the existing features.
Additional features have been (are being) added with the emphasis being on ease of use.

Effective advertising.

Fewer credit wasters.
Every effort is made to keep the site clean of objectionable material.
An instant bonus, the majority of bots and other credit wasters are surfing to earn credits to advertise sites I don't allow.
Therefore, apart from trying to annoy me, there is nothing here for them.
Which means, your advertisements are going to be seen by real people who are looking for real opportunities.

Progressive sign-up bonus.

Progressive sign-up bonus.

Rather than providing a sign-up bonus simply for joining, the sign-up bonus here is for being active.
You will earn a bonus once you have surfed each of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 & 2500 pages.
The script keeps a count of your surfed pages, so they don't have to be surfed in one sitting.
There are also sign-up bonuses when your referrals reach certain milestones.

Loyalty surfing bonus for all members.

Loyalty surfing bonus
Additional credits per page surfed for surfing every day. Available to all members (except 'Sus').
The number of credits you receive per viewed page increases by 0.01 credit per day.
Surf 50 consecutive days and receive an additional half credit per view (0.75 instead of 0.25 for standard free member).
Resets to 0 if a day is missed (subject to membership - see 'Grace Period' on the membership table).

Free lifetime Starter+ upgrade.

Free upgrade
Prove you're real by confirming your profile details and I'll give you additional benefits for taking the time to do so.
You can read more about it on the Traffic Exchange Results 'BonaFideMe' profile verification process page.
Essentially, profile verification gives you a more advertising, more credits and a faster timer (more detail is available on the membership table). It is not required, but it has proven popular.

Dynamic surfing ratios for + members.

Dynamic ratios
One of the bonuses of confirming your profile details is the Dynamic Ratio.
The number of credits you receive for viewing advertisements increases as you surf more pages.
A percentage boost based on membership at 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000 pages.
Resets daily. Only available to 'BonaFideMe' profile verified members.

A leading edge way to build your brand.

Customisable tracker top bar.
Something I have been using for a while that has made a massive difference to the effectiveness of my advertising is the customisable tracker top bar.
My name, photo and social links can now be discretely (or loudly, if that's your preference) added to every product I promote.
  • Coded by me exclusively for Traffic Exchange Results.
  • Allows you to customise the rotator top bar text and colours to blend or contrast with your advertisement.
  • Gives you more options to connect with prospects via social networks.
  • Traffic Exchange Results branding doesn't cover the majority of the bar.
  • The top bar can be added to individual trackers rather than just the rotator.
For those sites that don't allow rotators, the top bar can be added to a tracker to give all your ads a consistent look.
Improve your recognition, make your ads a little different and track your results - all with one free tool.
The number of trackers, rotators and top bars you can have is determined by membership.
To make use of the trackers, there is a 50 page per month surf requirement for Starter and Starter+ members.

Diversions for your enjoyment/benefit.

Bonuses and games.
Repetitive tasks can cause injury (and boredom).
We're selling advertising, so our customers expect to have healthy, attentive surfers viewing their ads.
There are a number of things to watch out for while surfing which
- may get you to move a little
- may provide some fun
- will provide some additional credits or impressions.

Things like:
- Word search game. Simply watch the surf pages for a claim page & claim all the letters to complete the word(s).
The prize is automatically added to your account.

- Prize pages - there are a couple of these that can be claimed multiple times per day.
I think they're easy to spot. Click the claim link to have the prize added to your account.

- Banner prizes - keep an eye on the banners when surfing.
The one with a prize attached is fairly obvious.

- Tic-Tac-Toe - or 0's and X's if you're Kiwi. The classic game that you should never loose.
A win or a draw is guaranteed if you follow a few simple rules.
Not that it really matters, credits are never subtracted from your account for loosing.

- Match the cards - This one's a bit trickier to win (you do need to concentrate),
but the prizes have been adjusted to compensate you for the time it can take to play.

- Zubees - if you still collect them, until I run out of gift-able zubees,
Emerald Hunter and Treasure Hunter are both active in surf.

- Viral Traffic Games (VTG) - multi-site (traffic exchanges and mailers) game
where you compete against members and collect items for additional advertising.

- Mystery Game - solve the murder in a multi-site (traffic exchanges) game.
Who did it, with what and where.

Finding the hover-reveal a bit frustrating? Click to do just that.

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