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Banned sites

As stated elsewhere in our terms/policies, we actively discourage a few types of advertisement. Check out In a nutshell for a list of what is considered inappropriate, but it's pretty much anything that's illegal, offensive, irritating or misleading (we particularly dislike any type of scam).

This page shows the domains that are currently on our list of 'banned sites', plus the reason they are banned. The filters may need tweaking a little so, if you feel that a site is listed in error, please submit a support ticket outlining your reasons for having the site removed.

Total in list 14032.

We don't like people who take advantage of 'newbies' (those who haven't yet learned that you won't make money simply by idly following someone's 'secret' get rich quick scheme). Kudos to all the hard working folks exposing scams and scammers for what they are. Particularly those at -

Some sites listed here no longer exist. Yay!
Because it takes too much time to check them all, at this stage they stay on the list.

Not all sites are listed. There are still hundreds (probably thousands) we don't have listed. The number of new scam sites increases even faster than the number of new cryptocurrencies.

Looking for pointers on how to avoid transferring the content of your wallet/bank account to some lowlife?

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.aff.comAdultBefore May 17, 2019
.C2x.inListed on's badlist - 'A doubler scam from Max Crypto, the close cousin of Lost Crypto. 12/11/15'Before May 17, 2019
.npage.deFree web hosting with too many dodgy sites. If you want to be online - get a domain name.Before May 17, 2019
000bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
000webhost.comFree web hosting. If you are serious about being online - be professional and get a domain name.Before May 17, 2019
00bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
01clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
01crypto.netListed on's badlist "If this were a real Exchange, it could be criticised for lack of SSL, but it isn't a real Exchange, as you will find out if you try and use it.20May 17, 2019
07adsListed on May 17, 2019
07bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
0daybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
0on.infoListed on's badlist "Bitcoin Generator "Bitcoin Adder" and other spurious descriptions pitch this worthless scam software.2016-01-07"May 17, 2019
1-9-90.comListed on's badlist "An 'MLM' requires product, and a 'Matrix' is a Ponzi. This is just another fraudster.2016-09-22"May 17, 2019
1-hash.comListed on's badlist "A fairly unconvincing fraud, but we'd better warn you just in case you think this is real. (Not the real"Before May 17, 2019
1-usd-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
10-cash.comListed on May 17, 2019
100-3x.comListed on's badlist "Where x=50. (ask a friend if you don't understand this)2017-10-04"Before May 17, 2019
100-btc.comListed on's badlist "Also If you believe that someone will multiply your bitcoin 100x, then seriously, seek help.2016-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
100-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
100-cash.comListed on May 17, 2019
1000000satoshi.weebly.comListed on's badlist "This freehosted site wants you to give all the details they may need to steal ALL your online stuff. Don't be daft.2016-08-25"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
1000expert.comListed on's badlist "This is a Ponzi in it's purest form. MLM, but with no product, don't get your Mum involved eh.2017-11-23"Before May 17, 2019
100bitco.inListed on's badlist "How do they 10x your Btc in a day? They don't. They 10x their own.2014-08-31"Before May 17, 2019
100btc.comListed on's badlist - 'If you believe that someone will multiply your bitcoin 100x, then seriously, seek help. 1/1/16'Before May 17, 2019
100btcpalace.comListed on's badlist "Not an MLM or Ponzi - a 'Matrix', although at the end of the day, it will fuck off with the bitcoin like they all do.2016-04-19"Before May 17, 2019
100dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
100eour.comListed on May 17, 2019
100euro-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
100h3x.comListed on's badlist "A really basic coin multiplier fraud. Bitcoin DOES NOT DOUBLE! Any part of that that escapes you?2016-07-28"May 17, 2019
100Kbinarychallenge.coListed on as 100K Binary Challenge Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
100timesbitcoins.comListed on's badlist "Another BitATT scam clone, another thief.2015-03-03"Before May 17, 2019
100x-bitcoin.comListed on's badlist "It's a while since we saw this daft old bitcoin scam. People stopped falling for it. Bitcoin cannot multiply.2018-11-14"May 17, 2019
100x-btc.comListed on's badlist "Nothing special. Send bitcoin and you'll never see it again. Bitcoin cannot double.2017-10-12"Before May 17, 2019
100x-btc.pwListed on's badlist "This is the genuine fraud site, don't lose your bitcoin to a fake fraud - Weird.2016-01-04"Before May 17, 2019
100x-mlt-btc.comListed on's badlist "Yes, the bitcoin multiplier scams have returned. The simplest of scams. You send bitcoin, and the thief keeps it.2018-11-15"May 17, 2019
100x.btc-flow.inListed on's badlist "Just a domain extension for this scam.2015-11-01"Before May 17, 2019
100xbtc.comListed on's badlist "If you fall victim to this scam - it is your own fault.2015-01-14"Before May 17, 2019
100xbtc.sytes.netListed on's badlist "The Crypto world is swamped with these. Yet another multiplier scam.2015-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
100xdoge.comListed on's badlist "Just send 5000 Doge that you no longer need, and this scam will happily take them off your hands.2015-01-27"Before May 17, 2019
101dogs.netRe-directsBefore May 17, 2019
10adspay.comListed on's badlist "Another 'Revshare' ponzi fraud.2016-07-04"Before May 17, 2019
10bit.bizListed on's badlist "You ain't fooling nobody with this unoriginal ponzi fraud.2016-04-29"Before May 17, 2019
10bit.pwListed on's badlist "It's new, and we've warned you, so you have no excuse for your own stupidity if you send bitcoin to this blatant fraud.2017-02-25"Before May 17, 2019
10btc.weebly.comListed on's badlist "A freehosted ponzi/scam.2015-09-05"Before May 17, 2019
10bucks2wealth.comRed flags everywhere - ad packs, profit sharing, matrix. Repeat after me - PONZIBefore May 17, 2019
10bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
10buxnow.comListed on May 17, 2019
10centbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
10centcashoutptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
10centspayoutbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
10coindaily.comListed on's badlist "That's what this crook is hoping to make.2016-05-31"Before May 17, 2019
10dayprofits.comListed on's badlist "Everything you see before you is illusion. Just a slightly modified off the shelf template from this fraud.2016-11-13"Before May 17, 2019
10daysocialprofits.comListed on as 10 Day Social Profits Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "What, pay you interest every day, for doing fuck all, and you believed them? Please learn from it.2018-03-30"Before May 17, 2019
10dollarbillionair.comListed on's badlist "Oops, forgot the 'e' when you registered this fraud.2017-03-21"Before May 17, 2019
10dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
10euro-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
10foldfinance.comListed on as 10 Fold Finance Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
10in10trading.comListed on's badlist "By the time you realise it's all just a lie, your funds will be far away. Don't fall for these stupid promises of a Popcorn lifestyle.2018-06-11"May 17, 2019
10kbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
10kclix.usListed on? for 'scam' on 17/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
10keverydayapp.coListed on as $10K Every Day App Scam on January 2, 2017Before May 17, 2019
10millionbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
10minutebitcoin.comListed on's badlist "PayPal and Bitcoin do not mix. Both sides can get burned, and always do. It's your loss, and it's guaranteed.2018-10-10"May 17, 2019
10pays15.comSelling adpacks and guaranteeing a return on investment. Ponzi (ref Traffic Monsoon).Before May 17, 2019
10percentbtc.comListed on's badlist "It's a ponzi and a gamble. Remember, these sites don't often tell the truth.2015-02-04"Before May 17, 2019
10x-bitco.inListed on's badlist - 'The 10x your Btc Scam - always is and always will be just a robber. 9/6/14'Before May 17, 2019
10x11.bizListed on's badlist "Another thief promising to magically double your coins.2016-01-27"Before May 17, 2019
10xbitco.inListed on's badlist "Also, The 10x your Btc Scam - always is and always will be just a robber.2014-09-06"Before May 17, 2019
10xbitcoin.comListed on's badlist "Graphics to make you think it is a bunch of believable little matrix ponzi's. Doh, sit back, think about it, and when you get it, celebrate your Before May 17, 2019
10xbtc.gaListed on's badlist "Same Scam, new domain.2015-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
10xbtc.netListed on's badlist "Here we go again, but a hyip this time.2016-06-10"Before May 17, 2019
10xbtc.ruListed on's badlist "All multipliers are scams run by slimy thieves. This is no exception2015-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
110back.comListed on's badlist "Or a 1:10 Ponzi in earth language.2015-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
111bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
11goldbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
120bit.comListed on's badlist "How it works in 4 words 'They steal your bitcoin'2015-10-30"Before May 17, 2019
120bitcoins.comListed on's badlist "This probably relates to how many bitcoins they want to steal before they disappear.2015-03-02"Before May 17, 2019
120cycle.netListed on's badlist "Offers 120% return. How? Ponzi or Scam, take your pick, or choose both2014-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
120profit.comListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam. Please wise up. There's no such thing as a free lunch, or free money. JustPONZI2015-05-06"Before May 17, 2019
123-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
123.karsta.ltListed on May 17, 2019
123bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
123easycash.netListed on May 17, 2019
123search.coListed on May 17, 2019
129bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
12bor.comListed on? for 'scam' on 15/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
12bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
12Clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
12dailycoin.comListed on's badlist "Now you know it's a fraud,you won't send this thief your bitcoin, we hope.2016-01-12"Before May 17, 2019
12inv.comListed on's badlist "Scammers aren't bright, and they stick to what they know, in this case the number 12.2017-08-18"Before May 17, 2019
12level.comListed on's badlist "all you need is 12 more suckers to sign up and you probably still won't get your funds back. Sad isn't it.2014-05-23"Before May 17, 2019 May 17, 2019
13clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
13xbtc.comListed on's badlist "13 has a reputation as a very unlucky number. This scam site further endorses that reputation.2017-09-16"Before May 17, 2019
14bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
14daily.comListed on's badlist "A hyip a day keeps your bitcoin away. Don't give your btc to these hyip thieves.2015-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
15000dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
1500perday.coListed on as $1500 Per Day Scam on July 25, 2017Before May 17, 2019
150cents.comListed on May 17, 2019
154pack.comListed on's badlist "Another 'Revshare' fraud. What do you think revshare means where there is no product?2017-02-20"Before May 17, 2019
15bit.bizListed on's badlist "Doesn't matter what the number is, any coin multiplier is a simple fraud.2016-06-01"Before May 17, 2019
15coin.comListed on's badlist "Another scam bitcoin multiplier. Keep your bitcoin safe.2014-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
15kin15minutes.comListed on as 15K in 15 minutes Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
160pack.comListed on? for 'scam' on 27/2/2017.Before May 17, 2019
17btc.clubListed on's badlist "They are right, it isn't like a ponzi - it IS a ponzi.2017-04-30"Before May 17, 2019
17bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1800-cash.comListed on May 17, 2019
180tradeoption.comListed on's badlist "Some scammers are not very bright. This one is particularly dim. Ffs, don't be dimmer!2018-06-26"May 17, 2019
1986bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1bitcoin.winListed on's badlist "Quite a surreal site, but just a doubler fraud.2016-02-14"Before May 17, 2019
1btc.winListed on for Not Paying on 05/17/2016.Before May 17, 2019
1bux1.comListed on May 17, 2019
1centbtc.comListed on's badlist "Don't send a penny to this nickel and dime Hyip/Fraud.2016-05-30"Before May 17, 2019
1centbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1centbux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
1centemails.comListed on May 17, 2019
1centpayoutbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1dailycoin.comListed on's badlist "A very very formulaic hyip fraud. If they were to run a hyip legitimately, the maths say you would probably lose, but they don't, so you certainlBefore May 17, 2019
1daybtc.comListed on's badlist "Don't hold your breath.2016-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
1dollar-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1dollaradz.comListed on? for 'not recommended' on 11/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
1dollarclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
1dollarforclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
1dollarnoads.comListed on May 17, 2019
1dollarplan.365webs.infoNo product. The only thing being promoted is the referral program. Calling it 'Scam free' does not change the fact that it is a Ponzi.Before May 17, 2019
1dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
1dollarptc.usListed on May 17, 2019
1DollarTasks.comListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
1eurobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1euroclick.netListed on May 17, 2019
1getpaid.meListed on's badlist "Just another magic bitcoin doubler. Or thief as they are known.2015-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
1gprofitsystem.comListed on as 1GProfitSystem Scam on September 12, 2017Before May 17, 2019
1hashmining.comListed on's badlist "It isn't real mining, just a front.2016-12-03"Before May 17, 2019
1homeprofit.netListed on May 17, 2019
1hourbitcovest.cfListed on's badlist "A pretty basic coin multiplier fraud. Don't ever fall for any of these.2017-04-23"Before May 17, 2019
1hourbtc.pwListed on's badlist "To multiply anything x10 in a ponzi, requires 11 other people to be equally silly. Think about it.2017-01-02"Before May 17, 2019
1hourlycoin.comListed on's badlist "Hopefully, now you are aware it's just a fraud, this cheap crook will get one hourly jack-shit.2016-08-26"Before May 17, 2019
1hourprofit.ltdListed on's badlist "Don't send any bitcoin to these generator scams, nobody has ever been repaid.2018-10-04"May 17, 2019
1kdailyprofit.comListed on as 1K Daily Profit Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
1millionusd.bizListed on's badlist "What a pretty site this is. A complete scam, but well presented.2014-06-29"Before May 17, 2019
1online7.comListed on May 17, 2019
1pack.netListed on? for 'non payments' on 3/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
1paycoin.comListed on's badlist "1pileofcrap.con - Just don't believe everything you read on the Internet, except us of course.2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
1pennybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1stbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1stdaybux.omListed on May 17, 2019
1stearn.comListed on? for 'scam' on 29/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
1stghs.comListed on's badlist "You are playing at mining, it isn't real. As long as you know it's a ponzi, then it is your choice.2017-09-27"Before May 17, 2019
1stpaid.comListed on May 17, 2019
1thash.comListed on's badlist "Also There is a lot wrong with this site. No https is your first red flag.2015-03-17"Before May 17, 2019
1thash.ruListed on's badlist - 'There is a lot wrong with this site. No https is your first red flag. 3/17/15'Before May 17, 2019
1to1bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1woow1.comListed on May 17, 2019
1worldbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1x24hours.comListed on's badlist "Yet another fraudster claiming to multiply your bitcoin.2016-02-02"Before May 17, 2019
1x2bits.clubListed on's badlist "A ponzi means that the bitcoin you send, is paid to previous 'investors' What you fail to consider, is that these ponzis aren't ponzi, and they jBefore May 17, 2019
1x4cyclebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
1zct.comListed on May 17, 2019
2-3.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam. They will just steal your money and bitcoin.2015-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
2-dollar-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
2-usd.comListed on May 17, 2019
20-cash.comListed on May 17, 2019
2000dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
2008mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
2009clicks.infoListed on May 17, 2019
200btc.pwListed on's badlist "The 'Bitatt' multiplier fraud makes yet another appearance.2016-12-24"Before May 17, 2019
200dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
200eour.comListed on May 17, 2019
200euro-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
200euromails.netListed on May 17, 2019
200masterpay.comListed on's badlist "Another Ponzi/Fraud using the Revshare theme.2016-06-17"Before May 17, 2019
200percent.ioListed on's badlist "A new Ethereum scam. Don't kid yourself that by getting in early, you somehow stand a chance of gaining. Everybody loses, you are all mugs!2018-1May 17, 2019
2010newbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2013click.comListed on May 17, 2019
2019freedom.com 3, 2019
201percent.comListed on's badlist "The scamsector is now saturated with these doublers. Don't be fooled. It's a Ponzi scam just like all of them.2015-01-31"Before May 17, 2019
20clix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/29/2016.Before May 17, 2019
20dailycoin.bizListed on's badlist "Another moveable fraudsite.2017-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
20dailycoin.comListed on's badlist "Return 5000% in a day, are you pissed?2014-09-10"Before May 17, 2019
20dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
20dollars2surf.comListed on May 17, 2019
20eurmail.comListed on May 17, 2019
20hours.bizListed on's badlist "A spurious site title. Everything on this scam page, every number, statistic, promise, is just fantasy. They could have called it anything.2017-0Before May 17, 2019
20minuteresults.comYet another promise of income for little to no work. Same thing by a different name from repeat offendersBefore May 17, 2019
20spring12.comListed on May 17, 2019
210proclub.comListed on's badlist "These hyip frauds just keep coming. Please don't become a victim to these very common frauds.2016-10-17"Before May 17, 2019
23bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
247bitcoins.netListed on's badlist "Just a fraud folks, move along now.2017-01-17"Before May 17, 2019
247bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
247cashbot.comListed on as 247CashBot Scam on May 10, 2017Before May 17, 2019
247cryptoearns.netListed on's badlist "As a fraud site that claims to have started in Jan 2017, why is this domain only a month old? This and so many other questions.2018-08-21"May 17, 2019
247payouts.comListed on May 17, 2019
247vipclub.comListed on May 17, 2019
24besucher.eunon-EnglishBefore May 17, 2019
24bitdeposit.comListed on's badlist "A 24/7 manufacturer of bullshit related products, and not worthy of your trust.2017-12-02"Before May 17, 2019
24coins.ioListed on's badlist "10 days to find out if you've been robbed? We'll save you your time and bitcoin eh.2017-05-03"Before May 17, 2019
24cryptosignals.comListed on's badlist "Fuck me - you can buy a Minning Plan! How have we in Crypto got this far without a minning plan? (Some days, we just despair for the future of huMay 17, 2019
24empiresoption.comListed on's badlist "As if Binary Options wasn't enough scam, just add these fraudsters and you have a dead loss.2018-06-09"May 17, 2019
24ExchangerListed on's badlist - 'scam 6/3/14'Before May 17, 2019
24finance.xyzListed on's badlist "This is as blatant as a ponzi can get. If you go into it, it is your own fault. Nobody else to blame.2018-10-02"May 17, 2019
24hourbtc.comListed on's badlist "A doubler scam from a common thief.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
24hoursdoubler.comListed on's badlist "Your bitcoin won't double, it will just add to this crooks wallet.2016-02-06"Before May 17, 2019
24hourspays.comListed on's badlist "In 24 hours, somebody can get a long way away with your precious bitcoin.2015-08-19"Before May 17, 2019
24option.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
24options.icuListed on's badlist "The 25th option, is to try and find an Investment Site that isn't simply a thief.2018-11-09"May 17, 2019
24paying.comListed on's badlist "It's just another fraud from the persistent hyip writers. Thieves.2016-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
24pays.comListed on's badlist "Another fraud to add.2016-04-24"Before May 17, 2019
251coins.comListed on's badlist "Don't believe a word of it. Of course it's a matrix, and a matrix is just a ponzi, broken into chunks that make it appear plausible!2018-06-19"May 17, 2019
25dollaclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
25dollarlegacy.comFocus is on signing up new referrals rather than selling a product - pyramid - illegal.Before May 17, 2019
25mining.ruListed on's badlist "Yes it's a fake mining site.2016-07-13"Before May 17, 2019
2bitcoin.bizListed on's badlist "Bitcoin doesn't double. Don't fall for these common frauds.2017-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
2btc.ioListed on's badlist "Just another iteration of that familiar scam doubler. A thief.2016-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
2buckclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 31/1/2017.Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
2bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
2captcha.comA service enabling people to bypass anti-cheat mechanisms.Before May 17, 2019
2centads.comListed on? for 'scam' on 05/18/2016.Before May 17, 2019
2centsptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
2coin.htw.plListed on's badlist "And yes, it's a fraud doubler.2016-05-22"Before May 17, 2019
2dayforex.comListed on's badlist "Within 2 days, your bitcoin will have been burned in a crack pipe. Just a cheap fraud.2016-11-07"Before May 17, 2019
2dollarwave.comStart With Only $2 ONE TIME Payment - Earn Up To $21,000 - HYIPBefore May 17, 2019
2doublecoin.coListed on's badlist "To double coin, you have to mine it, buy it, gamble it or earn it. This is just a thief.2016-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
2fxltd.comListed on's badlist "Another pic of a cheeky chappie with his thumb in the air - it should be up his ass with this scamsite.2014-10-09"Before May 17, 2019
2gclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
2goodbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2gpbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2hoursbitcoin.comListed on's badlist "A rubbish hyip/fraud.2016-07-12"Before May 17, 2019
2in1bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2kbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2ndaybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2passiveincome.comListed on's badlist "Far too passive, in fact so laid back you can't see it.2016-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
2speedymatrix.comListed on's badlist "You will be amazed at the speed your bitcoin arrives in the ponzi admins wallet. But that's it, nothing else much happens after that.2017-08-14"Before May 17, 2019
2vbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
2x.moneyListed on's badlist "Double bollocks. Money and bitcoin simply cannot double - There, you heard it here first.2016-08-15"Before May 17, 2019
2x24btc.xyzListed on's badlist "The classic coindoubler fraud. The logs are faked - nobody really gains from these common scams.2016-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
2x2club.comListed on's badlist "Another losers club. Just a pretty useless attempt at a ponzi scam.2017-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
2x2funds.comListed on's badlist "A fairly basic ponzi. If you don't know what a ponzi is, you will just keep losing your bitcoin.2016-11-09"Before May 17, 2019
2x9bitmax.comListed on's badlist "The bitcoinbuilder ponzi must have hit a wall, so hey, add another layer - it's only other peoples money.2017-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
2xbitcoi.inListed on's badlist "It's yet another bitcoin multiplier scamsite. They just keep coming.2014-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
2xbitcoin.onlineListed on's badlist "If you haven't seen these, they are 'Bitcoin Doublers'. What happens is, you send bitcoin, and you don't get it back. You do get to feel silly thBefore May 17, 2019
2xbits.blogspot.comListed on's badlist - 'It seems like everybody is trying it on with bitcoin doubler scams. Don't be a sucker, avoid these thieves. 12/30/15'Before May 17, 2019
2xbits.comListed on's badlist "Also and It seems like everybody is trying it on with bitcoin doubler scams. Don't be a sucker, avoid these thBefore May 17, 2019 on's badlist - 'It seems like everybody is trying it on with bitcoin doubler scams. Don't be a sucker, avoid these thieves. 12/30/15'Before May 17, 2019
2xbtc.euListed on's badlist "The latest scam doubler fraud attempt.2016-07-20"Before May 17, 2019
2xbtc.jimdo.comListed on's badlist "Another BitATT scam clone.2015-03-02"Before May 17, 2019
2xcoin.tkListed on's badlist "The latest scam coin multiplier. They all run for the hills with your bitcoin, please learn this undeniable fact.2015-04-04"Before May 17, 2019
3-dollar-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
300dollarsdaily.comListed on May 17, 2019
300dollartrade.comListed on as 300 Dollar Trade Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
300Millionaire.comListed on as 300 Millionaire Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
30k-challenge.comListed on as 30k-Challenge Scam on June 6, 2017Before May 17, 2019
314ptc.infoListed on? for 'non payments' on 8/8/2017.Before May 17, 2019
333eth.ioListed on's badlist "We would like to think that the lameness of this ponzi scam attempt, isn't a reflection on the intelligence of the ETH community? If it is, you mMay 17, 2019
355shares.comListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam2015-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
360urlz.comUnsupported rotatorBefore May 17, 2019
365clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
365dayclub.comListed on May 17, 2019
365deposit.comListed on's badlist "Hyips coming over the hill like the fkn Mongol Hordes! All hyips are frauds, and just because there are a lot of them, it doesn't change that. A Before May 17, 2019
365hourly.comListed on's badlist "Full on fakery. Not an Exchange, not Trading, and not a place to send your funds.2018-11-30"May 17, 2019
375cashdaily.comMake money by referring others - whatever you would like to call it (HYIP, Cash gifting, Ponzi) it's not legal.Before May 17, 2019
37bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
381clix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/13/2016.Before May 17, 2019
38coins.comListed on's badlist "This victim of the Crazebtc fraud wants you to join him - Don't be silly.2016-12-23"Before May 17, 2019
3bearsptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
3bitday.bizListed on's badlist "It's the '' fraud with a 3 in front? Wtf. Anyway, it's a fraud.2016-11-11"Before May 17, 2019
3business.comListed on's badlist "A hyip from Eastern Europe2015-06-03"Before May 17, 2019
3bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
3centbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
3coin.bizListed on's badlist "A fraud from a very prolific scam producer, We found a few more that we will be adding today.2018-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
3DClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
3dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
3linesforwin.coListed on's badlist "We'd better explain it. A ponzi, that is broken up into 3x3 matrixes, still has the same number of participants (losers), and will fail equally fBefore May 17, 2019
3pay1ad.comListed on May 17, 2019
3plecash.comListed on May 17, 2019
3profit.comListed on's badlist "3 might profit, but everybody else will lose everything. This is a ponzi/scam, bitcoin CANNOT multiply.2016-12-24"Before May 17, 2019
3sforall.infoListed on May 17, 2019
3steps2cash.comListed on as 3 Steps 2 Cash Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
3vhost.netMalwareBefore May 17, 2019
3x4bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
3xbitco.inListed on's badlist "Not very inventive - just the scam with 3 instead.2014-11-29"Before May 17, 2019
3yonmasr.comListed on May 17, 2019
400dollarsdailyinfoListed on May 17, 2019
40dollarclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
44bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
494bitcoins.comListed on's badlist "Matrix=Ponzi=Many more losers than gainers. Why do you cling to the forlorn hope that you will be a winner?2017-05-08"Before May 17, 2019
4btc.pwListed on's badlist "Off the shelf ponzi/fraud code on a fresh domain.2016-04-23"Before May 17, 2019
4bux.pri.eeListed on May 17, 2019 on? for 'scam' on 25/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
4dayprofit.comListed on's badlist "There are so many ponzi's, that there aren't enough depositors. Here's one more.2017-01-11"Before May 17, 2019
4everbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
4finance.bizListed on's badlist "A very traditional scam format, fake investment, big promises etc. The reality is that this is some creep with a plan to rob you.2015-08-09"Before May 17, 2019
4fortune.bizListed on's badlist "Those shiny shiny graphics appear yet again. Work that sucker to death.2016-05-30"Before May 17, 2019
4gbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
4ge.orgListed on's badlist "Can you read? Just read it for yourself, it makes no sense?2016-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
4kmine.comListed on's badlist "Complete drivel. But at least they are after fiat, but using a bitcoin theme.2016-06-08"Before May 17, 2019
4max4.comListed on's badlist "The bitcoin generator fraud, in a neat little standalone java app. Don't be daft enough to put this crap on your computer.2018-10-06"May 17, 2019
4my.euredirectorBefore May 17, 2019
4ubux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
4x4bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
4x75.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam2015-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
4xbtc.pwListed on's badlist "Rarely will you see more bs than this. Fake logs, lies everything to try to steal from you.2016-05-17"Before May 17, 2019
4xBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
5-euro-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
5-usd.comListed on May 17, 2019
500-btc.comListed on's badlist "This site is just rubbish. Why would you?2016-07-31"Before May 17, 2019
5000dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
500dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
500euro-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
50btc.comListed on's badlist "The mining pool. It has stopped paying, and it looks like the host has done a runner.2014-06-16"Before May 17, 2019
50centbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
50centfreedom.usListed on's badlist "If you want freedom from 50cent, turn off the radio (like I would) Don't think that this ponzi will make you rich though. Every bitcoin ponzi endBefore May 17, 2019
50dollarclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
50dollarptc.comListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
50kaweek.comListed on as 50K a Week System Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
50KMission.comListed on as The 50K Mission Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
50or500.comListed on's badlist "Don't waste your time on this faucet.2015-04-27"Before May 17, 2019
50payments.comListed on's badlist "Now you have some bitcoin, you will see many sites like this, that are trying to tempt your stupid side, into giving it to them.2015-10-01"Before May 17, 2019
50x50bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
555-mail.comListed on May 17, 2019
55bux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 02/18/2016.Before May 17, 2019
56xbtc.comListed on's badlist "You have to be kidding, multiply your btc with knobs on. Of course they don't multiply it, they just keep it.2015-05-29"Before May 17, 2019
58bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
5b-u-x.netListed on May 17, 2019
5binary.comListed on as 5Binary Scam on September 8, 2017Before May 17, 2019
5bit.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam2017-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
5bitearn.comListed on's badlist "Another fraudster with a plan. Lets spoil that plan.2016-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
5btc.ccListed on's badlist "Guaranteed profit? Don't make me laugh. Just a hyip/fraud.2016-04-06"Before May 17, 2019
5centptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
5daycapital.comListed on May 17, 2019
5dayprofits.comListed on Scott Newkirk's negative reviews, June 22, 2017Before May 17, 2019
5dollarclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
5dollarclicks.cmListed on May 17, 2019
5figureincome.xyzListed on's badlist "yeah, those five figures are 000002016-07-26"Before May 17, 2019
5ivebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
5ivebux.orgListed on May 17, 2019
5linx.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
5miner.comListed on's badlist "You guessed right. It's another completely bogus mining fraud.2016-08-29"Before May 17, 2019
5smining.comListed on's badlist "5 star bs, and nothing to do with real coin mining. Another scam with a mining theme.2017-12-16"Before May 17, 2019
600bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
60dailyhyip.comListed on's badlist "More bs from the hyip fraudsters.2016-12-07"Before May 17, 2019
60mmdemo.comListed on May 17, 2019
62bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
650system.comListed on as $650System Scam on May 6, 2017Before May 17, 2019
65today.comListed on's badlist "This must be the 65th fraud from this scammer - because it it's all lies.2017-03-31"Before May 17, 2019
666kaboombux.comListed on May 17, 2019
6bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
6clix.net63.netListed on May 17, 2019
6dbucks.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 20/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
6dbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
6figuremethod.comListed on as 6 Figure Method Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
6union.netListed on's badlist "A hyip/fraud using the traditional UK Regd Company as credibility.2016-07-15"Before May 17, 2019
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700dollarptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
70cents.netListed on May 17, 2019
72xbtc.comListed on's badlist "A very straightforward Scam Multiplier. These sites just steal from you.2015-02-20"Before May 17, 2019
75centinstandbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
760btc.bizListed on's badlist "760% ? They may as well claim to give you a million percent after a minute, either way it isn't going to fkn happen.2017-02-26"Before May 17, 2019
760bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
777-eurobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
777bitcoi.inListed on's badlist "Lots of complaints about this site not paying. Don't waste your time clicking in this PTC2014-10-06"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
777payouts.comListed on's badlist "Every link leads you to a scam.2014-10-26"Before May 17, 2019
77bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
7blockchain.netListed on's badlist "Please don't fall for this dumber than usual scam attempt - Please please don't!2018-05-20"May 17, 2019
7btc.ioListed on's badlist "The number 7 is symbolic of a Seeker of Truth. We sought it, and the truth is, this is a scam.2018-08-16"May 17, 2019
7clix.netListed on May 17, 2019
7cly.comListed on's badlist "Oh dear oh dear. 2% per day? what rare earth must they be mining.2016-04-20"Before May 17, 2019
7dayponzi.comListed on's badlist "ponzi done right How true, it's a ponzi, and you've just been done - right.2015-04-09"Before May 17, 2019
7daysbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
7dollarbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
7figure-months.comListed on as 7 Figure Months Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
7figurechallenge.comListed on as 7 Figure Challenge Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
7heavenptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
7hillsbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
7K10K.com 3, 2019
7magicalgamers.comListed on's badlist "A hyip scam aimed at gamers. Playing gamers instead of the other way around.2018-03-21"Before May 17, 2019
7royalty.comListed on's badlist "A very obvious scam. We've given Sherlock the night off.2014-10-15"Before May 17, 2019
7search.comListed on May 17, 2019
7starsdollar.comListed on May 17, 2019
7tech.bizListed on's badlist "Sites like this hyip/fraud can really confuse new crypto users, regarding what is and what isn't real mining. This isn't real.2017-01-17"Before May 17, 2019
7theavenptr.netListed on May 17, 2019
7thirty.meListed on's badlist "At 7 thirty, we are still awake enough to spot this fraud from a kilometre away.2017-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
800btc.comListed on's badlist "If you believe this site, you need to read our tips section. Quick!2016-06-15"Before May 17, 2019
888bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
88bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
88clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
88coin.bizListed on's badlist "We would really like it, if some of you people would attempt to actually read what you are sending funds to. The illiteracy on this scam site hasMay 17, 2019
8ballbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
8bit.ltdListed on's badlist "This is a clever Ponzi. You'll realise just how clever when you eventually realise your funds, and the ones you sent after them, are lost!2018-04May 17, 2019
8bitbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
8dollarclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
8figuredreamlifestyle.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019 rotatorBefore May 17, 2019
900btc.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/fraud2017-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
90daysptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
91shops.comListed on May 17, 2019
96hdoubler.bizListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. Stupid people can send it to thieves though.2018-01-17"Before May 17, 2019
97partners.coListed on as 97 Partners Scam on November 12, 2016Before May 17, 2019
98success.coListed on as 98% Success Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
999-bux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 8/8/2017.Before May 17, 2019
999bitcoins.bizListed on's badlist "No you can't multiply bitcoins - silly you. Of course it's a scam.2015-08-03"Before May 17, 2019
999bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
99btc.netListed on's badlist "99 btc, floating in the summer sky... You do know this is just a simple fraud don't you?2016-12-12"Before May 17, 2019
99centptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
99centsptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
99foryou.comDefault is not EnglishBefore May 17, 2019
99mining.cloudListed on's badlist "This is just the bitcoin generator scam. You will see this tired fraud on many domains.2018-04-20"May 17, 2019
9clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
9d-9w-9m.comListed on May 17, 2019
9deposit.comListed on's badlist "should be nein deposit. It's a scam after your dosh in any demonination.2014-09-15"Before May 17, 2019
9icebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
9ptr.comListed on May 17, 2019
9returns.comListed on's badlist "The whole 'off the shelf' hyip package. UK Company, generic script - this fraud has everything, except a decent title.2017-04-02"Before May 17, 2019
@BitcoinFUListed on's badlist - 'will try to get you to follow a link - Don't, it leads to a pandoras box - 3/10/14'Before May 17, 2019
a-assets.comListed on's badlist "This is a typo. It should read Assured Scammers.2014-10-30"Before May 17, 2019
a-bux.netListed on May 17, 2019
a-mbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
a-n-cash.comListed on May 17, 2019
a-teambux.comListed on May 17, 2019 an Interweb Advertising accountBefore May 17, 2019 an Interweb Advertising accountBefore May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
a1surf.netListed on May 17, 2019
a1surf.usListed on May 17, 2019
a1tfx.comListed on's badlist "Now, all they have to do is achieve in excess of 50% per month in trading profits, consistently! Dream on suckers.2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
a2mbux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 18/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
aaa-binaryoptions.comListed on as AAA Binary Options Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
aaaptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
aabgina.comListed on May 17, 2019
aahits.comListed on May 17, 2019
aanunciobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ababeel.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 18/3/2017.Before May 17, 2019
abandbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
abb-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
abh58.comListed on's badlist - 'Known asian DRK Scamsites. Thanks to the Darkcoin community for these. 1/3/15'Before May 17, 2019
abitpo.gaListed on's badlist "Multiply your coins - blah de blah. Of course they won't, but they will keep any that you send.2015-01-30"Before May 17, 2019
abitponzi.comListed on's badlist "Keep 'em coming. There are fewer suckers than ponzi's to steal from them now. In fact, the more ponzi's the better. None of you will get a returnBefore May 17, 2019
abjcoin.orgListed on's badlist "Also and All parts of the same scam. All places to lose.2017-12-04"Before May 17, 2019
ablebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
abmining.ioListed on's badlist "Yet another ponzi wearing a Miner Suit. It is just another faker trying to steal a pot of bitcoin.2018-11-06"May 17, 2019
abnbtc.comListed on's badlist "A bitcoin ponzi/fraud. All just lies.2016-07-13"Before May 17, 2019
absoluteptc.comListed on? for 'scam' on 17/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
abudhabifund.netListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam2015-06-03"Before May 17, 2019
acashtech.comListed on's badlist "You can increase your 'Assest' (their spelling) on this illiterate hyip - so they claim - But we know, and you know, you are sending funds to anoMay 17, 2019
accessadv.comListed on's badlist "A very unconvincing fraud site. They should at least try!2016-07-22"Before May 17, 2019
accra.systemsListed on's badlist "It isn't real mining, those user stats are fake, as are the payout logs. It is just a hyip scam. Any questions?2018-12-22"May 17, 2019
AceClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
aceminers.comListed on's badlist "You won't think they are so Ace if you send them any money or bitcoin.2017-11-21"Before May 17, 2019
aceofcoin.comListed on for Not Paying on 5/12/2016.Before May 17, 2019
aceofspadesbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AcePlus.coListed on May 17, 2019
aceprofits.netListed on's badlist "Well there's a surprise. Somebody has put up a new doubler fraud.2016-05-05"Before May 17, 2019
AcesandNudes.comListed on May 17, 2019
acharavicklicks.infoListed on May 17, 2019
acidbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ackmancapital.comListed on as Ackman Capital Scam on August 23, 2017Before May 17, 2019
acn-euro.czlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
acncanada.calisted as scam on May 17, 2019
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acneuro.nolisted as scam on May 17, 2019
acneuro.pllisted as scam on May 17, 2019
acneuro.ptlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
acneuro.selisted as scam on May 17, 2019
acninc.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019 as scam on May 17, 2019 as scam on May 17, 2019
acnpacific.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
acompbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ActionBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
actionverts.meListed on? for 'scam' on 04/20/2016.Before May 17, 2019
active-coin.comListed on's badlist "Don't send bitcoin here - it will put on a tracksuit and running shoes, and that's the last you'll see of it!2017-02-26"Before May 17, 2019
activebitcoinminers.comListed on's badlist "Well, they know nothing about bitcoin mining, so not really off to a flying start for this pathetic attempt at a scam.2018-01-18"Before May 17, 2019
activebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
activeclickers.comListed on May 17, 2019
activecrypto-minerclub.comListed on's badlist "If you don't believe that every hyip is just theft - go on, find out for yourself. Otherwise, take our advice - If a site is in our list of badsiMay 17, 2019
activity-club.orgListed on's badlist "The only activity, is criminal activity from this russian targeted hyip scam.2015-08-16"Before May 17, 2019
ActMoney.winListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
ActShares.comListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
acussoft.netListed on's badlist "And, the Accusoft adder software. Just a snake oil salesman.2017-08-04"Before May 17, 2019
ad-bux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
ad-buxx.comListed on May 17, 2019
ad-lantis.comListed on May 17, 2019
ad2prosper.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 8/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
ad2up.comRedirectsBefore May 17, 2019
adalso.comListed on's badlist "Any site that requires login, needs SSL. In this case, it's just not worth logging in.2016-11-23"Before May 17, 2019
adamant-bux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 5/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adamantbank.comListed on's badlist "He must have given up Pop Music to become a fraudster.2016-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
adblue.comListed on May 17, 2019
AdBonuz.comListed on May 17, 2019
adbrook.comListed on's badlist "An associate of Adrever. Blatant Ponzi Scams written by illiterates.2015-09-03"Before May 17, 2019
adbuddy.netListed on May 17, 2019
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adbux.net2hand.comListed on May 17, 2019
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adbux10.comListed on May 17, 2019
adcash.clubListed on's badlist "Just a hyip/scam. These are mass produced frauds, and most use a very similar format.2017-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
adcash.orgListed on May 17, 2019
adcashdoubler.comListed on's badlist "Nothing to do with legitimate advertising, just a ponzi fraud.2016-07-15"Before May 17, 2019
adcheque.comListed on May 17, 2019
adclickers.ClubListed on? for 'non payments' on 11/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adclickincome.comListed on May 17, 2019
adclickprofit.comListed on May 17, 2019
adclickspay.comListed on May 17, 2019
adclicksptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
adclickxpressSCAM. Listed every where. For example - letsworkonline.netBefore May 17, 2019
adclix.usListed on? for 'non payments' on 1/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adcrt.orgListed on May 17, 2019
adcubez.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 11/8/2017.Before May 17, 2019
add4bonus.comListed on May 17, 2019
addbitcoin.netListed on's badlist "One, two, three, four... Can I stop now you've scammed me?2016-06-03"Before May 17, 2019
adder.lima-city.deListed on's badlist "The common double bitcoin scam.2015-11-17"Before May 17, 2019
addictedclicks.netListed on May 17, 2019
AddMoney.bidListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AddMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AddMoney.PressListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
addoncoin.comListed on's badlist "As 'Dream Opportunties' go, this dream is a little damp.2016-09-15"Before May 17, 2019 May 17, 2019
adert2bux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 27/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adesbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
Adf.lyURL shortenerBefore May 17, 2019
adface.usListed on? for 'problems' on 3/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adfaze.comListed on? for 'scam' on 5/1/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adfinanze.comListed on? for 'fake payments' on 2/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adfiver.comListed on? for 'scam' on 01/25/2016.Before May 17, 2019
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adfo.usListed on May 17, 2019
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AdLancz.comListed on May 17, 2019
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AdMoney.bidListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AdMoney.hostListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AdMoney.pwListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AdMoney.winListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
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adrever.comListed on's badlist "This is a gateway to a pyramid of ponzi's. Surreal. a closed circle of scamsites.2015-08-15"Before May 17, 2019
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ads-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ads-clicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
ads-income-comListed on May 17, 2019
ads.cashListed on's badlist "Look - If it isn't Bitcoin or Litecoin, then from where we are sat, it is either a "Shitcoin" or a "Scamcoin" Your choice of course.2017-12-11"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
ads1share.comListed on? for 'scam' on 1/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
ads4bitcoins.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 24/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
ads4btc.comListed on? for 'scam' on 19/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
Ads5pro.comListed on? for 'scam' on 9/8/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adsbuilder.infoListed on May 17, 2019
adsbusy.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsclickcashx.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsclickearning.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsclickers.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsclicksprofits.comAllows offensive material in their rotatorBefore May 17, 2019
adscompany.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/3/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adscompany.infoListed on? for 'non payments' on 9/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adscorn.comListed on? for 'scam' on 27/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adscrops.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsdivision.comListed on's badlist "Another ponzi in the making. This is another 'revshare' deception.(linked to Aurum-empire failed ponzi)2016-06-19"Before May 17, 2019
adsenseptc.comListed on's badlist "Whilst we shy away from investigating PTC's, this isn't a PTC, it is a deliberate fraud.2017-02-01"Before May 17, 2019
adsfar.comListed on? for 'scam' on 5/5/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adsfie.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsfive.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/15/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adsfrab.netListed on? for 'scam' on 5/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adsgo.ClubListed on? for 'non payments' on 7/7/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adsgrid.clubListed on? for 'non payments' on 5/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adsharevenue.comListed on May 17, 2019
adshari.comListed on May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
adshow.euListed on May 17, 2019
adsintocash.comListed on May 17, 2019
adskpak.comAllows offensive material in their trackerBefore May 17, 2019
adslink.16mb.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/30/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adsmartbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsmbtc.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 16/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adsmoneyearning.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsnetbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsnor.infoListed on? for 'scam' on 11/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adsok.comListed on's badlist "There are a great many ponzi schemes, that use advertising as a cover. Don't waste your time, you are advertising shit to other suckers like yourBefore May 17, 2019
adsonlybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsour.comListed on? for 'scam' on 4/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adspacific.comListed on May 17, 2019
adspaid.comListed on? for 'scam' on 31/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adspaid.winListed on? for 'scam' on 8/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adsply.comListed on's badlist "Oops - this was investigated and somehow omitted. Now in our badlist where all ponzi's should be.2017-10-18"Before May 17, 2019
adspoint.meListed on? for 'scam' on 25/9/2017.Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
adsptp.comToo many ads displayed on this site trigger Malware-bytes.Before May 17, 2019
adsquill.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 15/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adsrewardbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
adssansar.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 24/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
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adstab.comListed on May 17, 2019
adstabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
adstarter.orgListed on May 17, 2019
adstimer.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 11/1/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adstoro.comListed on? for 'scam' on 10/9/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adstoview.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 28/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adsup.infoListed on? for 'problem' on 26/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adsurepayx.comListed on May 17, 2019
adsvision.comListed on May 17, 2019
adszic.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/1/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adtasty.comListed on? for 'scam' on 10/12/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adtokencycler.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 6/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adtokenz.comPonziSeptember 25, 2019
adtoshi.comListed on? for 'scam' on 25/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adultbux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
adultbux.netListed on? for 'non payments' on 13/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019'Adult' contentBefore May 17, 2019
adv-bux.tkListed on May 17, 2019
advaiser.comListed on May 17, 2019
advanced-investors.comListed on's badlist "Another 'revshare' ponzi/scam. If it says Revshare, it will hit the Ponzi Wall one day. Guaranteed.2017-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
advanced-options.mlListed on's badlist "Retarded bullshit! Just a hyip scam, and the bitcoin mining is fake as well.2018-01-08"May 17, 2019
advancedbit.netListed on's badlist "So advanced, it has gone beyond physically mining bitcoin, and instead mines it using Zen and the power of delusion! We are getting sick of mininMay 17, 2019
advancedbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
advancerevshare.comListed on's badlist "You do know it's all just bs? Revshare is just a trendy word for Ponzi/Fraud.2016-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
advcircle.comListed on's badlist "(see PTCircle)2014-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
advcookies.comListed on? for 'closed' on 17/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adverbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
advercash.netListed on May 17, 2019
adversess.comListed on May 17, 2019
advert2bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
advertclik.comListed on May 17, 2019
advertise99.comListed on May 17, 2019
advertisebux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 2/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
advertiseormake.moneyListed on? for 'problem' on 3/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
advertiserbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
advertising-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
advertisingfreeway.comListed on's badlist "With a design like something out of 1972, this cheesier than cheesy ponzi scheme is already past its' sell by date.2018-06-18"May 17, 2019
advertizeo.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/6/2016.Before May 17, 2019
advertsr.usListed on May 17, 2019
advertzer.comListed on May 17, 2019
adverzclix.comListed on? for 'suspicious' on 3/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
AdvewMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
advisit.netListed on May 17, 2019
advisorinvest.bizListed on's badlist "We'd advise you not to. Up to you whose advice you take - the good guys, or this bad guy.2017-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
advisorsadz.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 1/7/2017.Before May 17, 2019
advizard.comListed on May 17, 2019
AdvMoney.onlineListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AdvMoney.pressListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AdvMoney.techListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AdvMoney.websiteListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
advocare.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
advras.comListed on May 17, 2019
advtpacks.comListed on? for 'scam' on 15/12/2016.Before May 17, 2019
advtweets.comListed on May 17, 2019
advuze.comListed on May 17, 2019
adworkpaid.comListed on? for 'scam' on 27/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adz-view.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzbazar.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzbuxptc.comListed on? for 'scam' on 04/16/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adzclix.infoListed on? for 'non payments' on 14/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzfair.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 13/7/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzfive.comListed on? for 'scam' on 5/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adzfour.comListed on? for 'scam' on 2/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adzfrenzy.comListed on May 17, 2019
Adzile.comListed on May 17, 2019
AdzMarket.orgListed on May 17, 2019
adzmoneybux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 16/3/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adznice.comListed on's badlist "Another 'viral ad' site that makes you think you are somehow in business. You aren't, it's just a ponzi set up.2016-04-30"Before May 17, 2019
adznine.comListed on? for 'scam' on 2/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
adzpire.netListed on? for 'scam' on 19/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adzplane.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 12/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adzpoint.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzpool.comListed on? for 'not recommended' on 05/28/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adzpotorgListed on May 17, 2019
adzprofit.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzprox.usListed on? for 'problem' on 23/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adzrefshare.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzrev.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzrevshare.comListed on? for 'scam' on 2/9/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzseven.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 1/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzshareclub.comListed on May 17, 2019
adzsure.comListed on May 17, 2019
adztime.comListed on May 17, 2019
adztory.comListed on? for 'scam' on 11/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzvegas.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 19/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
adzverts.comListed on? for 'scam' on 17/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzverts.netListed on? for 'scam' on 16/9/2017.Before May 17, 2019
adzwords.comListed on May 17, 2019
AecrimBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aerobit.ioListed on's badlist "A fitting title, since this scam is so full of holes. Aero are nice choccy bars, but terrible bitcoin investments.2018-09-13"May 17, 2019
aerobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aff.siListed on May 17, 2019
afferinte.comListed on May 17, 2019
affiliate-toolbox.nethackedBefore May 17, 2019
affiliate50bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
affiliatedproductnetwork.comListed on May 17, 2019
affwebsites.comListed on May 17, 2019
afri-ptc-comListed on? for 'non payments' on 27/8/2017.Before May 17, 2019
afri-ptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
after50days.comListed on's badlist "After 50 days, they will be so far away with your bitcoin. Just don't.2017-01-23"Before May 17, 2019
afteroneday.comListed on's badlist "As in 'after one day, I realised they had just suckered me'2016-09-05"Before May 17, 2019
AgeMoney.winListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
agetpaid.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/12/2016.Before May 17, 2019
agilital.comListed on's badlist "Hyip/Fraud2016-05-24"Before May 17, 2019
aglocomails.comListed on May 17, 2019
AglocoPtr.comListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
agora-inv.comListed on's badlist "A fairly typical fake investment hyip site. Drearily predictable. Thieves have little imagination.2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
agostinfinance.comListed on's badlist "Pretty much the same hyip design you'll see on a number of domains. All frauds.2016-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
agrarian-benefit.comListed on's badlist "Yes, you read it right. Can't help thinking that this fraud title lost a little something in the translation.2017-02-17"Before May 17, 2019
ahacash.comListed on May 17, 2019
ahahyip.comListed on's badlist "This is a new 'take on me', and it beats 'the living daylights' out of any investors. They just 'cry wolf' with this scam.2016-08-02"Before May 17, 2019
ahash.comListed on's badlist "Total scam. Another fake mining site.2016-05-10"Before May 17, 2019
ahash.ioListed on's badlist "They aren't kidding, it is a proper hash. Total fraud.2016-05-10"Before May 17, 2019
ahbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aidswin.orgListed on's badlist "Just a ponzi scheme, and not even a good one!2017-10-26"Before May 17, 2019
aimbtc.bizListed on's badlist "Aimed, and completely missed, so I guess more practice needed before this fraud hits the intended target.2017-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
aimbtc.comListed on's badlist "This scammer couldn't aim right if he was using a toilet.2016-07-29"Before May 17, 2019
aimeebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aimglobalinc.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019 Travel Business Ponzi 17, 2019
air-bitcoin.ruListed on for Not Paying on 7/12/2016.Before May 17, 2019
Airbit ClubListed on's badlist - 'Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud. 7/11/16'Before May 17, 2019
Airbit.clubListed on's badlist - 'Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud. 7/11/16'Before May 17, 2019
airbitclub-official.ruListed on's badlist "The airbit series of frauds continues. We hope to see the final episode very soon.2017-06-24"Before May 17, 2019
airbitclub.comListed on's badlist "The Airbit, Bitbackoffice ponzi series continues. Ponzi's aren't illegal where this scam comes from, that's why it is still alive, 2 years on, deMay 17, 2019
airbitglobal.comListed on's badlist "Also or Airbit Club. Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud.2016-07-11"Before May 17, 2019
airclick.meListed on? for 'scam' on 3/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
airfio.comListed on's badlist "Scams scams everywhere - and so many call themselves ICO's nowadays. This is another scummy scam.2018-01-11"Before May 17, 2019
airforceclicks.infoListed on May 17, 2019
airfreedom.netListed on's badlist "Invest in Fresh Air. At least that is the truth.2016-09-11"Before May 17, 2019
airspace-inv.comListed on's badlist "You need some airspace between your ears to fall for this comedic fraud.2016-01-07"Before May 17, 2019
aizmer.comListed on's badlist "Another fake mining site to add to our extensive list. Just a hyip in a miner suit.2017-08-28"Before May 17, 2019
ajbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ak47.capitalListed on's badlist "This would be a nice site, except that it isn't a nice site - it's just another fraudster.2018-04-28"May 17, 2019
akashbux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 24/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
akatcukiptc.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 15/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
akvebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
al-nojoum.infoListed on May 17, 2019
alaskaclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
alaskaptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
alb-astru-clicks.icomListed on May 17, 2019
albertclix.clubListed on? for 'scam' on 22/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
albionunion.comListed on's badlist "One more from those hyip scammers.2014-12-27"Before May 17, 2019
alcfund.comListed on's badlist "The clue is in the title. Your bitcoin will get pissed up against a wall.2016-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
alderleycode.comListed on as The Alderley Code Scam on October 23, 2016Before May 17, 2019
aleptc.tkListed on? for 'scam' on 17/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
alert-pay-pal.comListed on May 17, 2019
alertbucks.comListed on May 17, 2019
alertgoldbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
alertpaybucks.comListed on May 17, 2019
alertpayments.comListed on May 17, 2019
alertpaymoney.euListed on May 17, 2019
alertpayrandomizer.comListed on May 17, 2019
aleszbux.h4f.bizListed on May 17, 2019
alexainvest.comListed on's badlist "Re-using this domain for a generic hyip/scam. 500% after 1 day, are you stoned?2016-07-17"Before May 17, 2019
alexandrabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
alexbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
alexclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
alexupr.buxsafe.comListed on May 17, 2019
alexzver33.wix.comListed on's badlist "This is a BAD wix site, leading you to the best of the worst.2014-10-28"May 17, 2019
alfa-bitcoin.comListed on's badlist "All coin multipliers will simply keep your bitcoin. The payout stats are always faked.2016-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
alfabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
alfmine.comListed on's badlist "It should be called Laffmine - where you can mine (quote) "The most perspective Cryptocurrencies"2018-05-11"May 17, 2019
algocashmaster.comListed on as Algo cash Master Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
algofficial.comListed on as Algo Official Scam on August 23, 2017Before May 17, 2019
algomastersystem.comListed on as Algomaster System Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
algorithmbit.comListed on's badlist "What we would say to this wannabe scammer, is that they are just too stupid to be a Crypto scammer. At least learn your subject you halfwit!2018-May 17, 2019
algotradingbot.comListed on as Algotrading Bot Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
aliabux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 10/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
alicomultinational.tradeListed on? for 'scam' on 29/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
alienbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
alimclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 22/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
aliseptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
alivein5.coListed on as Alive In 5 Scam on November 5, 2016Before May 17, 2019
allaboardthetrainptc.comListed on? for 'scam' on 22/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
allcoin.comListed on's badlist "Yep. Allcoins deposited are stolen by the site. No discrimination at least2015-09-23"Before May 17, 2019
allerainvest.comListed on's badlist "A pretty straightforward hyip ponzi. Every hyip is set up to steal. They are not Investment Platforms.2018-03-30"Before May 17, 2019
allianceinmotion.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
alliancesystemclub.comListed on's badlist "Sorry - We're a bit late getting to this site. It's a hyip/fraud in Spanish.2017-01-14"Before May 17, 2019
allibio.comListed on's badlist "When they scam on the pretence that they are somehow providing healthcare, it demonstrates how worthless these thieves really are.2016-02-13"Before May 17, 2019
alliedbtc.comListed on's badlist "Yeah - we know it's all lies.2016-04-22"Before May 17, 2019
alliedclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
alligatorptc.infoListed on? for 'scam' on 28/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
allinbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
allinhash.comListed on's badlist "How true. All you send, will end up in hash (yes that kind) and these dropouts can get high on your hard work.2016-08-30"Before May 17, 2019
allinoneprofits.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
allminer.clubListed on's badlist "More crooks who wouldn't know a bitcoin miner if you hit them with it. Fakery and just fishing for fools.2018-11-22"May 17, 2019
allmonitors.netListed on's badlist "This is a hyip referrer page set up by the hyip scammers. Every link takes you to a scam.2015-10-13"Before May 17, 2019
allproclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
alm-limited.comListed on's badlist "Another pox-ridden fake investment from the hyip contingent. Do your homework before you ever send bitcoin.2017-01-22"Before May 17, 2019
almightybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
almondbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AlMoney.funListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AlMoney.siteListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AlMoney.winListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AlMoney.xyzListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
almosthonestptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
aload.winListed on's badlist "Another of these "make $150 a day without investing" scams. Don't get suckered. You will certainly lose, but the author gains in commissions fromMay 17, 2019
alotofbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
alpafx.comListed on's badlist "The pattern emerging, is that if it has 'FX' in the title, it is 99% likely to be a scam, like this is.2017-06-24"Before May 17, 2019
alpha-cash.comListed on's badlist "How shall we put this, how about like this, Bitcoin-cash is less of a scam than this hyip thievery!2018-07-06"May 17, 2019
alpha-t.netListed on's badlist "Also Alpha Technologies (UK) have nothing to do with the real Dexcel Designs (India), there will never be an Alpha Miner, itBefore May 17, 2019
alpha-wallet.comListed on's badlist "And, Centauricoin, - All parts that make up this Ponzi/Fraud. One for the Feds.2016-09-12"Before May 17, 2019
alphabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AlphaJob.infoListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
alphamoneygenerator.comListed on as Alpha Money Generator Scam on November 5, 2016Before May 17, 2019
AlphaPay.infoListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
alphawealthalliance.comListed on's badlist "A made up name for a fantasy investment. All a little silly really.2017-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
alreum.comListed on's badlist "An Ecuadorian hosted, Russian hyip/scam. Thats what we call globalism.2015-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
alt4coin.tradingListed on's badlist "Not really a fair trade. You send coins, you get bullshit back. It's much cheaper at your local Garden Center.2018-03-29"Before May 17, 2019
altabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
altbux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/4/2016.Before May 17, 2019
altcoiner.netListed on's badlist "It's all just a pack of lies you know, even down to the hijacking of somebody else's Company details. These fraudsters eh!2017-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
altcoinshour.comListed on's badlist "Yet they don't steal altcoins? just money and Bitcoin. Weird.2018-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
altenen.comListed on's badlist "Another scam where you actually deserve to get robbed.2016-06-20"Before May 17, 2019
altenergo.netListed on's badlist "A bit of a trend in Eco and Alternative fake investments, and this site is following that trend. Just a total fraud.2016-11-23"Before May 17, 2019
altervista.orgFree web hosting. If you are serious about being online - be professional and get a domain name.Before May 17, 2019
altminer.ioListed on's badlist "Much easier mining you, than really mining. Just another hyip scammer.2018-03-28"Before May 17, 2019
altmininggear.comListed on's badlist "Another supplier who sends nothing. Just a scammer.2018-02-02"Before May 17, 2019
altoequity.comListed on's badlist "hyip/scam2015-10-12"Before May 17, 2019
altradecoin.comListed on's badlist "If you are reading this, it is hopefully because you were thinking about sending bitcoin to this scam. We want these crooks to fail.2017-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
altriacoin.comListed on's badlist "Picture the guy who put up this site, laughing at the stupidity of fools who send him their coins?2016-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
altswapListed on's badlist "Also Mineco, Iluveunc, Firemine. These scams are associated with one serial scammer.2014-06-05"Before May 17, 2019
altusfund.comListed on's badlist "Another HYIP crossover. Don't give these people your money2014-05-20"Before May 17, 2019
alvonstore.comListed on's badlist "This entire site is a fraud, and will no doubt catch a lot of people before it is taken down.2016-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
alwaysbtc.netListed on's badlist "as in 'it's always btc that us fraudsters are after'2016-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
alwaysinprofit.comListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam2015-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
alwayspay.comListed on May 17, 2019
amazebtc.siteListed on for Not Paying (same owner on 06/15/2016.Before May 17, 2019
amazing-money-maker.comListed on's badlist "Catchy title there, and with that, we'll be fkn amazed if anybody actually falls for this.2016-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
amazing5.netListed on's badlist "It will be amazing if you see your bitcoin again. It's a ponzi.2016-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
amazingbitcoin.orgListed on's badlist "Another hyip. You need to understand, hyips are not run by businessmen, they are run by thieves. If they weren't doing this, they would be climbiMay 17, 2019
amazingbtcdeposit.comListed on's badlist "What is amazing, is that anybody is dumb enough to fall for a scam as blatant and as absurd as this!2018-04-03"May 17, 2019
amazingclixshare.netListed on? for 'scam' on 5/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
amazingdeposit.comListed on's badlist "Not so much amazing, as missing.2016-05-15"Before May 17, 2019
amazingfive.websiteListed on's badlist "If this were true, we could all get our lives back, our work would be done. It is however, merely another little shit with a webpage.2017-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
amazingptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
amazingwealthsystems.comlisted as scam on http://ethanvanderbuilt.comBefore May 17, 2019
amazonclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/18/2016.Before May 17, 2019
amazonhash.comListed on's badlist "Cheeky scammers even using their logo. Ah well. This is fake mining by the way.2017-12-11"Before May 17, 2019
amazonianbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ambis.bizListed on's badlist "Well, they gave it their best shot, but this scam isn't getting past our team. Just a fake investment fraud.2017-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
ambitenergy.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
amclix.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 10/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
amdbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
amerextrade.comListed on's badlist "Another fake investment hyip/scam Don't be fooled.2015-06-15"Before May 17, 2019
ameribux.comListed on May 17, 2019
amerobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
amerty.ccListed on's badlist "The Scamertyville Horror! and some sicky javascript.2017-12-21"Before May 17, 2019
amigoclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
aminabux.weebly.comListed on May 17, 2019
amirbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AmissioFormula.comListed on as Amissio Formula Scam on January 25, 2017Before May 17, 2019
amloads.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 12/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
AMoney.siteListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
AmorClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
amortar.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 19/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
ampbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
amsterdam-coin.comListed on's badlist "The fakiest fake mining from fakeville. Just another hyip scammer.2018-03-09"Before May 17, 2019
amvest-capital.comListed on's badlist "This 'Real Estate' is about as real as Donald Trump's suntan.2016-11-16"Before May 17, 2019
amway.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
amwayglobal.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
anaclix.comListed on? for 'problems' on 15/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
anbux.netListed on? for 'scam' on 28/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
ancefinance.comListed on's badlist "Send bitcoin to this fraud? Oh no no no.2016-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
ancestralclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
andalucibux.esListed on May 17, 2019
andbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
andbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
andreiuk.netListed on May 17, 2019
anduca.bizListed on's badlist "Take a good look. This is what a modern, internet connected mugger looks like. Just put up a page of lies - people GIVE you bitcoin. Surreal.2017Before May 17, 2019
anebux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 17/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
anenberg.storeListed on's badlist "This scammer is going for it with high priced items, that you will never receive. Never send funds direct to Bank a/c for goods, and the offer ofMay 17, 2019
angel-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
angel-profit.comListed on's badlist "No day is complete without adding a new hyip/scam.2015-05-15"Before May 17, 2019
angelbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
angelbux.netListed on? for 'scam' on 8/3/2017.Before May 17, 2019
angelclix.infoListed on May 17, 2019
angelwealth.bizListed on's badlist "If you believe angels exist, then you'll probably believe this site is legitimate.2016-07-11"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
AniClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
aninvestment.netListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam2015-06-03"Before May 17, 2019
annobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
anobtc.comListed on's badlist "Anonymous traders? So anonymous, they don't even know each other, or how to trade! Just lies like so many of these sites.2017-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
anonymousinvestment.comListed on's badlist "the Bitatt scam appears on yet another domain. Everybody loses, what part of that don't you get?2016-10-08"Before May 17, 2019
antadwingsnetListed on May 17, 2019
antarfund.comListed on's badlist "If you think your 'funds' are anywhere, other than a thiefs back pocket, you are mistaken.2016-06-08"Before May 17, 2019
AntBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
antex.cloudListed on's badlist "This fraud doesn't try very hard to cover the fact that it is just a ponzi. Don't be a mug.2017-11-19"Before May 17, 2019
anthercurrency.comListed on's badlist "Not strictly bitcoin, but it is so blatant a ponzi fraud, that when we were made aware of it, we just had to add it.2017-06-18"Before May 17, 2019
antiquesinv.comListed on's badlist "A very very odd Hyip/Fraud.2016-06-16"Before May 17, 2019
antiscambux.comListed on May 17, 2019
antminer-store.comListed on's badlist "There's a very good reason that the advertised prices are so cheap, and you can only pay with bitcoin. You are sending bitcoin straight to a thieBefore May 17, 2019
antminereurope.comListed on's badlist "Antminer don't have distribution partners, and this is just a faker anyway.2018-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
antminers-bitmain.comListed on's badlist "Clever use of domain name, but clever stops right there. Another fake supplier.2018-03-05"Before May 17, 2019
antminersell.shopListed on's badlist "This site must be produced by a child - surely? If you get suckered by this, you really should consider staying off the internet.2017-10-21"Before May 17, 2019
antminerstore.orgListed on's badlist "A fake supplier. You should only buy Antminers direct from Bitmain, and you shouldn't really do that either.2018-03-01"Before May 17, 2019
antminersupply.coListed on's badlist "A fake supplier (currently offline) If it reappears, or they mail you - Avoid it.2018-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
antmining.comListed on's badlist "Wonder no more. This is definitely just a fraudsite, and has nothing to do with the real Bitmain.2017-03-23"Before May 17, 2019
antoninoc.orgDefault is not EnglishBefore May 17, 2019
anzbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
anzfinance.comListed on's badlist "Some spotty little halfwit, in some thirld world country, is not a Corporation. Anybody can put up a webpage.2017-03-25"Before May 17, 2019
aobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aommsolutions.comListed on's badlist "This genius believes he has invented the very first bitcoin Ponzi.. Oh ffs2016-09-19"Before May 17, 2019
aonebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aotclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
apainvest.bizListed on's badlist "8 fraud Plans to choose from - 8 Ways to send bitcoin to a sleazy thief.2017-03-16"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
apclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
apex-crypto.comListed on's badlist "This scammer knows nothing about Bitcoin Mining, and even less about scamming. Nobody would fall for this - especially not you clever bitcoin folBefore May 17, 2019
apexbux.comListed on? for 'suspicious' on 03/29/2016.Before May 17, 2019
apexinvestcenter.comListed on's badlist "What does an Apex sell for nowadays? Does it matter?2017-02-09"Before May 17, 2019
apextop.ccListed on's badlist "We see some sites, that really make us wonder if anybody even understands what they are trying to offer. This is offering fake mining btw.2017-10Before May 17, 2019
apextradinginvestments.comListed on's badlist "Those Apex's you bought, can apparrently now be traded . This is ridiculous.2017-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
apintant.comListed on May 17, 2019
apitrade.proListed on's badlist "You may have thought - a scam will never get me. We can assure you that this deceiving little venture will get a few. Consider yourself scammed.2May 17, 2019
apollocurrency.comListed on's badlist "We don't often list individual shitcoins, but some just deserve it. Set up just to scam you, and a clone of NXT. Thanks to a contributor for someMay 17, 2019
apollofinanceltd.comListed on's badlist "A basic hyip scam. Don't invest, these hyips are simple thieves.2014-11-22"Before May 17, 2019
apoloobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
apple-bitcoin.comListed on's badlist "The site gives the impression that it's the real apple. Whoever it is, it isn't apple. Be wary.2014-09-11"Before May 17, 2019
apple-bizs.comListed on May 17, 2019
apple-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
applebux.netListed on May 17, 2019
appleclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 03/16/2016.Before May 17, 2019
appleclix.netListed on May 17, 2019
applecoin.liveListed on's badlist "Apple don't do Crypto', but if they did, it wouldn't look like this turdpile of a scam!2018-08-27"May 17, 2019
appmobilebot.comListed on as Apple Mobile Bot Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
AppMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
aprexfund.comListed on's badlist "So you were late to the market on Apex's, so they've set up a fund to buy Aprex's instead. How cool is that? Welcome to the twilight zone.2017-03Before May 17, 2019
aprilcoin.comListed on's badlist "Hopefully, this site will be gone by April. Perhaps it's an early April Fools joke? Anyway, it's a ponzi for sure.2015-02-24"Before May 17, 2019
apsbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aqbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aquabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aqure.comListed on May 17, 2019
ara-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
arab-autobank.comListed on's badlist "Yet another Arabian themed hyip/scam. This scammer must feel that Arab's are inherently trustworthy!2017-10-02"Before May 17, 2019
arab-goldmining.comListed on's badlist "Despite all his digging, Abdullah has so far only managed to find sand - lots and lots of sand. Keep searching Abdullah!2017-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
arab-miners.comListed on's badlist "Trust me - I'm an Arab? A website can say anything - unless you verify it, it isn't necessarily true. Black is Blue. You don't believe that, but May 17, 2019
arab-oilwell.comListed on's badlist "An Old-School hyip/fraud approach, that we know and distrust so well.2017-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
arabmoneymachine.coListed on as Arab Money Machine Scam on May 10, 2017Before May 17, 2019
arambinaryoptions.comListed on as Aram Binary Options Scam on January 16, 2017Before May 17, 2019
aramoney.siteListed on's badlist "A very old fahioned scam format, but nonetheless taking ten dollars of bitcoin from quite a few people! Just a ponzi, don't believe a word they tMay 17, 2019
arbitgo.comListed on's badlist "Is it too good to be true? Of course it is. Just a thief.2015-08-09"Before May 17, 2019
arbitracoin.comListed on's badlist "If this lending scam doesn't insult your intelligence, then you are their Ideal Investor.2018-01-23"Before May 17, 2019
arbitradeum.comListed on's badlist "If only all scams were this crappy, people wouldn't lose so much to them. Put some effort in please you wannabe thieves, this is too easy.2017-12Before May 17, 2019
arbitragecoins.comListed on's badlist "Risk free trading? Don't be so naive - but they have a bot?? Yeah, so does Futurama.2018-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
arbitragefinance.netListed on's badlist "Another hyip/scam. They all steal.2017-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
arbitraging.coListed on's badlist "Is this possibly one of the few ICO's with any legitimacy? Nah, of course it isn't, it's a scam like 99% of these Token offerings.2018-10-07"May 17, 2019
arbonne.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
arbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
arclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
ardexfunds.comListed on's badlist "A Hyip/Fraud2016-05-20"Before May 17, 2019
arenabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aresptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
arevads.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 25/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
argobux.tkListed on? for 'scam' on 30/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
argobyte.comListed on's badlist "More ponzi fun! Simply send bitcoin, and wait, and keep waiting, and...2017-11-10"Before May 17, 2019
argusminer.cashListed on's badlist "This is like every fake mining site we have ever seen, all copied onto one page, and then google translated! The mother of all bollocks!2017-10-1Before May 17, 2019
aribux.comListed on May 17, 2019
arisebank.comlisted as scam on http://ethanvanderbuilt.comBefore May 17, 2019
arisebit.bizListed on's badlist "Shouldn't that be - arise Sir Bit? This is what we call 'Fake Mining' it has nothing to do with bitcoin, beyond stealing it from you.2017-02-18"Before May 17, 2019
arizonaptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
arkebiz-ptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
armclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 05/13/2016.Before May 17, 2019
armybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ArmyClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
arnbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AroAdz.comListed on May 17, 2019
arobux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 9/3/2017.Before May 17, 2019
aromabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aromine.ioListed on's badlist "Fake mining, and a fake altcoin to go with it.2016-08-03"Before May 17, 2019
arrabett.comListed on's badlist "All these hyip/scams are starting to look the same. They must all pirate each others templates. Sigh.2017-01-18"Before May 17, 2019
arriels.comListed on's badlist "The first hyip of the day, and I'm still on my first coffee. Stay away, it's a scam.2014-09-12"Before May 17, 2019
arrowbtc.comListed on's badlist "Bland, by any measure, and totally unconvincing. If this fraudster gets you, then you need to get some sleep.2017-02-17"Before May 17, 2019
arrowptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
arsulonbux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 5/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
art-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
artbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
articlebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
artistptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
arux-money.comListed on's badlist "Sorry scammers, we'll list these as fast as you produce them. Find another career, your scams are pathetic.2015-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
arvbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
as-shop.suListed on's badlist "Some nice pictures of miners that will never arrive. You may not wish to risk this blatant fraud.2016-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
asamiltd.comListed on's badlist "That's our hyip fix for today. This site should carry a health warning.2014-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
aseohits.comListed on May 17, 2019
ashbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
ashour.bizListed on's badlist "More get rich quick bs from this hyip/scam.2015-11-12"Before May 17, 2019
ashtart.ioListed on's badlist "Any site offering this range of unrefundable payment options is invariably a fraud. Invariably!.2018-04-24"May 17, 2019
asia-funding.comListed on's badlist "Some sites make me swear at my PC, they are just so shit. This is one of them.2016-10-10"Before May 17, 2019
asiabits.comListed on's badlist "Another of these 'community help' type frauds. Just a scam like most of these.2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
asiacoin.coListed on's badlist "If you haven't seen one of these, it is a Multiplier Fraud. They tell you they can double your coins, you send bitcoin, they keep it. Those payouBefore May 17, 2019
asiacryptobank.comListed on's badlist "It isn't a Bank - It's a Ponzi Fraud trying to steal your bitcoin. You are your own Bitcoin Bank.2017-05-14"Before May 17, 2019
asian-bitcoin.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot multiply, and anybody who tells you otherwise, is trying to steal it from you. It can double in value, not amount.2017-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
asianbtcfunds.comListed on's badlist "A very colourful hyip/fraud. All hyips steal from the majority of depositors.2017-01-02"Before May 17, 2019
asianbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
asianptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
asiaprofit.bizListed on's badlist "The "Impossible is Nothing" hookline reappears. Nothing is guaranteed, it is just a scam.2018-05-20"May 17, 2019
asiaptc.inListed on May 17, 2019
asic-minerworld.comListed on's badlist "These fake suppliers are still springing up. Do your research, and if in doubt, ask us first.2017-10-10"Before May 17, 2019
asic-store.comListed on's badlist "That should be "a sick store" Look for SSL, and google it first. Just don't take any chances when it comes to suppliers.2017-08-08"Before May 17, 2019
asichardware.gaListed on's badlist "Also This is a freehosted fraudsite sending out a lot of spam mail about asic hardware.2014-11-09"Before May 17, 2019
asicminermarket.comListed on's badlist "This site has been on our watchlist, now it's in our badlist. Another scammer.2017-07-22"Before May 17, 2019
asicminersmarket.comListed on's badlist "This lazy fraudster just added an s into their previous scam name.2017-12-16"Before May 17, 2019
asicminingequipment.comListed on's badlist "It's not looking good for this faker.2014-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
asiconminer.comListed on's badlist "A very cynical title from these thieves. Asic-Con-Miner alright.2017-07-27"Before May 17, 2019
asicshop.euListed on's badlist "You will be lucky to buy an Asic from anywhere for a while, however, you will never get one from here.2017-12-28"Before May 17, 2019
asiptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
askbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
asonewishes.comListed on May 17, 2019
asonno.comListed on's badlist "Fake mining. Whatever you do, don't send anything to this half arsed ponzi with a mining theme.2017-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
aspirify.bizListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam2015-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
asset-finance.comListed on's badlist "An old domain refreshed with a new hyip/scam on it. All hyips leave a trail of victims.2017-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
asset-inv.comListed on's badlist "These damn hyip/frauds. If they leave bitcoin alone - we will leave them alone.2016-05-01"Before May 17, 2019
assetinstant.comListed on's badlist "The only business this site is in, is theft and money laundering.2015-10-05"Before May 17, 2019
assetorder.comListed on's badlist "This site will take your bitcoin, your money, and anything else you give them. You won't get any of it back.2015-07-30"Before May 17, 2019
assetprofit.comListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam2015-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
assetrexint.comListed on's badlist "Assets rekt would be a more fitting title. A proper Old-School hyip scam!2018-06-02"May 17, 2019
associates.jigsy.comListed on's badlist "A freehosted scam from this cheapskate crook.2015-07-10"Before May 17, 2019
associatesbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
assominer.comListed on's badlist "Another completely fake 'cloudmining' scam. Cloudmining is a very small world.2016-09-13"Before May 17, 2019
astaurl.comListed on May 17, 2019
astebey.altervista.orgListed on May 17, 2019
astralbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
asusbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atapamabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atcbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atelcominer.comListed on's badlist "Asssociated with the fake Alvonstore.com2016-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
atfunds.netListed on's badlist "Watfunds or even Twatfunds - call it anything you like, it's a thief.2016-05-31"Before May 17, 2019
atibux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atlanticgam.esListed on's badlist "It is quite rare that a scam will go to these lengths, but it is just a fraud, using a host of unrefundable payment processors - including bitcoiBefore May 17, 2019
atlanticprofit.comListed on's badlist "More like Atlantic Shipwreck. Think "Titanic"2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
atlantinv.comListed on's badlist "A hyip/fraud2016-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
atlantisbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atlantistrade.bizListed on's badlist "Ah, Atlantis, slightly less mythical than the promised returns from this penny ante ponzi scam.2018-04-27"May 17, 2019
atlascash.netListed on May 17, 2019
atlus-group.comListed on's badlist "HYIP/Scam2014-07-01"Before May 17, 2019
atm-holding.comListed on's badlist "Well, I tried, and I couldn't even lift it, let alone hold it! ATM's are heavy, and this site is lying about everything else too!2018-02-17"Before May 17, 2019
atm2you.comListed on's badlist "You buy RV's - This is just an internal bux type currency and has no real value. Don't do it, you'll be happier. Just to add, it isn't a UK compaBefore May 17, 2019
atmbtc.bizListed on's badlist "Atm, your btc is owned by you. If you send it to this hyip faker, it will be owned by him/her/it, and you never see it again.2018-09-25"May 17, 2019
atmclix.infoListed on? for 'closed' on 21/0572017.Before May 17, 2019
atodclix.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 9/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
atomicbitcoin.comListed on's badlist "We're not quite sure how we should react to this fraud.2017-01-26"Before May 17, 2019
atomicbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
atomicptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
atomixclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
attractionmarketingpro.com 3, 2019
augeclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
auro-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aurorabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aurorabux.netListed on May 17, 2019
auroramine.bizListed on's badlist "Another hyip scam closing on one domain, reopening on another. Just fraud.2017-11-19"Before May 17, 2019
auroramine.comListed on's badlist "Fake mining at it's most transparent. This is just a piss poor ponzi fraudster.2017-09-26"Before May 17, 2019
aurum-bank.comListed on's badlist "Finally, somewhere to keep all those Aurum's, they do take up space.2017-05-08"Before May 17, 2019
aurum7.topListed on's badlist "A "grea tonline investment". A major mistake on the main title is shoddy even by scammer standards!2017-03-20"Before May 17, 2019
aurumbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aurumclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 20/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
aurumcorp.coListed on as Aria App Scam on November 23, 2016Before May 17, 2019
auryfxunion.comListed on's badlist "Another totally fake investment site from the hyip crew.2015-08-11"Before May 17, 2019
AusMethod.comListed on as The Aussie Method Scam on November 20, 2016Before May 17, 2019
aussiefund.bizListed on's badlist "Thanks to this Hyip/Fraud, you now know what Kangaroo Poo looks like.2016-11-06"Before May 17, 2019
austinbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
Auto-BinaryTrade.comListed on as Auto BinaryTrade Scam on June 5, 2017Before May 17, 2019
auto-mining.onlineListed on's badlist "Not mining anything - This is just a hyip template.2018-04-25"May 17, 2019
autoarbitrage.netListed on's badlist "The only bots here, are the ones that the fraudsters sit on. Bots are a modern myth.2018-07-10"May 17, 2019
autobinarysignals.comListed on as Auto Binary Signals Scam on January 16, 2017Before May 17, 2019
autobit.cloudListed on's badlist "If only earning bitcoin could be this simple. That is why we are here, because it isn't this easy. This is just a fraudster.2018-01-12"Before May 17, 2019
autobitcoinbuilder.comListed on's badlist "If you're lucky, the site won't load. Breathe a sigh of relief2017-01-18"Before May 17, 2019
autobitcoinminer.comListed on's badlist "These hyip scammers really do know nothing about bitcoin, beyond how to steal it.2017-04-06"Before May 17, 2019
autobits.tradeListed on's badlist "Frauds like this hyip/scam are being churned out, but we'll keep up with them.2016-08-12"Before May 17, 2019
autobtcbuilder.comListed on's badlist "This site has absolutely nothing it claims. Behind the facade is a simple ponzi scam.2018-05-08"May 17, 2019
autobtcminer.comListed on's badlist "Here's the Bitcoin Generator scam yet again. If you fall for this after all our warnings, you really are a proper mug.2018-04-22"May 17, 2019
autocrypto247.comListed on as Auto Crypto 247 Scam on September 1, 2017Before May 17, 2019
autocryptobank.comListed on's badlist "Autocryptotheft, from the 'javaboy' series of hyips. Horrible use of Java as ever.2017-04-19"Before May 17, 2019
autofaucet.ioListed on's badlist "Currently, proudly hosting a ponzi / coin generator. Don't be a mug, don't send bitcoin to this thief!2017-07-30"Before May 17, 2019
autohash.tradeListed on's badlist "Behind this facade is absolutely nothing, nada, bugger all. You will simply lose bitcoin.2016-08-26"Before May 17, 2019
autohourly.comListed on's badlist "These scams are coming thick and fast right now. You will lose your btc to this scamsite.2014-11-29"Before May 17, 2019
autohourlyprofits.comListed on's badlist "This halfarsed scam will steal Btc and Ltc if you are stupid enough to send it.2015-02-26"Before May 17, 2019
automataformula.coListed on as Automata Formula Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
automateddailyincome.comMOBE FunnelBefore May 17, 2019
automatedreversalsignals.comListed on as Automated Reversals Signals Scam on January 14, 2017Before May 17, 2019
automatedwealthsolution.comListed on as Automated Wealth Solution Scam on May 25, 2017Before May 17, 2019
automatix.topListed on's badlist "Don't believe a word of it. This is just a hyip-ponzi-scam.2018-02-12"Before May 17, 2019
automining.ioListed on's badlist "another of these sites that fools you into sending a 'release fee' which of course you will lose.2017-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
automoneygenerator.comListed on as Auto Money Generator Scam on November 5, 2016Before May 17, 2019
automoneymachine.coListed on as Auto Money Machine Scam on November 5, 2016Before May 17, 2019
automoneymaker.coListed on as Auto Money Maker Scam on November 5, 2016Before May 17, 2019
automoneysurf.comListed on's badlist "Also, and 4 dodgy little sites on a free weebly host.2014-08-03"Before May 17, 2019
autopaybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
autopayday.netListed on's badlist "As long as you don't mind being paid annually, in arrears.2016-05-29"Before May 17, 2019
autopilotscash.comNo income for hosting company - unsustainable unless there is something they're not telling you, which is deceptive.Before May 17, 2019
autotraderprofit.comListed on as Free Money Auto Trader Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
autto.netNo information about ownership or products/services available on the public site.Before May 17, 2019
autumnbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
auxiliarymine.comListed on's badlist "Also Oh ffs, it's the same site! Identical scam on two domains.2018-07-16"May 17, 2019 shortnerBefore May 17, 2019
avabitcoin.comListed on's badlist "You won't 'ave a bitcoin if you send it to these thieves.2016-01-20"Before May 17, 2019
availpay.comListed on May 17, 2019
avainv.comListed on's badlist "Another hyip/fraud2016-04-08"Before May 17, 2019
Avalon-life.comListed on's badlist - 'This is a fairly big scam, and has a few other funnel domains leading to it. A big ponzi. 12/14/17'Before May 17, 2019
avalon-life.ioListed on's badlist "Also This is a fairly big scam, and has a few other funnel domains leading to it. A big ponzi.2017-12-14"Before May 17, 2019
avaorg.comListed on's badlist "Just one from the hyip scammers, All the usual spiel.2015-10-28"Before May 17, 2019
avastcoin.comListed on's badlist "Not that vast, as you'll soon find out, if you get suckered into this fraud scheme.2018-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
avatarfinancial.bizListed on's badlist "One word - Bollocks.2016-08-10"Before May 17, 2019
avaxbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AvenBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
avengerbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
averyptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
avinute.esListed on May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Another scam mining site. Don't send any money or Btc to these crooks.2015-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
avobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
avrorafunds.comListed on's badlist "A fairly typical hyip/scam. You will lose your deposit.2015-09-22"Before May 17, 2019
AvtMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
awakefinder.comredirectsBefore May 17, 2019
awardmails.bizListed on May 17, 2019
awardmails.netListed on May 17, 2019
awaybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
awayinthemangerptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
awebux.coListed on May 17, 2019
awebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
AweMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
awesome-bitcoin-miner.winListed on's badlist "It isn't a Bitcoin Miner, it's a Bitcoin Generator, and all Bitcoin Generator's are simple scams to catch newbies.2018-05-19"May 17, 2019
awesomebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
awesomoneyadder.blogspot.inListed on's badlist "Whatever the software does - it isn't going to be pleasant. Please don't risk loading this scamware.2014-10-05"Before May 17, 2019
awseomgpt.comListed on May 17, 2019
awsmining.ccListed on's badlist "The awsmining scam has changed domains from a com to a cc. Same scam though, not real mining, just a ponzi fraudster.2018-10-19"May 17, 2019
awsmining.comListed on's badlist "Another hyip mining bitcoin from you unlucky victims. These idiots don't mine for real.2017-12-02"Before May 17, 2019
awsurveys.comListed on May 17, 2019
axebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
axerc.comListed on's badlist "If you fall for a scam this crap, you almost deserve your fate - but not quite - so please please don't send funds.2018-02-13"Before May 17, 2019
axionclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
axionglobal.ioListed on's badlist "Just so you know - The FCA have never heard of this shower. It's just a very well produced Hyip Fraud.2017-07-09"Before May 17, 2019
axioninvestments.ltdListed on's badlist "This sick fuckwit gives his address as Grenfell Tower. Track this fraudster down please people.2017-11-17"Before May 17, 2019
axisads.orgListed on? for 'scam' on 12/7/2017.Before May 17, 2019
axletrade.comListed on's badlist "We hear axles will be really big this year.2016-04-08"Before May 17, 2019
axtrades.comListed on's badlist "Shame that this domain is being used for a fraud, it would make a great Guitar-Exchange site.2016-11-29"Before May 17, 2019
ayoclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
ayotraffic.infoListed on May 17, 2019
azakus.coListed on's badlist "We hope you don't believe this. It's as obvious a scam as you will ever see, so if this fools you, you have tough times ahead. Try and learn fromMay 17, 2019
azbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
azbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
azclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 21/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
azonaxfund.comListed on as Azonax Fund Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
aztecbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
aztecclicks.xyzListed on? for 'non payments' on 3/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
azumoney.bidNo response to questions and not payingBefore May 17, 2019
azure-method.comListed on as The Azure Method Scam on October 23, 2016Before May 17, 2019
b-crypto.meListed on's badlist "Another of these fake giveaways. Anything you send, is lost to the scammer behind the fake giveaway.2018-10-11"May 17, 2019
b-t-c.inListed on's badlist "All btc doublers and multipliers are scams. Faked logs, faked stats and lies. Why would anybody really double your money?2016-02-11"Before May 17, 2019
b-u-x.netListed on May 17, 2019
b1bl3.comListed on's badlist "Is it even worth listing this? It's a ponzi of sorts, but come on - if you fall for this, just unplug your computer and give up.2014-12-14"Before May 17, 2019 on - Is it even worth listing this? It's a ponzi of sorts, but come on - if you fall for this, just unplug your computer and give up. 12/14/14Before May 17, 2019
b2gListed on's badlist "And every site associated with it. An entire scam ecosystem.2018-05-08"May 17, 2019
babalac.comListed on May 17, 2019
babybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
babylonptc.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 15/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bacifybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
baclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
badclick.ClubListed on? for 'scam' on 13/12/2017.Before May 17, 2019
badgerbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
badgesarefun.comMalwareBefore May 17, 2019
bahamabanker.coListed on as Bahama Banker Scam on December 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
baihash.comListed on's badlist "It isn't bitcoin mining, it is just another hyip/scam.2017-05-12"Before May 17, 2019
baikalminermarket.comListed on's badlist "Site only about a month old, with absolutely no traceable origin, and already complainants! Don't give your details to strangers, you might bump Before May 17, 2019
baikalminers.comListed on's badlist "A fake version of the website. Please report sites like this to us, we can't find them all on our own.2017-11-16"Before May 17, 2019
baleaclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
baleclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
balkanadmedia.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/2/2016.Before May 17, 2019
BalkanikaClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
balkanmedia.netListed on? for 'scam' on 3/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
balticcents.comListed on May 17, 2019
balticdividends.comListed on's badlist "A hyip/fraud.2016-08-03"Before May 17, 2019
bambitcoin.comListed on's badlist "Another faucet that doesn't payout. Don't waste your time here.2015-09-16"Before May 17, 2019
bananabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bancdecrypto.comListed on's badlist "A hyip style scam, but using aggressive 'boiler room' style persuasion to steal more from you.2017-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
bandeiracorp.bizListed on's badlist "This is a very complex hyip/fraud. A total scam nonetheless.2016-07-16"Before May 17, 2019
bank-bitcoin.orgListed on's badlist "No no and fkn thrice NO! This is like a real Bank, it will steal your deposit!2017-10-16"Before May 17, 2019
bankadz.comListed on May 17, 2019
bankbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
BankClic.comListed on May 17, 2019
bankdeposit.bizListed on's badlist "If you think Wall St Banks are a pile of Doo Doo, try this one. This is blatant fraud.2016-11-01"Before May 17, 2019
bankersbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bankersptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
banknotebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
banknumber.netListed on's badlist "If this site makes no sense, then congratulations. If it does make sense, try changing your drugs! Either way, don't be dumb and send funds.2018-May 17, 2019
bankofptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bankptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bankrollclicks.xyzListed on? for 'non payments' on 6/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
banktrackerbot.comListed on as Bank Tracker Bot Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
banneradblaster.comHYIPBefore May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Immediately runs browser mining - You will NEVER achieve a payout, so don't bother burning out your CPU.2018-06-09"May 17, 2019
bao-coin.comListed on's badlist "We've been watching this evolve, and can find no redeeming features. It is a blatant ponzi.2014-11-10"Before May 17, 2019
barclaysclub.comListed on's badlist "or Barclays Royal Club - From the same scammers that bring you our top 5 scams, comes this new scam - Try again scammers, we're keeping up with yBefore May 17, 2019
barclix.usListed on? for 'non payments' on 2/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bargains-alliance.comListed on's badlist "Another hyip/ponzi scamsite. Always just thieves.2015-09-18"Before May 17, 2019
barruelobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
basicabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
basis-point.infoListed on's badlist "Don't be confused by this. It's just another scamsite.2015-05-25"Before May 17, 2019
basketinv.comListed on's badlist "There's only really one plan. You send bitcoin, they keep it. A nice simple plan to relieve you of your burdensome bitcoin.2017-03-24"Before May 17, 2019
BasMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
bassbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
batabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
batblob.comListed on for Not Paying on 06/13/2016.Before May 17, 2019
BavMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
baxbixbux.cnListed on May 17, 2019
baydefeisbux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/14/2016.Before May 17, 2019
baydefeisptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
baymack.comPromoting games of chance (gambling) is not permitted on a New Zealand hosted server.Before May 17, 2019
bayment.bizListed on's badlist "Numerous unrefundable ways to send your money and bitcoin to this hyip scam. They do make it easy for you to lose bitcoin.2017-08-11"Before May 17, 2019
bazibux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bazz-fund.comListed on's badlist "A Hyip/Fraud.2016-08-14"Before May 17, 2019
bb-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bbbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bbc-investment.comListed on's badlist "But Beware Chaps, Bad Bunch of Cnuts!. Enough.2017-02-15"Before May 17, 2019
bbc.bitbillionsListed on's badlist - 'To keep this ponzi going, you'll go into a round robin of sites hosted by the same firm - Inc GBBG, Iwantacar (eventually) and others - 3/16Before May 17, 2019
bbtcmine.ioListed on's badlist "Please don't ever trust these coin multipliers. They can't multiply coins, they can steal them though.2017-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
bbux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bbxmining.comListed on's badlist "This entire site is a clone (word for word) of the recently defunct PBMining. Don't even go close to this scam.2014-12-29"Before May 17, 2019
bc-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bc-prime.comListed on's badlist "These fake mining frauds are becoming less like real mining every time. Fooled Google though, their Adsense push this site.2016-07-24"Before May 17, 2019
bcc-cash.coListed on's badlist "Oh this site is dire. Please don't fall victim to this fake, shitcoin fraud.2017-12-30"Before May 17, 2019
bccclock.coListed on's badlist "Whoever bought this 'clock' scam template, is trying to get their moneys worth out of it, you'll see it on a few domains.2017-08-17"Before May 17, 2019
bccco.inListed on's badlist "Just lately, anything with the letters BCC is just a scam. This is a scam as well.2017-09-01"Before May 17, 2019
bccminingnetwork.comListed on's badlist "It's quite rare to see a completely incompetent scam attempt, but this is just about there. It really is pointless.2018-09-19"May 17, 2019
bcdclaim.orgListed on's badlist "NEVER send your private keys to a website. Not ever. It is the key to your wallet, and you will lose the contents in seconds.2017-12-09"Before May 17, 2019
bcexer.comListed on's badlist "Site reg'd June 2014, unlicensed, misinformation on mainpage and exchanges to PayPal. What could possibly go wrong.2014-08-09"Before May 17, 2019
bch-wallet.orgListed on's badlist "Well, a dodgy coin needs a dodgy wallet, but nobody deserves to lose their money, so don't send any to this thief.2017-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bchoard.comListed on's badlist "Nice try scammers, but not good enough. Just some more hyip thievery.2015-10-24"Before May 17, 2019
bchviralmarketing.comNo product. Focus is purely on generating new referrals. Pyramid/PonziBefore May 17, 2019
bcoin.marketListed on's badlist "This is another wannabe crypto scammer that should really learn this subject before attempting a scam - assuming they are capable!2018-08-01"May 17, 2019
bcoiner.comListed on's badlist "An online wallet not to use. They will keep your bitcoin - You don't have the private key! For an online wallet use Blockchain.info2018-01-11"Before May 17, 2019
bdbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bdclicking.comListed on May 17, 2019
bdclikz.comListed on? for 'scam' on 4/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bdctly.coListed on's badlist "Fortunately, it isn't a name you'd remember - so not much hope for this fraudster.2017-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
bdeposit.comListed on's badlist "Seriously - 800% in a day. You don't truly believe a lie as obvious as that do you? Really??2018-07-02"May 17, 2019
bdouble.tkListed on's badlist "If you are a bitcoin 'newbie' be aware of these crooks! Bitcoin cannot multiply and cannot be cloned.2017-09-01"Before May 17, 2019
bdoubler.comListed on's badlist "Every doubler is just some chancer hoping somebody will fall for it. Don't let it be you.2016-10-01"Before May 17, 2019
be-granted.comListed on's badlist "Be granted the intelligence to avoid this ponzi fraud.2017-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
be-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
beach39.wixsite.comListed on's badlist "2x2 Matrix or Ponzi! If you're gonna have a free site, why not make it a Ponzi? Because you'll be in trouble, that's why!2017-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
beachbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
beachptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
beachtpartyclix.infoListed on May 17, 2019
beambux.comListed on May 17, 2019
beanyads.comListed on May 17, 2019
beanybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bearbit.bizListed on's badlist "We could make a string of puns about the title, but we'll put in the same effort the scammer has. It's a shit hyip fraud.2017-10-05"Before May 17, 2019
bearbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
beastminer.netListed on's badlist "Hopefully, this fraudsite will stay down. If it reappears, you have been warned.2016-11-03"Before May 17, 2019
beat6.bizListed on's badlist "Nothing special - just another hyip/fraud.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
beatcptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
beatleclicks.infoListed on May 17, 2019
beatptc.comListed on? for 'scam' on 4/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
beatrise.orgListed on's badlist "A dull hyip/scam from a dull hyip scammer.2017-01-26"Before May 17, 2019
beautibux.comListed on May 17, 2019
beautybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
beaver2coin.comListed on's badlist "A simple 'double your bitcoin' scam. You know bitcoin cannot double.2016-11-12"Before May 17, 2019
bebit.proListed on's badlist "With the SEC scrutinising anything called an ICO, the scammers are falling back to this traditional hyip format.2017-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
beboomoney.comListed on? for 'scam' on 22/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
becbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
becklytrade.bizListed on's badlist "These bitcoin hyip scams are coming in thick and fast today.2014-07-01"Before May 17, 2019
bedroomboss.comAdultBefore May 17, 2019
beedoubler.comListed on's badlist "Bee Ess! Bitcoin doesn't double, please get that message.2015-09-22"Before May 17, 2019
beep.comFree web hosting with too many dodgy sites. If you want to be online - get a domain name.Before May 17, 2019
beerclix.infoListed on May 17, 2019
befulldiamond.comListed on's badlist "If the title was Befullretard you might think twice before parting with your funds. Don't go full retard and actually believe this scam.2018-09-2May 17, 2019
beidola.comListed on's badlist "No https, and Nuneaton is in the UK, not in jiangsu province where this Wuxi Yillian scam originates.2014-12-12"Before May 17, 2019
beking.bizListed on's badlist "This is so rubbish, we were reluctant to even list it. If you fall for this, you are beyond help.2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
belgiumptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
believeclix.ruListed on? for 'non payments' on 27/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bellroi.comListed on's badlist "A little scam with bells on, well I declare.2015-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
bellycoin.comListed on's badlist "Very unusual choice of name for this silly coin doubler scam, maybe it didn't translate well?2016-08-26"Before May 17, 2019
beminer.comListed on's badlist "Or it could be called, whatever it is, it isn't mining - oh and no SSL either.2014-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
BeMoney.xyzListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
bemybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
benbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
benefit-paying.meListed on's badlist "Just because there are a lot of hyips, doesn't make them real. There are a lot of thieves too.2017-01-03"Before May 17, 2019
benefitbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bennyclix.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 13/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bensbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bensonbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bentalefin.comListed on's badlist "This fraudster knows absolutely nothing about the subject of Bitcoin Mining, so please don't fall into this silly scam.2018-04-12"May 17, 2019
bentleybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
benwilder.comListed on's badlist "Ooh, that Ben Wilder looks a trustworthy fellah, how could this possibly be a fraud, let's all send this fictional character all our money. Err, May 17, 2019
benzbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
beonpush.comListed on's badlist "Another Ponzi pretending it isn't. Ad scams are very common.2016-02-27"Before May 17, 2019
beoptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bepaidinbitcoin.comListed on's badlist "Just one great big 'fake ad' ponzi. You advertise to other suckers, as do they.2017-01-23"Before May 17, 2019
bepannaahide.netListed on? for 'scam' on 02/3/2018.Before May 17, 2019
berdbit.comListed on's badlist "Let's hope this site stays down. It is a fake vendor.2017-04-10"Before May 17, 2019
BerMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
best-bitcoin-generator.bidListed on's badlist "There is no best or worst bitcoin generator. None is real, and all are scams. The only way to createe bitcoin is with very expensive mining technBefore May 17, 2019
best-btc.comListed on's badlist "Best beat a hasty retreat. Just another scammer.2016-12-12"Before May 17, 2019
best-btc.esy.esListed on's badlist "This Jerk is 100% ripping our sites content, but may also have misleading links.2016-11-01"Before May 17, 2019
best-bux.euListed on May 17, 2019
best-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
best-spend.comListed on's badlist "Er, best NOT spend. You won't get it back from these crooks.2015-05-13"Before May 17, 2019
best4invest.bizListed on's badlist "They could easily rename it to Best2avoidthis.fraud but they might not steal as much.2016-12-04"Before May 17, 2019
bestbitcoin-generator.bidListed on's badlist "Here's what happens. You think you have somehow 'generated' bitcoin, but you can't have it unless you send a transfer fee first. If you can't spoBefore May 17, 2019
bestbitcoinvest.comListed on's badlist "This is the best, and it steals all your bitcoin. Imagine the worst? they probably send a mugger to your door.2016-12-16"Before May 17, 2019
bestbux.gaListed on May 17, 2019
bestbux.helloweb.euListed on May 17, 2019
bestbux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bestbux2.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestbuxever.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestcashbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
BestCashJob.comListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
bestchoiceads.comSelling adpacks and guaranteeing a return on investment. Ponzi (ref Traffic Monsoon).Before May 17, 2019
bestclicever.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestclix.netListed on May 17, 2019
bestclix.tkListed on May 17, 2019
bestclix4u.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestcloudmine.comListed on's badlist "The complete lack of SSL is justification to list this shady operation - so we will.2014-03-11"Before May 17, 2019
bestcoin.ltdListed on's badlist "An old school scam doubler, on the new .ltd domain. Bitcoin doesn't double - if you send it you lose it.2017-04-18"Before May 17, 2019
bestcoininv.comListed on's badlist "This scammer accepts a range of cryptocurrencies. You can lose all your alts too!2017-11-20"Before May 17, 2019
bestdollarclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestdoubler.euListed on's badlist "The word 'best' doesn't improve anything. It's still just a wannabe thief. Go on, if you don't believe that these sites are frauds, reload the siBefore May 17, 2019
bestearnbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
bestecompany.comListed on's badlist "That's like Trump calling himself 'Best President' it is plainly false, and both are frauds!2017-07-24"Before May 17, 2019
bestemoneys.comPromotes all the things that are against PayPals policies - e.g. HYIP, MLM, MatrixBefore May 17, 2019
besteurosbux.comListed on May 17, 2019 May 17, 2019
bestforgains.bizListed on's badlist "Their gain, is your loss.2016-03-30"Before May 17, 2019
bestfxbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestgold-coin.comListed on's badlist "Never in the history of scams, has a scam been as scammy as this scam.2015-04-26"Before May 17, 2019
besthomebux.euListed on May 17, 2019
besthourly.bizListed on's badlist "This scammer is not even best at building a fraud site.2016-07-11"Before May 17, 2019
bestinvest.ioListed on's badlist "Not a good idea really, unless you have bitcoin to burn.2016-05-13"Before May 17, 2019
bestinvesting4u.comListed on's badlist "The best investing4u would be elsewhere. This is just a thieving dirtbag.2016-10-18"Before May 17, 2019
bestinvestmentsglobal.ltdListed on's badlist "A hyip scam that will take any nonrefundable deposit method, including bitcoin.2018-06-03"May 17, 2019
bestkliks.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestminers.bizListed on's badlist "Best, is if you found this fraud warning, before you found their deposit page. It is fake mining.2017-07-14"Before May 17, 2019
BestMoneyBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestmoneylinks.netListed on's badlist "Well, if they called it Worstmoneylink, you might not fall for this scam.2016-09-28"Before May 17, 2019
bestnewbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestnewbuxto.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bestonlinemoney.netListed on's badlist "At the time of listing, this links to the Macrobanking Hyip/Fraud.2016-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
bestpaidads.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestpornobux.usListed on May 17, 2019
bestprofitfund.comListed on's badlist "Seems that all you have to do is string 3 words together, set up a website, and fools will send you bitcoin. I despair.2016-07-23"Before May 17, 2019
bestradingrobot.coListed on as Best Trading Robot scam on February 7, 2017Before May 17, 2019
bestsendmoney.comListed on's badlist "Best not, it's a Hyip/Scam2015-06-07"Before May 17, 2019 May 17, 2019
besttrading.ccListed on's badlist "Best trading somewhere else - anywhere else! This is another Ponzi fraud.2018-09-13"May 17, 2019
besttube.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bestugaptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestvotesite.comListed on's badlist "Another site sending you to nothing but scams.2015-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
bestwaybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bestwebsite.zoneListed on's badlist "Nothing is right about this site. They sell SSL but don't even use it on their own logins? Don't take the risk.2014-10-11"Before May 17, 2019
betabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
betaco.inListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. If you send bitcoin to a 'doubler' then you are a fool, and you and your bitcoin will soon be parted!2017-07-23"Before May 17, 2019
betadv.comListed on's badlist "One of a number of Hyip/Scams with a betting theme. Whatever the theme, a hyip is just a thief with a website.2016-10-28"Before May 17, 2019
betandearn.bizListed on's badlist "We bet you lose. This is just a crappy Sportsbet themed Ponzi2018-06-24"May 17, 2019
betasharex.comListed on's badlist "They say there's no smoke without fire - and you can't see this site for smoke.2015-02-20"Before May 17, 2019
betcoinmultiplierx100.comListed on's badlist "The blockchain isn't flawed, but you are - if you deposit your coins into this scam.2015-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
betex.companyListed on's badlist "This scam is trying to convince you that they win so much, they want to share it with you! Bollocks is what we have to say to that. Just a hyip sMay 17, 2019
betgains.bizListed on's badlist "Hyip after hyip - But we won't give up until they are ALL in jail, or starving.2016-07-27"Before May 17, 2019
bethenext.ioListed on's badlist "Bitcoin doesn't double, this is a Ponzi - Nothing to add.2016-11-24"Before May 17, 2019
betinvest.techListed on's badlist "Bet in pants, bet in socks, or completely naked, but don't bet on getting your bitcoin back from this thief.2016-08-31"Before May 17, 2019
betinvestltd.comListed on's badlist "It isn't investment, it's just a Hyip/Fraud.2016-06-24"Before May 17, 2019
betrobot.bizListed on's badlist "Another bitcoin scammer using Telegram to spread their thieving scheme.2017-05-22"Before May 17, 2019
betstar.bizListed on's badlist "100% chance you'll lose to this hyip fraud with a betting theme.2016-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
better-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
better4bux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
betterbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
betterclix.siteListed on? for 'scam' on 16/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
betterptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bettingo.bizListed on's badlist "Legitimate UK company my arse. It's just another twist from the hyip scammers.2015-02-24"Before May 17, 2019
betunited.bizListed on's badlist "The title makes it sound like a gambling site, it isn't, it's a hyip fraud trying to steal bitcoin as well as cash.2017-04-20"Before May 17, 2019
betworldcup.ioListed on's badlist "Don't believe the bs. Nothing to do with betting, except putting your money on a loser. This is a hyip scam.2018-06-19"May 17, 2019
BezMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
bfcbux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 27/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bfgbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
BgMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
bgtel.bgDefault is not EnglishBefore May 17, 2019 & AdultBefore May 17, 2019
bi2block.comListed on's badlist "and,, All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt2018-01-22"Before May 17, 2019
Bi2coin.comListed on's badlist - 'and,, All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt 1/22/18'Before May 17, 2019
bi2invest.comListed on's badlist "and,, All parts of this multi-faceted fraud. More to come we don't doubt2018-01-22"Before May 17, 2019
biambux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bibit.clubListed on's badlist "When a thief tells you they are "Trustable" you would be a fool to believe them - Right?2016-07-03"Before May 17, 2019
biddersgain.comListed on's badlist "Another HYIP/Ponzi. Stay Clear.2014-05-18"Before May 17, 2019
Biddoge on's badlist - 'This is a BAD wix site, leading you to the best of the worst 10/28/14'Before May 17, 2019
bideposit.comListed on's badlist "This site will screw you 2 ways, and leave something to clean up.2016-03-29"Before May 17, 2019
bidex.coListed on's badlist "Oh those russians!! Give this scamsite a very wide berth.2014-11-06"Before May 17, 2019
bienpagado.comListed on May 17, 2019
big-12coin.usListed on's badlist "Everything is big in the US, including the BS from scammers.2016-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
big-benefit.comListed on's badlist "A big pile of Horse Poo that steals from everybody - Is that a benefit?2017-07-02"Before May 17, 2019
big-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
big-hyip.comListed on's badlist "When we saw the scam attempt, we thought it was possibly the worst attempt at fraud ever. This is that same fraud attempt, very slBefore May 17, 2019
bigapplemails.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigbanksmethod.comListed on as Big Banks Method Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
bigbitcoin.netListed on's badlist "Big something, but no way to make money. Money for nothing is a myth, a lie, or a scam.2018-05-17"May 17, 2019
bigbonusbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigbuxsite.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigcoins.netListed on's badlist "Coins that are just too big to send back to you. A typical hyip fraud.2017-04-02"Before May 17, 2019
bigcryptoinv.comListed on's badlist "This is almost a standard layout for a hyip scam nowadays. Shiny and full of bs. 100% of hyips are scams!2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bigdollarsbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigdoublecoin.comListed on's badlist "Double in 100 hours - more like run off with your coins in 99 hours.2015-03-09"Before May 17, 2019
bigdoubler.comListed on's badlist "Yet another thief that wants your coins.2015-02-16"Before May 17, 2019
bigdreambux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigearnbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigeurobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigeurosbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigfundsbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
biggbaba.comListed on? for 'scam' on 24/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bigger-income.comListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam.2015-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
biggerbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
biggrandbux.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 11/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
biggrandbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
bigincomebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
biginovationbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
biginvestmentgroupbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigkahunaclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
biglandbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigmamaskitchenptc.infoListed on? for 'scam' on 21/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bigmobiletones.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigmoneycenter.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigmoneyhourly.infoListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam.2015-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
bigmoneyptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigmoneysurf.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigofferbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigpondbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigprofitads.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigprofitsystem.comlisted as scam on http://ethanvanderbuilt.comBefore May 17, 2019
bigrevolutionbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigsensebux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 21/8/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bigstarbux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
bigtimepetc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigtop-bux.infoListed on? for 'non payments' on 5/6/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bigtrustedbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigusabux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigx2bigmailer.comListed on May 17, 2019
bigx3bigmailer.comListed on May 17, 2019
bikefor.meListed on's badlist "A naughty little fraud from the hyip scammers. Don't be involved when the wheels inevitably fall off!2017-03-10"Before May 17, 2019
biksbit.netListed on's badlist "The title doesn't match the hyip - but it isn't like it makes any difference to this fraud.2017-02-18"Before May 17, 2019
billionairebux.infoListed on May 17, 2019
billionaireprofit.comListed on's badlist "Unless you wake up every morning, and people you meet call you Mr Musk, then it isn't going to happen, you will just be poorer.2017-03-17"Before May 17, 2019
billionaireptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
billionearn.comListed on's badlist "A very ostentatious design, but just a fraud.2016-04-30"Before May 17, 2019
BillMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
BillMoney.siteListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
billtraffic.comListed on May 17, 2019
bilyoceans.comListed on's badlist "You can sing 'love really hurts without you' over your missing bitcoin.2016-05-30"Before May 17, 2019
bimox.netListed on's badlist "Does this site look familiar? It should do, another renamed Hyip/Fraud.2016-06-24"Before May 17, 2019
binabot.netListed on as BinaBot Scam on November 10, 2016Before May 17, 2019
Binadroid.comListed on as Binadroid Scam on November 19, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binario-inv.comListed on's badlist "These Hyip thieves love the binary theme.2016-05-24"Before May 17, 2019
binars.bizListed on's badlist "Passive Income? In your dreams. Active losses is the reality.2017-06-12"Before May 17, 2019
binaryalgobot.comListed on as Binary Algobot Scam on May 24, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryalphatrader.comListed on as Binary Alpha Trader Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarybankbreaker.comListed on as Binary Bank Breaker Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarybankroll.comListed on as Binary Bankroll Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binaryboxer.coListed on as Binary Boxer Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarybraintrust.comListed on as Binary Brain Trust Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarybreakouts.comListed on as Binary Breakouts Scam on June 21, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binarybtc.winListed on's badlist "You'll never see your bitcoin again, I'd hardly call that a win.2016-05-07"Before May 17, 2019
binarybux.ClubListed on? for 'scam' on 05/3/2018.Before May 17, 2019
BinaryBux.comListed on May 17, 2019
binarycent.comListed on's badlist "A trading place where everybody gains is mathematically impossible, but It's the School Holidays, so we expect naive shite like this.2018-08-07"May 17, 2019
binarydiploma.comListed on as Binary Diploma Scam on May 3, 2017Before May 17, 2019
Binaryexclusive.coListed on as Binary Exclusive Scam on May 6, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryfreedomformula.comListed on as Binary Freedom Formula Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarygodfather.coListed on as Binary Godfather Review on February 2, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryhedgefund.coListed on as Binary Hedge Fund Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binaryinterceptor.coListed on as Binary Interceptor Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarymetabot.coListed on as Binary Meta Bot Scam on May 16, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binarymomeymanager.comListed on as Binary Money Manager Scam on June 8, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryoptionclub.comListed on as BinaryOptionClub Scam on March 14, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryoptionoptimum.coListed on as Binary Option Optimum App Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binaryoptionsatm.coListed on as BinaryOptionsATM Scam on June 10, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryoptionsrevenge.comListed on as Binary Options Revenge Scam on June 6, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryoptionsrobot24.comListed on as Binary Options Robot 24 Scam on June 10, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binaryorders.comListed on as BinaryOrders Scam on May 10, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binarypotofgold.coListed on as Binary Pot of Gold Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binaryprofits.coListed on as Binary Profit System Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binaryrobot.wsListed on as Binary Robot Ws on August 28, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binarysecret.coListed on as Binary Secret Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarytoday5.comListed on as Binary 5 Scam on November 1, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binarytradeo.comListed on as Binary Tradeo Scam on May 10, 2017Before May 17, 2019
binarytrustmethod.comListed on as Binary Trust Method Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binaryzonetrader.comListed on as Binary Zone Trade Scam on November 10, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binatrust.comListed on as BinaTrust Scam on December 24, 2016Before May 17, 2019
binbotpro.comListed on's badlist "Binary options are a scam, bots are a scam, that doesn't leave a lot really. Wait for V2, ToiletBotPro.2017-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
binminers.comListed on's badlist "Free delivery eh. As they have fuck all to actually post, they may as well offer free miners too!2017-09-02"Before May 17, 2019
BinMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
binocoin.comListed on May 17, 2019
binom-corp.comListed on's badlist "If you are reading this, then you may just have saved yourself from getting conned by this ponzi fraud.2018-09-01"May 17, 2019
binrobot-lady.comListed on as Binrobot Lady Scam on March 12, 2017Before May 17, 2019
bio-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
biobtc.netListed on for Not Paying on 7/6/2016.Before May 17, 2019
biobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
biofuelinvest.comListed on's badlist "Just another hyip/scam with fake promises (lies)2015-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
biofuelio.comListed on's badlist "One from the hyip stable. Nothing is what it seems.2015-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
biohourly.comListed on's badlist "The hyip scammers are running out of ideas for titles. This is scraping the fkn barrel.2017-01-04"Before May 17, 2019
biohourly.netListed on's badlist "Sounds a bit like my wife, putting on the washing machine at least every hour, but no, it's just a moveable fraud.2017-01-16"Before May 17, 2019
biologic.bizListed on's badlist "Sounds more like a washing powder brand, than a scam brand, but a scam is what it is!2018-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
biostry.bizListed on's badlist "This idiot would have you believe that this is a real business. Just how stupid does he think you are?2017-09-20"Before May 17, 2019
BioTR.coListed on as Bio-TR Scam on May 14, 2017Before May 17, 2019
birdclicks.infoListed on May 17, 2019
birdmails.comListed on May 17, 2019
birdptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
birdybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
birex.ccListed on's badlist "It may sound slightly familiar, that is by design, but this is just a hyip scam, and nothing to do with real mining.2018-09-09"May 17, 2019
birzha24.comListed on's badlist "One for the russian speakers, just a hyip/fraud.2016-04-20"Before May 17, 2019 Listed on's badlist - 'hyip/scam trying to steal your bitcoin! 1/21/18'Before May 17, 2019
Bit Chest Bitchest.meListed on's badlist - 'Bitchest by name, bitchest by nature. Lots of reports now, and the payouts are like a revolving door back to bitchest. 9/23/14'Before May 17, 2019
bit urlURL shortenerBefore May 17, 2019
bit-bag.comListed on's badlist "Best described as a scrotum, with a bitcoin theme. Will someone please start locking these hyip fraudsters up!2017-10-30"Before May 17, 2019
bit-banker.comListed on's badlist "Bit-shit actually. A really poor attempt at stealing bitcoin.2017-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
bit-bonum.comListed on's badlist "It sounds rude if you say it right. Anyway, avoid this hyip/scam.2017-05-16"Before May 17, 2019
bit-bounty.meListed on's badlist "When you bite a Bounty, you should find Coconut! Don't bite this one, and don't let it bite you - it tastes bad.2018-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
bit-co.euListed on's badlist "This site has the front to say 'beware of imitations' So, beware of a scam, of this scam? The world gets a little madder every day.2015-09-26"Before May 17, 2019
bit-coi.comListed on's badlist "We don't want to carp on about it, but this scam is just fishing for your bitcoin.2017-05-01"Before May 17, 2019
bit-coin100x.comListed on's badlist "The old 'flaw in the blockchain' scam. Yeah right.2016-02-29"Before May 17, 2019
bit-coins100x.comListed on's badlist "Another 'off the shelf' scam doubler.2016-05-01"Before May 17, 2019
bit-connect.ioListed on's badlist "Yeah, why not launch another ponzi called Bit-connect. Just add a dash of irony.2017-11-02"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Fake accounts, fake logs, fake promises - I'll bet this thief even has a fake dick.2015-09-06"Before May 17, 2019
bit-crypt.infoListed on's badlist "Wow, a user base of over a million, in under 2 weeks! That and a load more bs awaits you at this scamsite.2018-10-30"May 17, 2019
bit-daily.comListed on's badlist "These hyips are like those sticky strips that you hang up to catch flies, only these are hung out to catch greedy fools!2018-11-05"May 17, 2019
bit-doubler.comListed on's badlist "Where hyip design meets scam coin doubler. Hopefully that nice design work is wasted, and none of you are dumb enough to believe these lying thieBefore May 17, 2019
bit-e.cfListed on's badlist "Yet another BitATT Clone. That scam format is easy to copy, but they must be running out of mugs by now.2015-02-28"Before May 17, 2019
bit-earnings.orgListed on's badlist "Anybody offering 120% in a day, may as well offer 1000% in a day - because it is just a lie either way.2017-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
bit-ex.storeListed on's badlist "NEVER exchange Bitcoin using PayPal, and never send funds to an anonymised fake exchange like this one.2018-01-22"Before May 17, 2019
bit-farm.netListed on's badlist "All the little pigs go Oink Oink Oink, the Ducks go Quack, the Cows go Moo - down on Crim-bit-farm.2017-01-14"Before May 17, 2019
bit-faster.netListed on's badlist "Classic con, return the first few payments, then steal everything after that. From the same scammer as Bit-Twin.net2014-04-23"Before May 17, 2019
bit-forex.bizListed on's badlist "It seems that all hyips now register as a UK Ltd Company, this one too. At £35 to register one, as a scammer, why wouldn't you? At least it boosBefore May 17, 2019
bit-give.netListed on's badlist "Almost a replica of Coincompound, Which is quite apt - as they are both Ponzi's. Please stop giving to these schemes.2014-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
bit-grove.comListed on's badlist "A leafy suburb of Scamsville. Where stupid bitcoin goes to frolic.2017-10-04"Before May 17, 2019
bit-hash.comListed on's badlist "This entire fkn site is a bit of a hash. Total scam.2016-04-30"Before May 17, 2019
bit-hash.weebly.comListed on's badlist "A plain and simple scam. 100% chance of losing your investment at the time of the crooks choosing.2014-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
bit-humb.comListed on's badlist "Bit-dumb, Bit-stung, Bit-numb - Make up your own name for this scam, but don't send funds - you will lose them.2018-08-24"May 17, 2019
bit-invest.bizListed on's badlist "This bitcoin doubler scam is moving around a few domains, game on!2017-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
bit-invest.comListed on's badlist "0/10 Must Try Harder. The forged company docs belong to an air-con business, it's not the only con.2014-10-29"Before May 17, 2019
bit-invest.weebly.comListed on's badlist "Another weebly hosted con merchant. Bitcoin doesn't multiply - it isn't bunny shaped for starters.2014-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bit-io.inListed on's badlist "That 'bitatt' scam code keeps popping up. There is no flaw in the blockchain - now get over it. and keep your btc safe.2015-12-02"Before May 17, 2019
bit-jack.comListed on's badlist "It will Jack you alright. Bitcoin ponzi's like this one may tempt you, but remember, it's just a thief with basic code skills.2017-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
bit-jackpot.ioListed on's badlist "Amazing payout stats, almost unbelievable - ah who are we kidding, it is just a thief.2017-06-13"Before May 17, 2019
bit-legend.comListed on's badlist "We agree, this is a complete leg-end. (amazing what a hyphen can do) Don't believe this is mining, because it isn't.2016-12-07"Before May 17, 2019
bit-lite.comListed on's badlist "Bit-lite? I think not. Bit-completely missing is better. Just fake mining.2016-08-14"Before May 17, 2019
bit-m.orgListed on's badlist "This exceptionally basic Fake Exchange website shouldn't fool you, but we'll list it anyway, just in case.2018-12-27"May 17, 2019
bit-magnet.comListed on's badlist "The problem with doubled bitcoin, is that it is too thick to travel along the wires to the internet, and just gets stuck in your router. Can you Before May 17, 2019
bit-mix.comListed on's badlist "Just don't use this site. It is just another unrefundable payments thief. You won't even get a response.2016-09-26"Before May 17, 2019
bit-moedas.comListed on's badlist "Nationally licensed where exactly? This site is set up in conjunction with a fake trading robot. Don't fall for this 2 part scam.2016-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
bit-monster.comListed on's badlist - 'Weird ponzi schemes. Many ways to get here. 5/4/17'Before May 17, 2019
bit-ponzi.comListed on's badlist "Need we say more.2015-03-23"Before May 17, 2019
bit-profit.bizListed on's badlist "yet another thieving hyip/scam to NOT send money or bitcoin to.2015-04-24"Before May 17, 2019
bit-reliability.comListed on's badlist "You can only rely on this hyip crook to steal your Bitcoin. Nothing more, nothing less.2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bit-roi.comListed on's badlist "It is a hyip/ponzi and you should expect to lose your money.2015-05-09"Before May 17, 2019
bit-trade.bizListed on's badlist "The owners of this scam intend to trade your bitcoin for crack whores and Ferrari's. Don't be an unwitting sugar daddy.2017-09-29"Before May 17, 2019
bit-traders.bizListed on's badlist "Just a hyip/scam Don't lose your money to these serial thieves.2015-04-08"Before May 17, 2019
bit-twin.netListed on's badlist "Despite the 'Up Front' impression, the site doesn't mention how they make money, which says a lot. You risk your Btc, and you are handing it to aBefore May 17, 2019
bit-world.coListed on's badlist "Hyip scammers have little imagination - which is why these "scripts" all seem very similar. This one wants to steal Bitcoin.2018-05-27"May 17, 2019
bit-x.bizListed on's badlist "When you find you've lost your funds, you'll be more than a bit-cross, you'll be fkn furious!2018-08-16"May 17, 2019
bit.acListed on's badlist "We've only just come across this site - and it is going straight into our badlist. This is blatant fraud.2016-11-24"Before May 17, 2019
bit.doURL shortenerBefore May 17, 2019
bit10.pwListed on's badlist "This attempt at fraud is just embarrassing. Admin will be online after school, and at weekends.2017-03-08"Before May 17, 2019
bit100.netListed on's badlist "The dusty old bitatt scam rears it's ugly head again. There is no flaw in the blockchain, but there is in this scam.2017-07-09"Before May 17, 2019
bit100x.comListed on's badlist "or is it Bitx100, or Bitatt? All the same scamcode, don't be a fool, they will steal your coins.2015-09-01"Before May 17, 2019
bit100x.prv.plListed on's badlist "It's that bitatt clone again.2016-07-25"Before May 17, 2019
bit10fx.comListed on's badlist "Another complete load of Bull Poo.2016-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
bit24.infoListed on's badlist "This doubler fraud site is also sending out spam emails with fake BtcJam offers. A web of deception.2017-02-13"Before May 17, 2019
bit24daily.comListed on's badlist "Doublers everywhere, so how come there can only be 21 Million Bitcoin? Go on, work it out for yourselves.2017-10-26"Before May 17, 2019
bit2moon.ioListed on's badlist "What bitcoin really didn't need, was another Ponzi. This one looks different, and may catch a few, but it's a ponzi - Rest assured of that.2017-0Before May 17, 2019
bit2x.clubListed on's badlist "At this rate, there will be more bitcoin doublers than fools with bitcoin.2016-02-27"Before May 17, 2019
bit2x.inListed on's badlist "Just another doubler fraud. Don't ever believe any of these, they are all just pickpockets.2017-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
bit300.netListed on's badlist "Since you know that bitcoin cannot multiply, or be printed or forged, why would you send to a site like this?2016-12-09"Before May 17, 2019
bit4g.comListed on's badlist "Some sites that we look at, make us wonder why people believe these unbelievable offers. This is one.2018-02-14"Before May 17, 2019
bit4me.comListed on's badlist "Any site offering Bitcoin to PayPal is almost certainly a fraud. Never risk it. This is a fraud by the way.2017-09-07"Before May 17, 2019
bit4money.comListed on's badlist "So, you sent a little to test it, and when that worked you sent a load more - and it did not come back. Welcome to the world of Internet Fraud.20Before May 17, 2019
bit5.bizListed on's badlist "If you are tempted by this type of offer - don't be. You will always just get robbed by these serial pickpockets.2016-11-25"Before May 17, 2019
bit90x.netListed on's badlist "If I were you, I wouldn't "Sing Up" to any of those fake plans. This is just a hyip scam.2017-08-02"Before May 17, 2019
bit9ltd.bizListed on's badlist "Impossible promises -Why would you believe these crooks?2017-03-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitaddress.infoListed on's badlist "A phishing site set up to steal your bitcoin! They have your Keys. Thanks to the Reddit Community for the heads up.2018-01-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitadvisor.bizListed on's badlist "Another hyip scam, another UK Reg'd Company. These are too easy to set up.2018-04-02"May 17, 2019
bitage.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam just there to steal money and bitcoin.2016-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitainetwork.comListed on's badlist "This very busy group of professional traders and bitcoin experts get around a lot, you'll find them on most scamsites like this one!2018-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitainex.comListed on's badlist "Bitainex? Bit Anal if you want our conclusion.2016-04-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitair.bizListed on's badlist "Of course you can't see your bitcoin, they've turned it into air - see, it's in your magic wallet.2016-08-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitairy.comListed on's badlist "So airy in fact, that tumbleweed will roll through your empty bitcoin wallet. Better just not send it.2015-12-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitaisal.ccListed on's badlist "Another fraud trying to bridge the credibility gap with Ltd status. Utter rubbish.2016-09-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitala.clubListed on's badlist "Don't ever make the mistake of believing that there is anything behind these hyip sites. It's just code, and usually a single scammer. You WILL lMay 17, 2019
bitantech.comListed on's badlist "Whatever the price, it will be expensive. It will never arrive. Just a thief.2018-01-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitarb.comListed on's badlist "Taking a subtle approach, dangling an almost believable sized carrot! However, it is just another Ponzi.2018-07-05"May 17, 2019
bitarc.bizListed on's badlist "A bog standard hyip scam, with Bit in the title. Very imaginative.2018-11-30"May 17, 2019
bitassetslimited.comListed on's badlist "Bitofalongdomainname from this crypto scammer.2016-12-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitatiorg.wix.comListed on's badlist "Good old wix, the freehost of choice for the cheapskate scammer. Just a fake doubler site.2015-06-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitatm.ccListed on's badlist "A scammer got bored, and put up this crappy little fraud. Yawn.2017-01-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitatom.bizListed on's badlist "Fake investment sites like this one are everywhere. Send bitcoin, lose it. A very straightforward process.2017-09-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitatt.comListed on's badlist "Let's keep this simple. This site WILL steal your money. Just don't send it, and yes - we told you so.2014-10-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitbaccy.comListed on's badlist "No SSL, fake brands and so much more.2014-09-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitbackoffice.comListed on's badlist "Also Airbit Club. Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud.2016-07-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitbancaire.comListed on's badlist "An oddly titled hyip scam. It isn't a real investment, it's just another ponzi where you are guaranteed to be a loser.2018-11-27"May 17, 2019
bitbankmarket.comListed on's badlist "You weren't about to fall for this fraud - were you?2017-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitbase.clubListed on's badlist "How this one slipped past for so long - we have no idea. Sorry for letting you all down on this, we hadn't encountered this domain. It is pure drMay 17, 2019
bitbear.ioListed on's badlist "Don't be one of the few people who will fall this lame little webfraud please.2017-02-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitbentures.comListed on's badlist "No, not a typo, this scammer really is so dumb that they cannot think of a better domain name.2018-09-04"May 17, 2019
bitbillion.siteListed on's badlist "Another of these all too common multiplier scams.2017-04-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitbillions.comListed on's badlist "Now bbc.bitbillions. To keep this ponzi going, you'll go into a round robin of sites hosted by the same firm - Inc GBBG, Iwantacar (eventually) aBefore May 17, 2019
bitbitboom.clubListed on's badlist "You can sing in, sing up, and sing while your bitcoin disappears in this badly translated hyip fraud. Remember, they deliberately misspell to detMay 17, 2019
bitbitco.inListed on for Not Paying on 06/16/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitblocks.infoListed on's badlist "Flagged as a malicious site, and the software may steal your btc keys amongst other features.2015-06-23"May 17, 2019 on's badlist - 'Flagged as a malicious site, and the software may steal your btc keys amongst other features. 6/23/15'Before May 17, 2019
bitbonum.bizListed on's badlist "A bit of a sideways domain move from naughty sounding fraud.2017-07-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitboom.infoListed on's badlist "Boom, and your bits are gone. If Cillit did bitcoin scams....2016-03-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitbot.bizListed on's badlist "Deja Vu? No, expect this slightly modified format and design across many Hyip/Frauds.2016-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitbot.globalListed on's badlist "This is a badbitbot, not a goodbitbot - although it isn't even a bot, it's just a ponzi.2018-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitbots.infoListed on's badlist "More fake mining malarchy. Just a Fraud.2016-09-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitbubbler.comListed on's badlist "They even tell you it's a ponzi, but that 'This one works' Oh ffs, were you born yesterday?2017-02-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitbull.businessListed on's badlist "Bitbull? What can we add except that it is ponzi, and will fail anytime.2016-11-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitbutterfly.bizListed on's badlist "Where you can see stolen bitcoin flutter by. I have a bitbutterfly stuck in my fog-light.2017-06-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitbuxclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 12/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitc-trade.comListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam2015-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitc1.bizListed on's badlist "Will anybody actually give to this halfarsed scam? Probably, so we'll list it.2014-07-06"Before May 17, 2019
BitcageListed on's badlist - 'and anything else to do with this Romanian crime family. These bottom rung gangsters will no doubt set up yet more scams, so watch out for tBefore May 17, 2019
bitcaliber.comListed on's badlist "Cycler just means ponzi, and all ponzis run out of idiot investors very very quickly. Idiots don't have money for long.2017-08-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcap.ioListed on's badlist "Welcome to the Hotel California.2016-04-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcapital.usListed on's badlist "Just because an anonymous lying thief, who you just met on the internet, promises to pay you oodles of money for nothing, doesn't mean you have tBefore May 17, 2019
bitcash-wallet.infoListed on's badlist "One of a whole series of fake wallets. Always check, and if in doubt, just google the sitename.2017-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcashcloud.comListed on's badlist "These people will not double your Bitcoin, they will double their own Bitcoin if you are foolish enough to send them any.2014-07-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcashdoubler.comListed on's badlist "Bitunlikely coz dot numpties needed. Doublers are frauds - ALL of them!2017-01-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcashmine.comListed on's badlist "Ponzi's like this are on a hiding to nothing. Bitcoin makes more for you by just hodl'ing, so why risk it for lower returns in a surefire fraud?2Before May 17, 2019
bitcashprofit.comListed on's badlist "Add this to the bucketload of scam doublers.2016-04-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcashworld.comListed on's badlist "Nothing to do with Bitcoin Cash, this is a completely different scam, and wants to steal the real bitcoin, and cash.2017-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitchain.liveListed on's badlist "A hyip scam. Just do the maths, but factor in that the admin intends to fuck off with the lot regardless.2018-04-21"May 17, 2019
bitchair.bizListed on's badlist "They aren't mining bitcoin, they are mining fools. The world already has enough fools.2017-10-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitchanger.bizListed on's badlist "Everything, including the Plc claims are just bullshit, from this thief with a website.2018-12-27"May 17, 2019
bitchest.meListed on's badlist "Bitchest by name, bitchest by nature. Lots of reports now, and the payouts are like a revolving door back to bitchest.2014-09-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitchoko.bizListed on's badlist "A Bit-Novichoko. As frauds go, this ain't no Wonka Golden Ticket, just another Ponzi.2018-10-25"May 17, 2019
bitchrome.coListed on's badlist "An off the peg fraud, The scammer bought it complete with hosting, Uk Ltd Company, payment scripts etc etc. Hyip fraud is a big Industry.2018-06-May 17, 2019
bitcity.bizListed on's badlist "We think you'll find that Bitcity, is a bit shitty, like all these scams.2017-02-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitckerz.comListed on May 17, 2019
bitclickers.tradeListed on? for 'scam' on 21/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitclix.tkListed on May 17, 2019
bitcloner.comListed on's badlist "A doubler fraud using this domain was inevitable.2016-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcloud24.comListed on's badlist "Really old fashioned fake mining themes still catch some people. Be wary, and check with us first.2018-01-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcloudmine.liveListed on's badlist "What - You aren't tempted by that stock photo of a cheesy cnut who clearly looks incompetent? Good - because it's just a scam!2018-05-29"May 17, 2019
bitclub-mining.comListed on's badlist "This site wasn't around long. A fine example of fast fraud.2017-02-02"Before May 17, 2019
Bitclub.ioListed on's badlist - 'see'Before May 17, 2019
bitclubadvantage.academyListed on's badlist "The moveable MLM - It hasn't moved far, from dot com to dot advantage. Look, just buy bitcoin and keep it safe, not this bs.2017-11-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitclubadvantage.comListed on's badlist "More MLM/Ponzi fraudster bullshit using the scam name that seems to persuade so many into parting with their precious bitcoin. We will say we tolBefore May 17, 2019
bitclubnetwork.comListed on's badlist "see bitclubnetworks.com2014-12-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitclubnetwork.meListed on's badlist "see bitclubnetworks.com2014-12-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitclubnetworks.comListed on's badlist "Just don't get involved. Site yet to launch, but it is from a bad stable. 9/3/14 Update - we were right - it is a ponzi scam when it finally launBefore May 17, 2019
bitcminer.cfListed on's badlist "Also and All parts of this same Ponzi Fraud. Don't be fooled, it is not mining.2018-08-29"May 17, 2019
bitco-expert.comListed on's badlist "If you send bitcoin, they will give you half of it back. They claim.2015-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitco-international.comListed on's badlist "If this is your site, you need to give up on fraud as a career. It's crap!2016-12-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitco-ip.comListed on's badlist "The bitatt scam appears on many web addresses, but we will keep finding them. Don't get robbed.2015-05-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitco.pwListed on's badlist "Reports coming in that this is a Btc-flow ponzi clone. You pay for level ups, then the ponzi bans you. Not best practice really.2015-02-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitco?n.comListed on's badlist - 'The producer of Bitcoin Pro - The scam Chrome Add-On. The domain will display as bitco? - It doesn't auto trade, it steals your bitcoinBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoball.comListed on for Not Paying on 04/20/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitcobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bitcocept.comListed on's badlist "More fake cloudmining offerings. There are few real ones.2016-07-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoclix.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 22/10/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitcodaily.comListed on's badlist "The latest trend is to relaunch tired frauds with 'daily' on the end, like this one.2016-07-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcodeals.comListed on's badlist "Where do we start? It isn't a real company, or a real investment, or genuine anything really. It is a scam though.2018-12-01"May 17, 2019
bitcodeminer.inListed on's badlist "You might not have seen this Bitcoin Generator scam before, but you WILL see it again. Don't ever be this dumb online.2018-06-08"May 17, 2019
bitcodollar.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 14/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bitcofans.comListed on's badlist "A 2x2 matrix, just means a BIG ponzi, broken up into LITTLE ponzi's. The end result is just the same, more losers than gainers. Please learn someBefore May 17, 2019
bitcofarm.comListed on's badlist "You have to look closely at this kind of fun ponzi fraud. This ponzi is after bitcoin.2016-11-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcofast.comListed on? for 'scam' on 30/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bitcofinancial.comListed on's badlist "Another one from the HYIP Crowd.2014-05-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcogate.comListed on's badlist "Peer to peer donations, matrix etc etc. All different terms meaning Ponzi/Fraud. You are donating alright, to the scummy twat who put up this shaBefore May 17, 2019
bitcohourly.comListed on's badlist "These scammers only need a couple of victims to get their costs back. Don't be one of those idiots please.2018-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoi.n-wm.coListed on's badlist "No ssl on your registration and login pages, mean that people like us can steal your details if we choose to. Always look for SSL on login pages.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoiin.comListed on's badlist "and and and and and and and CoinpoolBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoil.netListed on's badlist "Going with that Oil theme again for this hyip scamsite.2015-03-03"Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoin ChefListed on's badlist - 'Promises interest in 1hr, may return small deposits while building trust. 2/27/14'Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-100x.comListed on's badlist "Ooh, you think you are cheating the system, while all the while, you are the sucker. Wise up please.2018-02-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-24online.comListed on's badlist "A rather unimaginative domain change from this ponzi fraudster.2016-12-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-2x.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double or multiply, please get that fact.2016-08-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-2x.orgListed on's badlist "A scam of a scam - A kind of "Scam Squared!"2017-11-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-air.infoListed on's badlist "Some schoolkid must have put this scamsite up over the weekend. You weren't fooled were you?2018-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-air.orgListed on's badlist "The schoolkid that made the scam attempt, is still useless at scamming and html. This scamsite doesn't even work!2018-09-30"May 17, 2019
bitcoin-bestgenerator.bidListed on's badlist "This and sites like it, do not generate bitcoin, they fool you into sending bitcoin, and they keep it.2017-11-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-boom.websiteListed on's badlist "Another site that will sting you when you want to w/d as well as stealing everything you send.2017-11-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-box.ioListed on's badlist "Day 1 of the dullest Ponzi in Stupid City. It's a Ponzi Look it up.2018-08-07"May 17, 2019
bitcoin-builder.weebly.comListed on's badlist "Another freehosted fraudsite coming right out of the cheap seats.2016-11-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-bux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bitcoin-cloud.euListed on's badlist "A faucet that hasn't dripped since June. Don't waste your work.2015-09-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-cloud.meListed on's badlist "This scammer only has one design, he just keeps changing the name. Don't go near this scheme if you value your Btc.2014-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-cloud.orgListed on's badlist "This is a scam disguised as mining. Please stick with the trustworthy sites.2014-06-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-club.orgListed on's badlist "Another ponzi to add to the list.2015-11-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-double.ccListed on's badlist "These doubler frauds have been around almost as long as bitcoin. Bitcoin still cannot double though.2017-09-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-doubler.bizListed on's badlist "They double bitcoin, not yours though, you've lost that.2015-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-doubler.comListed on's badlist "The classic bitcoin scam, you will lose your money in these short lived ponzi's.2015-04-29"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "This scammer is prolific. Don't feed him please.2015-11-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-doubler.meListed on's badlist "So you send bitcoin, then wait while at least another 4 people, equally dumb, also send bitcoin. Don't hold your breath.2018-01-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-e.bizListed on's badlist "It's another Ponzi, but they are so ashamed of that fact, that they pretend they are some sort of legitimate Company. That is what HYIP scams do.May 17, 2019
bitcoin-economy.comListed on's badlist "Pyramid or Ponzi it has nothing credible to redeem it. Steer clear.2014-03-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-engine.bizListed on's badlist "From the same numpty that brought you "" and that's a scam as well.2015-11-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-ex.comListed on's badlist "Or Ex-bitcoin?2016-03-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-farm.comListed on's badlist "Total ponzi at the back end. Just don't bother unless you have money to burn.2017-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-fast.comListed on's badlist "Doesn't get much faster. You know bitcoin cannot double.2016-10-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-finder.comListed on's badlist "Oh this site is bad. This halfwit scammers school report must have made fun reading.2017-08-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-for-you.comListed on's badlist "Another silly attempt at fooling you with a bitcoin generator.2016-04-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-fund-manager.comListed on's badlist "Your risk. We wouldn't trust a half eaten Pie to these people though.2017-11-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-fxcoin.comListed on's badlist "You don't really want to know what FX stands for in this instance. Don't be damn stupid and find out the hard way.2018-08-06"May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-2017.bidListed on's badlist "No matter what domain it appears on, this is always just a thief, and if you are daft enough to send bitcoin, you won't even get a thank you.2017Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-2018-2019.bizListed on's badlist "Swimming around domains doesn't change the scam. If you send any bitcoin to this scam, you will never see it again. It really is that simple.2018May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-2018.bidListed on's badlist "Happy new year from these scammers!2018-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-online.comListed on's badlist "Don't be fooled by this, it's just another Ponzi.2016-05-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-plus.bidListed on's badlist "These domain names are getting longer, they are running out of places to put this rubbish little fraud.2018-03-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-top.bidListed on's badlist "Heres how they sting you. The software fools you into thinking you have somehow mined bitcoin - you haven't. You send a transfer / mining fee. anMay 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator-x.bidListed on's badlist "The same lame scam that you will see on many domains. If you believe there is any truth to these kinds of scam, you will soon part company with yBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator.companyListed on's badlist "These scams all work the same way, by convincing you that if you send a little bitcoin, you will get more back. You won't. You will just lose it.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generator.netListed on's badlist "Please please don't believe a site which thinks there are 50btc in a block!! This software has to be bad.2014-12-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-generators.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin generators do not create, or generate bitcoin. They generate fools. Don't be that fool, don't pay and lose a 'fee'2018-01-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-grand.comListed on's badlist "Please don't find out the hard way, that bitcoin just cannot double, and never more so than when you send it to a thief!2017-08-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-grow.cfListed on's badlist "Another Bitatt clone, and just another scam.2015-02-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-hardware.nlListed on's badlist "This site went away for a while, but now it's back. It's unlikely to be any better than last time around, lots of bad reports, lost Bitcoin, no kBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoin-income.comListed on's badlist "This scamsite 'ain't gonna make you rich, it's just gonna rob you.2015-04-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-instant.netListed on's badlist "The bitcoin generator fraud. Don't be an idiot, you just lose anything you send. You get nothing.2018-03-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-invest.onlineListed on's badlist "A hyip style scam. Stay clear.2016-02-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-investment.comListed on's badlist "Has absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin, and nothing to do with Investments either.2014-05-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-investment.orgListed on's badlist "Every link goes to a similarly styled hyip type scamsite, every one of which is a fake investment.2015-02-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-investments.euListed on's badlist "This site has nothing to do with bitcoin, and it isn't much to do with investments either.2016-08-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-line.comListed on's badlist "If you are looking for Bitcoin Minning, then probably the site for you. If you want Bitcoin Mining, probably not.2018-05-31"May 17, 2019
bitcoin-livegenerator.comListed on's badlist "The bitcoin generator fraud. You think you have generated bitcoin, but you need to send a fee to get it. Don't be thick.2017-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-m.comListed on's badlist "Deja-Vu anybody? This uninformed scamsite will take you back in time to 2014, and keep all you send.2017-02-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-magic.comListed on's badlist "No it isn't magic, but it will vanish as if it was.2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-maker.bizListed on's badlist "Don't send funds to try and get that 'imaginary' bitcoin, they will never be seen again. If it was that easy, we'd all mine it that way ffs.2017-Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-manager.infoListed on's badlist "Another page of lies trying to part you and your bitcoin.2017-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-me.comListed on's badlist "One of those fake exchanges that accept deposits, and that's it. Stay well clear.2016-08-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-mine.orgListed on's badlist "Oohhh... they have direct access to the Bitcoin Servers, they must be very very special! (Laughable)2017-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-miner-store.comListed on's badlist "Never attempt to buy from any site that has no valid SSL. Anybody can read your details when you order. Anyway, this is a fraudster.2017-07-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-miner.meListed on's badlist "And yet another china-miner site pops up. Another hardworking bitcoiner is on to these, follow the thread at Bitcointalk2014-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-miners.cfListed on's badlist "there's no such thing as a bitcoin hack. This is a double bad-edged sword.2016-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-miners.meListed on's badlist "Since when does a chinese supplier come from Bangalore? Stay clear of these serial scams. You won't receive any kit.2014-08-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-mining.groupListed on's badlist "Also any subfolders on this domain. All frauds.2018-01-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-multi2.comListed on's badlist "This Nigerian wannabe fraudster has a bit to learn about obfuscation technique.2017-01-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-multiplier.comListed on's badlist "No it isn't a handy all in one tool - it's a ponzi scam.2015-05-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-multiplier.gaListed on's badlist "A freehosted attempt at fraud.2016-08-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-multiply.comListed on's badlist "Like fkn Bunny Rabbits, bitcoins multiplying all over the place - just don't get involved in this ludicrous fraud eh.2017-10-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-oasis.comListed on's badlist "That bitcoin price they advertise is just a mirage.2016-05-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-paypal.grListed on's badlist "PayPal and Bitcoin is a bad mix, also no https - don't risk it.2015-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-power.comListed on's badlist "You will just get robbed by the serial thief who has set up this bogus site. This one is getting some special attention. Let's nail this slimebalBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoin-prediction.euListed on's badlist "This scam serves no purpose, except to phish your Paypal and Credit Card details - One for Europol, but we will warn you way ahead of them!2018-0May 17, 2019
bitcoin-profit-account.comListed on's badlist "It's doomed to be a very short lived ponzi. From the scammer2015-09-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-shovel.comListed on's badlist "The shovel is so you can dig a hole and climb in it. Bitcoin cannot multiply, so if you send it here, you will only find the divide function.2018May 17, 2019
bitcoin-source.netListed on's badlist "A clear Ponzi, watch those payouts grind to a halt anytime soon. We somehow lost this from our list - but it's back now.2014-05-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-stream.comListed on's badlist "This site made me swear at my computer. A very nasty scam.2015-10-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-topgenerator.bidListed on's badlist "The usual bitcoin generator scam. Just don't send any bitcoin, and you can't lose anything.2017-11-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-trader.bizListed on's badlist "Gone, but took a lot of bitcoin with it.2014-10-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-trading.bizListed on's badlist "A pretty basic hyip/scam, based in India.2014-12-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-wallet.netListed on's badlist "This entire site is too basic to be real. Complete absence of security, and we've received reports of losses already.2016-11-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin-x100.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin minus times 100. That sounds about right. Bitcoin doesn't multiply, you send it to someone who won't send it back.2017-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoin.comListed on's badlist - 'The Bitcoin wallet on the Play and App Store are NOT Bitcoin wallets! They are designed for the Privately promoted and run Bcash or BCH. BitBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoin.cpucap.orgListed on's badlist "Also Both based on the Bitcoin Generator scams - Pretend to mine, but you have to send a release fee.2018-03-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin.ethmine.bizListed on's badlist "The main scammers domain is already listed here, this is a subdomain of that scam, but still a scam.2018-03-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin.hostingListed on's badlist "We would like to think that nobody could fall for such a poorly executed fraud. Be somebody.2017-08-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin.myhacks.netListed on's badlist "We aren't trying it, but this will suck you into a monthly deduction from your phone. Quite unwelcome.2017-12-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin.paidautosurf.netListed on's badlist "If it was honest, it would be a straightforward 10:1 Ponzi. But like all Ponzi's the intentions are dishonest from Day1.2014-05-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin.publiblock.comListed on's badlist "A 2x scam. Don't fall for these multipliers, they are all thieves.2014-11-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin100.netListed on's badlist "You'll see this bitatt fraud everywhere, but don't think it has any possibility of being genuine. It is a chancer, nothing more.2017-02-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin1000.netListed on's badlist "This tries to sting you twice. First whatever you deposit, then they try to get you to pay 'Tax' to withdraw - of course they'll keep that as welBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoin100multiply.comListed on's badlist "This flaw in the blockchain scam is on many domains. Just fishing for fools.2018-02-21"May 17, 2019
bitcoin10x.comListed on's badlist "Dress it up any way they want to, it is just a scam.2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin120.comListed on? for 'scam' on 28/1/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin125.comListed on's badlist "Britain used to have a Train, called an Intercity 125. This scam is even worse than that piece of shit Train.2018-04-26"May 17, 2019
bitcoin156.webnode.frListed on's badlist "Offering 156% - a different number to the average scams, but why??2017-03-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin160.comListed on's badlist "Fairly unimpressive, just a hyip/fraud. Send bitcoin, lose bitcoin, learn from it.2016-10-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin163.comListed on's badlist "This site is an exercise in creative writing. Utter lies, don't believe a word from this thief.2016-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin180.comListed on for Not Paying on 6/5/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin1free.workListed on's badlist "You can multiply it a "Handeredfold" It may come back bent though. Just a scam with Guy Fawkes Graphics. This scam has relaunched in 2019.2017-11Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin2048.comListed on's badlist "Mixed reports about this ptc/game. Too many complaints to ignore though, many users not getting paid.2015-04-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin24.onlineListed on's badlist "A scam coin doubler.2016-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin2shekel.comListed on's badlist "There are a number of schemes that have these 'funnel' domains, to literally herd suckers, like sheep, into the ponzi at the end of it. At least Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin2x.cfListed on's badlist "Some other wannabe crook trying off the shelf scamcode.2016-03-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin2x.orgListed on's badlist "What the hell is going on with these Segwit2x'ers gone rogue! Battle lines being drawn.2017-11-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin2xdoubler.netListed on's badlist "Another lousy doubler fraud.2017-02-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin3.bizListed on's badlist "Why 3? irrelevent though as this is a really basic fraud. Don't be daft and actually believe this thief.2017-06-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin365club.comListed on's badlist "This sites only interest in bitcoin, is stealing it from you.2016-03-24"Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoin4Job.comListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin4u.bizListed on's badlist "this is not an MLM they say - Yes it is, it's a Ponzi like every other Ponzi.2016-09-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin4you.netListed on's badlist "This faucet hasn't dripped for over a year. Don't give them your work, you won't be paid.2015-06-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin5.ioListed on's badlist "I wonder if they get up to adventures, like the Famous Five? There'll be no Ginger Beer and Crisps where these scammers are going!2017-09-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin7.netListed on's badlist "A pretty typical Indian hyip style fraud.2016-07-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoin90days.comListed on's badlist "This just leads you to throw your bitcoin into the 'Gladiacoin' scam.2017-03-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinadder.infoListed on's badlist "You don't make money out of thin air, and this crap can't create it either.2017-04-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinadder2015.comListed on's badlist "And it does what exactly? Well, at least they aren't making ANY claims.2015-08-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinaddict.comListed on's badlist "This scam Ptc is back up. It disappeared about a year back. It won't pay you. Same site, same issues.2014-05-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinads.ioListed on? for 'non payments' on 8/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinaid.orgListed on's badlist "Also What this guy thinks he's up to, we have no idea. Fraudster at every level.2014-06-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinallaccess.comListed on's badlist "Don't kid yourself, all you are buying is a place in a crooked ponzi.2015-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinangels.netListed on's badlist "Not a bitcoin angel, just a bitcoin angle.2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbank.cfListed on's badlist "This "bitatt" scam appears on dozens of domains. The code is openly sold.2015-08-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbeetle.usListed on for Not Paying on 4/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbetmaster.comNo form of gambling can be hosted, played or advertised on a New Zealand hosted server.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbitco.comListed on's badlist "A bit of a bitcoin con, but bitcoinco is basic at best.2016-09-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbooster.weebly.comListed on's badlist "Issue 1 - you are sending money and your bitcoin address. Issue 2 - you are getting something probably bad, back to your email address. Issue 3 -Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbot.siteListed on's badlist "Trouble is, it's all bullshit. Did we miss anything? Oh yeah, also a Trojan in the download.2017-02-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbricks.orgListed on's badlist "Yet another bitcoin ponzi scheme. It will end in tears.2015-03-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbruteforcebot.comListed on's badlist "Oooh, you big brave brutal bot. Though, it would take more than brute force to drag anybody with an IQ higher than 1, into this obvious scam!2018May 17, 2019
bitcoinbtcstart.comListed on's badlist "Not a very professional looking fraud, but every thief has to start somewhere.2016-07-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bitcoinbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
bitcoinbux.xyzListed on? for 'scam' on 3/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoincash-latinoListed on's badlist - 'This Facebook propogated international bitcoin fraud is no doubt coming to you too. The people behind this are true criminals. 3/12/17'Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincash.orgListed on -?"The coin. Bitcoin is Bitcoin, Bcash/Bitcoin Cash is not. The private owner of would have you believe otherwise, and con you into buying this scam coin. 11/11/1Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincash.tradingListed on's badlist "Yes it's a scam, but what is confusing, is why anybody wants to steal Bcash? It takes all sorts eh.2017-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoincash/BcashListed on's badlist - 'The coin. Bitcoin is Bitcoin, Bcash/Bitcoin Cash is not. The private owner of would have you believe otherwise, and con you intoBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoincash24-7.comListed on's badlist "These frauds are really starting to assault the Spanish and South American bitcoin users. This is just another Ponzi/Scam.2017-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincent.comListed on's badlist "Just another fake investment site.2016-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
BitCoinCenturionClubListed on's badlist - 'Just avoid this blatant ponzi. 3/22/16'Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinchain.netListed on's badlist "Keep these scams coming, we'll keep warning the world about your crooked intent.2015-08-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinchase.netListed on's badlist "Another scam coin multiplier. Do they actually rake in any mugs nowadays?2015-03-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinchef.orgListed on's badlist "Promises interest in 1hr, may return small deposits while building trust.2014-02-27"May 17, 2019
bitcoinci.comListed on's badlist "Claims to have traded since 2012 are simply untrue. This guy is just a thief.2017-06-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinciclon.netListed on's badlist "This ponzi is pretty amateurish as scams go.2015-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincitadelinvestment.comListed on's badlist "A snappy little title - you won't be typing it, that's for sure! If you do end up here, just close the window and go somewhere else.2017-11-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinclix.comListed on? for 'closed' on 17/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincloudhashing.comListed on's badlist "Also 2 fake cloudmining sites to miss.2014-05-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincloudminer.netListed on's badlist "Another cloudmining scam. Mining your wallet.2015-09-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincloudmining.centerListed on's badlist "This site takes you to many known scamsites. Most of the mining sites listed here are hyip/scams.2016-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincloudservices.comListed on's badlist "Show us your tackle Boys? Go on whip it out, let's see your mining kit. But of course, there is no kit. Just a fake mining site.2014-07-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincode.coListed on as Bitcoin Code Scam on July 13, 2017Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincodeexperts.comListed on's badlist "Code Experts? These people don't know their own arse from a hole in the ground! Just ponzi scammers - stay well clear of Thebitcoincode ponzi.201Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincodepros.comListed on's badlist "This bullshit Ponzi, The Bitcoin Code, will just keep turning up. Don't get sucked in and lose your life savings, as many have.2018-07-23"May 17, 2019
bitcoincopy.site123.meListed on's badlist "Better hope that if you get your bitcoin back, you get the real bitcoin, and not the copy. (god that is a dumb thing to write - I need a break!)2Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincryctoy.comListed on's badlist "This is one of those toys that is broken when you buy it. Just another fkn thief, like we need more!2017-03-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincryptobank.comListed on's badlist "Don't be suckered by this ponzi/scam.(reappeared recently 5/28/17)2015-09-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoincycler.netListed on's badlist "We've seen it all before. It's a multiple ponzi and you'll never get your bitcoin back. Associated with the fake Skycoinlab.com2014-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindiagram.comListed on's badlist "This is a Phishing Site, and apparently has a nasty payload within a video link. Stay well clear.2015-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindouble.clubListed on's badlist "Bitcoin does not double. Please try to understand this.2016-02-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindouble.coolListed on's badlist "It would be really cool if bitcoin could double, but the reality is, it cannot. This is just a pickpocket.2016-08-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindouble.jouwweb.nlListed on's badlist "A scummy scammy coindoubler fraud.2016-07-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindouble.tkListed on's badlist "Every one of these 'doublers' is just lies. Your bitcoin doesn't double - If you are daft enough to send it, they keep it.2017-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.blogspot.comListed on's badlist "This site is no different to all doublers. A very few are ponzi/frauds's, but as a norm, just straight theft.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.ccListed on's badlist "If you send bitcoin to any site claiming to double it, you will not get it back. Do you still have any questions?2017-10-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.expertListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double, and now armed with that fact, what do you suppose will happen if you send bitcoin to this fraud?2017-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.fundListed on's badlist "You might double this crooks bitcoin, but he won't double yours. Just don't be dim - it's a nice day.2017-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.liveListed on's badlist "Bitcoon doesn't double. If you send it to a doubler scam, the thief will keep it. It isn't that hard to understand - Surely?2017-10-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.orgListed on's badlist "The 'official' scam domain apparently, and a load of fake BBB certificates (now removed) Ridiculous.2015-10-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.pwListed on's badlist "This most basic bitcoin scam, appears on yet another domain.2018-06-08"May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.shopListed on's badlist "The scam that just keeps on coming. They pretend you have "generated" bitcoin, but you have to send bitcoin to get it. Doh!2018-05-16"May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.siteListed on's badlist "Bitcoindoublers are ALL frauds, bitcoin CANNOT double.2016-05-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.techListed on's badlist "This site cannot double your bitcoin. You should do it like the rest of us, and make your bitcoin out of plasticine, or make litecoin from milk bBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.winListed on's badlist "Just as with EVERY Bitcoin Doubler - Just a fraudster hoping you are dumb enough to believe this shite!2018-01-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoubler.workListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. People that tell you they can double it, are trying to get you to send them your bitcoin. It isn't a complicated scam.2018May 17, 2019
bitcoindoublerbot.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double, but you can lose it easily if you send it to a site like this one. Wake up, this is the real world!2017-11-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoublers.comListed on's badlist "A very intimidating design. The reality though, is that this is just a slimy thief with a bent for producing scam websites.2016-08-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindoublex2.comListed on's badlist "That picture of an overjoyed girl, is a picture of an overjoyed girl You won't look like that.2017-01-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindownload.netListed on's badlist "All the PTC sites that this supposed script will auto collect from, are totally protected from scripts. Wave goodbye to that bitcoin you sent. 20May 17, 2019
bitcoindragon.coListed on's badlist "This site will attempt to load Coinhive malware - If you visited and didn't get a warning, you need to update all antimalware.2018-04-18"May 17, 2019
bitcoindragonz.comListed on's badlist "This site is set up to try and suck you in to the USI-Tech ponzi scam, also in our badlist.2017-10-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoindrill.comListed on's badlist "They know the drill, and we do too. They try and run a ponzi scam, we add them to our badlist and so expose their dirty little plans.2017-11-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinduplex.comListed on's badlist "Or... will it just go to a thief? You know bitcoin can't double - It's a con.2015-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoine.globalListed on's badlist "Investment? Game? You'll probably have to find out the hard way, that it is neither.2017-02-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoineasymoney.infosystem.meListed on's badlist "This will lead you to the fraud empire.2017-03-20"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "This laughable scam follows the time honoured con trick, of making you believe you are part of a scam yourself. Human greed is a powerful motivatMay 17, 2019
bitcoinenrich.byethost8.comListed on's badlist "A cheaphosted scam bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double.2017-06-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinenweb.mlListed on's badlist "This site will not only steal your deposit, but try to make you send more to get any back, don't.2017-04-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinepoch.comListed on's badlist "Not a very good name for a fraudulent wallet - back to the drawing board eh?2016-12-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinera.netListed on's badlist "A ponzi that's been running since 2013 of course it never pays.2014-03-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinera.orgListed on's badlist "Nope, just bitcoin error.2016-05-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoiners.bizListed on's badlist "You do know it's just a hyip? Send bitcoin and lose it.2016-01-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoiners.ccListed on's badlist "Bit-Conners. They just want to steal bitcoin. Don't let 'em.2016-04-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinex.clubListed on's badlist "Linked to, and a ponzi fraud.2016-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinexpress.meListed on's badlist "We'll tell you again. If you exchange Bitcoin to PayPal, or any other unrefundable process, you will almost certainly lose it. Here too.2017-03-2Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfast.bidListed on's badlist "Another faker offering to double your Bitcoin. Ask yourself why people spend thousands on Bitcoin Mining Rigs?2018-02-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfield.netListed on's badlist "This is just another Boiler-Room/Hyip. Don't fall for it.2015-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfinancecorp.comListed on's badlist "1 crook + Laptop + Ashtray = "Finance Corp" How very pathetic.2016-12-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfinancialfreedom.comListed on's badlist "Another fraud that really isn't trying very hard.2016-07-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfire.netListed on's badlist "The former Phoenixrising fraud has fucking risen! Well that goes to prove something, but I don't know what.2017-09-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfive.comListed on's badlist "This is not a legitimate Exchange, and you will certainly regret trying it. Never use PayPal to buy or sell Bitcoin!2017-08-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinflux.orgListed on's badlist "As dodgy as fck. Using fake Trustpilot references linked to - also berated by the community.2018-03-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfortunes.winListed on's badlist "This site will not make you rich. It might make you cry though.2017-04-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinforyou.infoListed on for Not Paying. This faucet exceeded it's safety limits! on 05/22/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfundingteam.comListed on's badlist "The bigger ponzi for higher stakes victims of the Fundmycause Ponzi.2017-02-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfunnel.comListed on's badlist "Yeah, just funnel all your friends and family into this tacky little ponzi. All lose in harmony.2018-01-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfuture.netListed on's badlist "Flashy but 100% Lies and Fraud from this hyip. None of them never pay.2016-12-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinfuturetech.comListed on's badlist "These hyips keep coming, we keep adding them - it's a game we are winning.2017-02-13"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "This "Bitcoin Generator" software just makes you think you've earned something, when it is all just Gold Standard BS! - The sting comes when you Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingenerator.infoListed on's badlist "Dress it up how they like, it's still a ponzi/scam.2015-06-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingenerator.meListed on's badlist "This site was set up by The Bitcoin Institute for Research into Stupidity. What was your score?2018-01-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingenerator.spaceListed on's badlist "In space, no one can hear your wife scream at you, for being so fucking stupid, and losing all your bitcoin to an obvious fraud!2017-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingenerator.usListed on's badlist "If you saw this site on a cold morning - it would be steaming. Enough said.2017-03-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingenerator.workListed on's badlist "If you lost bitcoin to this scam, then yes, it worked.2018-03-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingeneratorpool.comListed on's badlist "You lose anything that this scam persuades you to send, and there is no way you are getting it back.2018-08-13"May 17, 2019
bitcoinglobal.websiteListed on's badlist "Fairly typical styling from the hyip producers. You should know by now that nobody comes out smiling.2017-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingo.ccListed on's badlist "And go, is exactly what your bitcoin would do, if you were silly enough to send it!2017-10-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingold-blockchaiin.infoListed on's badlist "Do not try this site. You will lose your bitcoin. BitcoinGold is simply a Train wreck! Not worth any of the risk.2017-10-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingold.gdnListed on's badlist "So, you have your first bitcoin, it's all very exciting, and you see these amazing ways to multiply it. Stop right there. Every one of these is aBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoingolem.comListed on's badlist "These hyip/scam site titles just get weirder. Hardly an inviting title.2017-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingreatnews.comListed on's badlist "DO NOT DOWNLOAD that file. It will do nasty things to your PC.2015-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingrower.techListed on's badlist "If this thief sends you a pot to grow it in, you'd better keep it! You'll be needing it later to piss in.2017-03-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoingrowthbot.ioListed on's badlist "And when that doesn't work, they have some Magic Beans you could try!2018-01-18"May 17, 2019
bitcoingrowthfund.comListed on's badlist "Also Crypto AMC Ltd. A bit slow adding these, but they're here now. Stay clear of these serial crooks.2017-08-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhardware.orgListed on's badlist "Lies, lies, more lies, and some pictures of dubious kit. From a serial fraudster.2016-01-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhashingcloud.comListed on's badlist - 'a fake cloudmining site to miss. 5/3/14'Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhashltd.comListed on's badlist "Limited is right. Imaginary mining, the scale of which is limited only by your imagination!2017-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinholoca.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoinholoadacrap. Don't be a fool and believe this thief.2016-06-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhourly.clubListed on's badlist "Thanks to us, these scammers claim fewer victims every day. Heres another fraud.2017-02-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhourly.inListed on's badlist "In to a scammers wallet, and it ain't coming back.2016-02-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhours.bizListed on's badlist "They aren't kidding - You send bitcoin and it's theirs.2017-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhours.siteListed on's badlist "Another fake mining fraudster that has changed domain suffix, from .biz to .site. Right next to each other in our badlist though!2018-08-25"May 17, 2019
bitcoinhyip.altervista.orgListed on's badlist "Every site on here is a scam.2014-12-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhyip.bidListed on's badlist "You will feel so dumb if you end up sending bitcoin to this conman. Don't tell anybody, they will think you are dumb too.2018-03-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhyip.orgListed on's badlist "So many ways to lose your Bitcoin in one place - we're genuinely impressed. Stay away Folks.2014-05-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinhyipsmonitor.comListed on's badlist "Every link is a link to misfortune and thieves.2015-08-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoini.comListed on's badlist "Buy bitcoin with untraceable non refundable payment methods? Your Call.2015-05-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininsanity.comListed on's badlist "A good site that's gone bad. Don't send money here, it will disappear. Yet another BF Member - there's trust for you.2014-08-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininspire.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin to Paypal is not inspiration, it is folly. Don't risk it.2016-05-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininstant.clubListed on's badlist "Their scam has another domain. Same scam, new domain.2016-02-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininstant.netListed on's badlist "We instantly added this site, the instant we saw it, we knew instantly it was just a hyip/scam. watch it as it moves around a few domains.2016-01Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininstant.ukit.meListed on's badlist "Like making Instant Soup, but with Bitcoin apparently.2017-05-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininv.bizListed on's badlist "Another new bitcoin set up to steal your money.2015-01-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvest.ccListed on's badlist "So many fraudsters trying to steal your bitcoin. All the more reason to keep it safe.2018-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvest.coListed on's badlist "Another off the shelf multiplier scam.2016-05-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvest.euListed on's badlist "A hyip style scam, set up solely to steal from folk.2015-10-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvestclub.comListed on's badlist "A recurring theme from these scammers. I suppose Bitcoinscamclub doesn't have the same ring to it.2017-08-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvestment.ccListed on's badlist "You are fooling yourself when you allow these hyips to drag you in, the reality is, there are 99 losers for every gainer.2018-05-13"May 17, 2019
bitcoininvestment.tkListed on's badlist "More from the financial shitpit that is Hyip Frauds!2018-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvestmentfund.comListed on's badlist "Poorly pirated images etc. Avoid this obvious scamsite.2015-01-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvestmentsystem.comListed on's badlist "More diverse ways to get to the USI-Tech Ponzi Scam. More to come.2018-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoininvite.comListed on's badlist "A very slight variant on the bitcoin generator frauds. Don't send any bitcoin to these scammers, you won't get anything back.2018-08-20"May 17, 2019
bitcoinking.orgListed on's badlist "He's just a fraudster in a King suit. No doubt the Cowboy Outfit is in the wash. Bitcoin cannot double.2016-06-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinkings.ioListed on's badlist "Look, bitcoin does not have magical properties. These scams promise everything, but if you are dumb enough to send funds, you have sent them to aMay 17, 2019
bitcoinlabmining.comListed on's badlist "Another cloudmining site that makes no sense. Our advice is to ask for proof. No evidence - No investment. Simple.2014-12-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinland.bizListed on's badlist "This is a hyip. Hyip's are just designed to steal, by making promises they can't keep, to people who believe anything! You send Bitcoin, they keeBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoinland.proListed on's badlist "They even have a little graphic that shows you it's a ponzi. Sorry - this won't make you rich.2015-02-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinly.spaceListed on's badlist "Not a very good title, not a convincing fraud either.2017-11-11"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Another con-artist looking for a sucker.2015-08-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmaker.netListed on's badlist "You don't 'make' bitcoin, you Mine it. This is just a fraud to catch newbies.2017-02-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmany.comListed on's badlist "Looks like the hyip scammers are completely out of new ideas. More of the same old fraud format.2017-05-21"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "A pretty shoddy copy of the BitATT scam. You WILL get robbed here.2015-03-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmax.netListed on's badlist "Another Hyip/fraud trying to steal your bitcoin.2016-10-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmaxprofit.comListed on's badlist "Already outed as a scam. credit to Cryptocoinsnews, and we concur.2015-04-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmegapay.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin mega spiel. If you send bitcoin, don't hold your breath waiting for it to come back.2017-09-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmillionaire.todayListed on as Bitcoin Millionaire Today Scam on August 15, 2017Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmillions.coListed on's badlist "This is possibly the most implausible scam on the internet! That is some honour. We are talking caveman levels of dumb!2017-08-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinminegame.comListed on's badlist "Cute graphics suck people into trust where it isn't warranted. A cute ponzi fraud is still just a scam.2018-11-12"May 17, 2019
bitcoinminer365.ioListed on's badlist "What you mine here, doesn't come on a Blockchain, it comes in a Bucket!2018-06-02"May 17, 2019
bitcoinminerboosting.comListed on's badlist "Wondering what the payload is in that suspicious software? It isn't bitcoin mining for certain.2015-12-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinminerx.techListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot multiply, so this is another fraud added to our badlist.2017-02-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmining.meListed on's badlist "Nothing good about this site, not least the lack of SSL.2015-11-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinminingcloud.frListed on's badlist "There is no evidence of any mining kit or provenance. Be wary of this site. Don't be the one to discover it's bad.2014-06-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinminingplan.comListed on's badlist "Another hyip scam. Don't believe that these are even ponzi schemes, they aren't. They are just thieves who you will never trace.2018-08-30"May 17, 2019
bitcoinminingpros.comListed on's badlist "Why try to convince you that they are mining, when it is blatant hyip fraud! If you want to mine, visit our safe sites list.2017-10-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmir.comListed on's badlist "Matrix=Ponzi. Don't be fooled2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmoneymachine.coListed on as Bitcoin Money Machine Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmultiplier.netListed on's badlist "Yet another half arsed attempt at fraud.2016-08-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmultiplierx100.comListed on's badlist "If you think bitcoin can magically multiply x100, email me, I have some magic beans for sale.2015-05-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmultipling.comListed on's badlist "Wwttff jjuusstt hhaappeenneedd?? Mmuusstt bbee tthhiiss ddoouubblleerr ssccaamm.2017-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinmutualfund.netListed on's badlist "Hyip/Scam.2015-06-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinnetwork.idListed on's badlist "This serial scammer is now going after bitcoin. Tell him where to go.2016-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinonline24.comListed on's badlist "The 'Bitcoin Generator' fraud makes another appearance. 1. Never download silly software. 2. Never believe you will get rich without working for Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpalm.comListed on's badlist "Address in Tallin, phone number in UK, This STINKS!2014-03-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpapi.netListed on's badlist "Possibly the most juvenile attempt at fraud ever. Send bitcoin to an anonymous address on a half arsed promise. I despair for those who lose to tBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoinparadise.netListed on's badlist "Not Paradise, but you'll have Parrot Eyes when you realise you've been robbed.2016-06-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpartners.pwListed on's badlist "A russian ponzi site,like we need another ponzi.2015-03-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpokercheat.comListed on's badlist "Oh they cheat alright, don't be dumb enough to download from these scoundrels.2014-11-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpool.bizListed on's badlist "Scammers think that just putting the word Bitcoin in front, adds credibility - Just ask Roger Ver, he does it all the time.2017-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpopular.comListed on's badlist "This scam is about as popular as a cabbagey fart on the Space Station!2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpredict.orgListed on's badlist "it's a reincarnation of the Phishing scam - DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR DETAILS2014-04-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinprofit.beListed on's badlist "Don't be too hard on it, this is a first attempt at scamming, webdesign, and life in general for this dimwit thief.2018-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinprofit2.webnode.comListed on's badlist "Just don't send it eh. Only a fool sends bitcoin to a doubler scam.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinprofits.orgListed on's badlist "Nice try, but of course, it's just another ponzi/scam2015-12-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpuddle.comListed on's badlist "Payout issues from this PTC site.2015-06-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinpurple.comListed on's badlist "Weird? Believe me, we find these hyip themes as weird as you do. The intent is always the same though, to persuade you to be stupid.2017-06-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinqrcodegenerator.winListed on's badlist "Oh what a sneaky simple little scam! It generates you a QR code for their own wallet, not yours!2018-09-11"May 17, 2019
bitcoinquadrupler.gqListed on's badlist "It's all lies folks. Bitcoin doesn't multiply, and if this was an honest ponzi (it isn't) it would be 4:1+Rake, and so a Red or Black Roulette beMay 17, 2019
bitcoinr.onlineListed on's badlist "The proliferate 'Bitcoin Generator' scam. Don't bother eh.2017-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinrain.netListed on's badlist "Is rain normally yellow? So what's that coming down on you from this ponzi thief.2017-06-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinrevolution.bizListed on's badlist "Of course it's a scam - what do you think? Do you think they would need your money if they could multiply their own. Wise up people.2015-05-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinrightway.comListed on's badlist "The first new scam doubler of 2015. There will be many more.2015-01-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinrigs.orgListed on's badlist "As a throwback to, we can see your future if you are dumb enough to believe this insecure site.2017-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinrise.usListed on's badlist "You WILL feel very very stupid if you fall for this simplistic fraud, so don't.2016-11-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoins-generator.onlineListed on's badlist "All these 'bitcoin generators' do, is show you numbers that make you dribble, and then persuade you to send bitcoin, to get the non-existent bitcBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoins-grow.comListed on's badlist "No, bitcoin does not grow. It's bitcoin, not a fkn Tamagochi.2018-12-30"May 17, 2019
bitcoins-grow100x.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoins grow 100x? Not in this World they don't! Please don't lose your bitcoin to such a simple fraud as this.2018-08-11"May 17, 2019
bitcoins-mlt.comListed on's badlist "Multiplier your bitcoins Did this thief go to school?2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoins-multiply.comListed on's badlist "No, they don't. They don't multiply, they can't. Just lies to get you to send yours.2018-06-04"May 17, 2019
bitcoins-multiply100x.comListed on's badlist "Ludicrous. Bitcoin can't multiply once, let alone 100x. Put it this way, if they could multiply, they would be absolutely worthless.2018-09-01"May 17, 2019
bitcoins-network.comListed on's badlist "They must have a Chinese Dictionary. Network=Theft in this instance.2017-01-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoins-to-cash.comListed on's badlist "What have we told you about PayPal and Bitcoin? That's right, they don't mix - Scams love PayPal 'gift' payments and other unrefundable processorBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoins.workListed on's badlist "Well, as long as you don't send them to this ponzi scam they might.2016-02-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoins77.comListed on for Not Paying. This faucet exceeded it's safety limits! on 05/22/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsa.bizListed on's badlist "So many frauds come via Malaysia, and here's another one. Dimond plan anyone?2017-01-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsa.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoins Air - Which is why you can't see it.2017-09-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsafeinvestment.comListed on's badlist "It isn't safe, and it isn't an investment. That really doesn't leave much.2018-10-17"May 17, 2019
bitcoinsaotearoa.comListed on's badlist "A curious title, and under the bonnet, just a ponzi/matrix scam. They soon fail.2017-11-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsatoshis.wix.comListed on's badlist "Exchange Paypal a Btc PayPal and Wix - This is a first. What could possibly go wrong? Just Don't.2015-06-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsave.netListed on's badlist "Save your bitcoin, this is a Hyip/Scam2015-06-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsbrain.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoinsbrain as your title, when you have a cheesier than Brie scamsite? yeah, fucking genius.2017-05-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinscammer.comListed on's badlist "The irony. This is a Moriarty Site, one of the worst scammers. Anything on this site is complete bollocks.2014-08-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinscashout.comListed on's badlist "Another stupid way to attempt to exchange bitcoin! Stick with the big exchanges, and if you have to launder bitcoin - tough.2017-03-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsdouble.comListed on's badlist "But only if you mine more, buy more, or earn more. This is just another fraudster.2016-05-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsdouble.inListed on's badlist "The latest in a long line of doubler scams. I'll tell you what, give me your iphone, and I'll give you 2 back tomorrow. That's how ridiculous it Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsdouble.orgListed on's badlist "No they don't. The thief just can't believe that all he had to do was lie to you!2017-01-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsearners.comListed on's badlist "Another ponzi based on the MMM 'Donation' model. Don't be a sucker - everybody loses.2017-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsecret.onlineListed on's badlist "Shall we tell you tell you the secret, or do you want to find out the hard way?2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsfactory.comListed on for Not Paying on 5/2/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsformula.comListed on's badlist "Formulaic is about right. Belief in always profitable bots is like Faith - You have to ignore blatant truth.2018-06-08"May 17, 2019
bitcoinside.comListed on's badlist "Don't risk it. You don't need to, there are plenty of legit exchanges.2016-03-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsimpleListed on's badlist "also on Twitter as @BitcoinSimple. This is an obvious Ponzi. Don't be a sucker.2014-05-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsimpletradebot.comListed on's badlist "The site is currently down. Hope it stays down - don't download this potential malware.2014-07-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsinternationalcapital.comListed on's badlist "Don't you just hate long names for websites. This is almost a record. Anyway, it's just a shit scam.2017-02-25"Before May 17, 2019
BitcoinSlip.comListed on Tips From Lori on Lori's Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites page. Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinslo.comListed on's badlist "Another scam bitcoin multiplier to add to the badlist.2014-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsnarks.mlListed on's badlist "A weebly hosted website, with a desire to steal your bitcoin. Fortunately, if you know what you private key is, then you are clever enough, to neBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoinsonsteroids.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin doesn't need steroids, and even less, ponzi frauds!2017-01-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsprofits.comListed on's badlist "Trading robots making you rich. If you believe that, you'll believe anything this thief tells you.2016-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsquare.pwListed on's badlist "This isn't square - This is Pyramid shaped, like all ponzi scams.2018-07-08"May 17, 2019
bitcoinstep.comListed on's badlist "Best advice is to step over this one, and just keep going.2016-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinstock.netListed on's badlist "Essential for making a complete stew out of your bitcoin.2017-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinstripler.gaListed on's badlist "Since every doubler is just a thief, we'll leave YOU to work out what a 'tripler' might be.2017-04-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinstwo.comListed on's badlist "Looks like they ripped off somebody elses coindoubler scam to make this one.2017-01-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsupplychain.comListed on's badlist "A really really rubbish little hyip/fraud.2016-07-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsurf.orgListed on's badlist "It's a ponzi so don't get sucked in.2016-02-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsvListed on's badlist "AKA BitcoinCashSV. BcashSV BCHSV. The SV is for Satoshis Vision. It should be named BitcoinDS, for the deluded satoshi that is Craig Wright. SatoMay 17, 2019
bitcoinswealthclub.comListed on's badlist "This site is going to send you to a load of places that will lose you money and bitcoin, but make a lot in referral income for this sites admin. Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsx2.comListed on's badlist "The classic scam doubler which of course doesn't, it just steals like all these ponzi's.2016-01-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinsyield.comListed on's badlist "Not much you can say about this fraud. Unimaginitive maybe?2016-06-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointask.comListed on's badlist "Our bitcoin task, is to clear our inbox by listing all these scams before Christmas Day, including this one!2016-12-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointhief.usListed on's badlist "If this crook has taken your bitcoin, and sent nothing, you kind of deserve it.2016-06-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointimes.netListed on's badlist "Read all about it! is a scamsite - Headline news!2017-06-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointoolmining.comListed on's badlist "The bitcoin generator fraud appears yet again. If these sites had sounds, they would just laugh at you.2018-10-22"May 17, 2019
bitcointopalListed on's badlist "(See"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointrader.coListed on as BITCOIN TRADER SCAM - September 2017Before May 17, 2019
bitcointraderobot.comListed on's badlist "Wonderful software. If you have sound turned up, it may even swear at you. A quick and convenient way to lose all your bitcoin.2018-02-27"May 17, 2019
bitcointraders.inListed on's badlist "Bitcoin raiders, not traders. It's a scam of course.2015-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointradersclub.comListed on's badlist "Multi matrices just break this ponzi scam into believable chunks. Don't.2017-07-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointradersclub.netListed on's badlist "The same fraud that was on the dot com domain. Thanks to a contributor for this update.2017-08-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointraderspro.comListed on's badlist "Look, if anybody ever does develop a trading bot that wins all the time, you won't be getting a slice. That is why all these 100% success bots arBefore May 17, 2019
bitcointradingltd.comListed on's badlist "Yet another poxy hyip/scam after your bitcoin.2015-02-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcointradingworld.comListed on's badlist "(see"May 17, 2019
bitcointransfer.meListed on's badlist "If we have told you once, we have told you a thousand times. DO NOT exchange Bitcoin using PayPal - YOU WILL get robbed. Any exchange offering thBefore May 17, 2019
bitcointripleplay.comListed on's badlist "An MLM with no product - So that's a ponzi Scam then.2017-12-13"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "(not to be confused with the legitimate stay well clear. From the scammer who brought you ''2014-12-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinuniversal.orgListed on's badlist "This hyip/scam is only in Spanish so far, but it will no doubt appear in a language near you soon.2017-03-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinupgrader.tkListed on's badlist "Deja Vu? No, it's that damn "bitatt" scam again. This code is openly sold, and many little thieves try it.2015-08-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinvanitygen.comListed on's badlist "Many people saying this site has stolen their coins. It appears they keep a spare set of keys to your wallet. If you use one of these addresses, Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinvest.clickListed on's badlist "Not the Wall St of Bitcoin, the Brick Wall of Ponzi. Don't get suckered by a doubler scam ffs!2018-05-21"May 17, 2019
bitcoinvest.deListed on's badlist "This is about as vague as supposed mining gets. Ask for evidence. No Proof = No Mining.2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinvestdouble.comListed on's badlist "Surely nobody would still fall for a doubler fraud? Don't let it be you.2017-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinveste.comListed on's badlist "If bitcoin could double, there would be no point to bitcoin. These 2x scams are run by thieves, looking for the idiots amongst you.2017-10-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinware.shopListed on's badlist "To be honest, any store claiming to have any Crypto Mining Equipment in stock, is pushing credibility. Not real - sorry.2017-12-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinwave.netListed on's badlist "This one has just appeared and ticks all the wrong boxes. It has all the elements of the classic ponzi - tell us if you have lost btc to this pleBefore May 17, 2019
bitcoinwin.000webhostapp.comListed on's badlist "This scamsite regularly changes name, and host, but always the same B.W. look.2017-02-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinworker.dkListed on's badlist "Stay very well clear of this shitpile. It will direct you to (already listed) and also launch coinhive! That is as many bad things Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoinworld.netListed on's badlist - 'It's like google has translated swahili into urdu into english. So hopefully that is enough to warn you away from this fraud.'Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinworldclass.comListed on's badlist "OK Class, the lesson today is "How to spot a fraud", this is what a fraud looks like!2018-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinx10.yolasite.comListed on's badlist "Dirty deeds done cheap. Freehosted fraud.2016-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinx2.fundListed on's badlist "Every bitcoin doubler is simply a thief with a webpage. If you are dumb enough to send bitcoin, it's your own greedy fault.2018-02-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinx2.proListed on's badlist "Putting the word Pro at the end, still can't make Bitcoin double or multiply. Send it and lose it.2018-03-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinx2doubleru.ruListed on's badlist "Send your bitcoin, but if you expect it back, you will be disappointed.2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
Bitcoinx3.blogspotListed on's badlist - 'The 'bitatt' scamcode on a google hosted blog domain. Tut tut. 2/29/16'Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinx3.blogspot.comListed on's badlist "The 'bitatt' scamcode on a google hosted blog domain. Tut tut.2016-02-29"May 17, 2019
bitcoinx3.mlListed on's badlist "A confusingly titled bitcoin doubler scam. Maths is clearly not this thiefs strongpoint.2017-02-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinxcash.comListed on's badlist "The latest fake Exchange to hit the Cryptocurrency space. Don't be fooled by this pretty convincing fraudsite.2018-07-11"May 17, 2019
bitcoinxl.orgListed on's badlist "If you believe this, you will believe anything, and you really aren't safe on the Internet!2017-08-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoinyes.pwListed on's badlist "If you want to give money to a thief, we can't stop you, but having read this, you will feel very very silly when you don't get it back.2016-11-0Before May 17, 2019
bitcolesium.comListed on's badlist "Sounds like something you should take for Indigestion, but no, it's just another fkn hyip/scam.2017-06-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitcomania.bizListed on's badlist "It's like Deja Vu - all these doubler scams are so similar.2015-02-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcomet.bizListed on's badlist "Possibly, the slowest loading scam in the history of scams. Dreadful - Pay for hosting cheapskate!2017-05-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcomin.comListed on's badlist "Pay them 3k to then install fakeware. You must be joking. Please don't fall for this dodgier than usual scheme.2014-08-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitcomine.comListed on's badlist "A blatant fake mining scam. Don't believe a syllable.2016-05-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcomine.netListed on's badlist "All very cute, right up until the site disappears with all the bitcoin.2017-08-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcominer.comListed on's badlist "From people who wouldn't know a miner if they tripped over one.2016-06-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcompany.ccListed on's badlist "Some company, you don't want to be seen with. People may think you are a thief as well.2017-03-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcompany.ioListed on's badlist "Yeah, a 'Two Bit' company. Just a hyip/scam making impossible promises. Lying basically.2017-04-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcompound.ioListed on for Not Paying on 04/22/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitconary.comListed on's badlist "We can't just call it BitCon, it's too obvious Igor?' 'OK Dimitri, put ary on the end, bitconary lol'2016-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitconcept.bizListed on's badlist "The aim of this hyip/scam site, is to steal your bitcoin. Nothing more, nothing less. It's what all hyip's do.2017-09-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitcone.netListed on's badlist "300% in a month - Yeah right. At somebody's expense.2015-03-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitconics.comListed on's badlist "When the site is reachable, you'll find it's just another poxy fraud.2016-06-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitconnect.coListed on's badlist "We were watching to see how this played out, and it has played out to be just another ponzi fraud. 6/3/16 *update* Now moving to an MMM style LenBefore May 17, 2019
bitconnectcash.ioListed on's badlist "Let's get this Ponzi started WooHoo - Quick, put your Mothers life savings in while you can!! Don't be that Idiot.2018-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitconnectx.coListed on's badlist "Not the most confidence inspiring title, and then the roadmap that says they will keep whatever isn't sold in order to dump (sorry meant to say pBefore May 17, 2019
bitcontract.ccListed on's badlist "As contracts go, this one is bit shit. You send bitcoin, and they keep it for themselves. That really is a bit shit.2018-06-05"May 17, 2019
bitcopays.comListed on's badlist "These hyips are coming daily now. They steal a lot of money, and fools keep thinking they can beat the scammer.2015-01-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitcopier.comListed on's badlist "It's all done with mirrors...2017-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoprofits.comListed on's badlist "This prolific scam source will soon have used up every spare bitcoin related domain name for a scam. Here's another gone.2017-02-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitcore.ccListed on's badlist "BTX? Don't be a nugget and send your bitcoin here. You will almost certainly lose it all.2017-10-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitcoremining.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin mining has never been simplier English not being the first language of this dodgy (reseller?) site.2016-04-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitcorp.bzListed on's badlist "Another dodgy doubler to tempt newbies. Don't get sucked in - you'll inevitably lose.2016-10-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcosmos.bizListed on's badlist "They wanted, but another scam has already nabbed that domain. Competition amongst thieves.2017-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitcosmos.comListed on's badlist "More people who have absolutely no idea what they are blagging. A fake mining fraud.2016-09-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitcown.comListed on's badlist "A faucet, that won't let you withdraw unless you 'upgrade' is not a faucet, it is a thief. Bitclown!2017-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitcreative.bizListed on's badlist "Creative, is getting a box of crayons, and drawing pictures of bitcoin all around the walls of your padded cell. This is theft, and not even creaMay 17, 2019
bitcruiser.proListed on's badlist "Cutesy cartoon graphics, and a pack of lies do not constitute an investment opportunity. Just a Ponzi!2018-03-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitctradingltd.netListed on's badlist "You shouldn't even have to ask about this shambles of a fraud.2016-12-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitcurex.euListed on's badlist "This isn't the real Bitcurex Exchange - Stay Clear.2014-03-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitcurr.topListed on's badlist "We shouldn't even list this, we should just let you send your money and lose it, since you want to be a hyip thief as well! Go on, face jail.2017Before May 17, 2019
bitcy.bizListed on's badlist "When you start to explore the bitcoin arena, you will see many sites offering you unimaginable wealth. 99% of them are frauds, 1% are typo's.2017Before May 17, 2019
bitcycle.netListed on's badlist "It tells you it's a ponzi - To lull you into a false sense of insight, what it doesn't tell you is that they will probably run off with your Btc Before May 17, 2019
bitcycler.comListed on's badlist "A ponzi that claims it is sustainable. You need a limitless supply of suckers to make a ponzi sustainable.2017-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitcyne.comListed on's badlist "Some sites make you want to swear a lot. This site makes me want to swear a lot. Fake Mining anyway.2018-08-19"May 17, 2019
bitdatatrading.bizListed on's badlist "Fake Investment. This ponzi fraudster also has no idea how stupid it is to put 'Middlesborough' as a trusted business address.2018-05-09"May 17, 2019
bitdaxglobal.comListed on's badlist "It almost sounds plausible - but we will assure you that it isn't. It's just aimed at building a large 100 days worth of depositors funds, beforeMay 17, 2019
bitday.bizListed on's badlist "This is just a hyip/fraud from these persistent thieves. Don't get suckered by this.2016-09-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitdays.comListed on's badlist "This fake exchange has already claimed victims. Stay clear.2015-12-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitde.xyzListed on's badlist "Don't give your details to this unsecured Romanian info' stealing site.2015-11-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitdedi.comListed on's badlist "Nothing checks out around this operation.2014-07-29"Before May 17, 2019
Bitdeep.biListed on -?"Deep? This scam is shallow enough to paddle in. Don't get suckered folks. 10/5/17"Before May 17, 2019
bitdeep.bizListed on's badlist "Deep? This scam is shallow enough to paddle in. Don't get suckered folks.2017-10-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitdeposit.bizListed on's badlist "Fakery, lies and spiel a'plenty. Unless you want to lose your funds, stay clear of this scam.2016-07-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitdesire.itListed on for Not Paying on 01/06/2018.Before May 17, 2019
bitdetector.bizListed on's badlist "We had our detectors, call their detectors, and detected a scam!2017-10-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitdig.netListed on's badlist "More mining themed scams from these hyip scumbags.2017-05-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitdigital.xyzListed on's badlist "ALL bitcoin doublers are thieves with a website. Bitcoin CANNOT double.2017-12-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitdistribution.comListed on's badlist "You may convince yourself that these hyip scam sites really pay, but our reports inbox tells a different story. Don't fall for these ridiculous bBefore May 17, 2019
bitdividends.orgListed on's badlist "Completely outlandish claims of returns from this ponzi - This is classic scammery.2018-04-03"May 17, 2019
bitdonar.comListed on's badlist "Take an illiterate, ask them to design a scam based on the MMM ponzi, and this is what you end up with. If you fall for this, there is no redemptBefore May 17, 2019
bitdonix.comListed on's badlist "The term donate should warn you. Don't expect anything in return - after all, you did 'donate' it.2016-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitdoubl.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. If you think it can, then go ahead, find out the hard way.2017-10-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitdouble.usListed on's badlist "Another nugget claiming to double your bitcoin.2016-06-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitdouble.winListed on's badlist "If there was a .lose domain, it would be Bitdouble.lose!2017-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitdouble.xlx.plListed on's badlist "By now, you must have learned that all coin doublers are just straight theft. You lose your deposit.2016-07-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitdoubler.netListed on's badlist "We thought it had gone - This is a daft Ponzi and we don't know of anybody getting paid out.2014-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitdoubler.vipListed on's badlist "Lies, fraud and theft. Did we miss anything?2017-05-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitdragon.ltdListed on's badlist "Yet another hyip scammer trying to lure you into being dumb! Don't believe theives please, they lie.2017-10-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitdual.comListed on's badlist "Unlimited earnings - right up until the ponzi hits the brick wall, or the admin steals everbodys bitcoin.2014-12-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitdual.netListed on's badlist "Links you to a scam Blockchain site another scam Bitcoin Doubler. Sigh.2014-08-07"Before May 17, 2019
biteacoin.comListed on's badlist "A bitcoin multiplier system. Most people would just call it what it is, a Ponzi Scam! These are never even proper ponzi's.2017-10-17"Before May 17, 2019
biteagle.ioListed on's badlist "Ridiculous offers should be seen for what they are - Just lies. These returns are always impossible, but are just to tempt you.2018-07-20"May 17, 2019
bitearn.orgListed on's badlist "Revshare is rarely what it says. This is just another ponzi, like most of these 'revshare' outfits.2017-03-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitearners.clubListed on's badlist "Another hyip scam that has recycled istself for a changed domain. You will see near exact copies of this scam on different domains.2018-07-14"May 17, 2019
bitearnforex.comListed on's badlist "Why not just call it For-ex-bitcoin-choose-us.con It is just a fraud after all.2017-07-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bitecfuture.comListed on's badlist "Yet another hyip/scam. Another spoof UK Company, and another load of victims.2017-04-17"Before May 17, 2019
biteden.bizListed on's badlist "These hyip frauds are not unique to bitcoin. They will steal anything that they can persuade people to send. Just a thief with a webpage.2017-09-Before May 17, 2019
biteer.bizListed on's badlist "Bitnaff as well. Another rubbish example of fake mining.2017-01-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitelite.bizListed on's badlist "It reads like a Slimmers SnackFood - They needed the hyphen. Just a hyip scammer.2018-04-27"May 17, 2019
bitelleruk.comListed on's badlist "This will try to suck you in to the Bit Monster/Bit Monstar Ponzi.2017-05-04"Before May 17, 2019
biteminer.comListed on's badlist "Yeah, right in that miners arse.2016-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitempire.bizListed on's badlist "Bit hard, to build a Bit Empire by stealing funds, and going to jail - just saying.2017-09-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitenlarge.comListed on's badlist "Enlarge your bits. Sounds rude, but it's just a scam.2016-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
biter365.bizListed on's badlist "Experienced traders blah de blah.. all the usual shite from this hyip.2017-01-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitera.bizListed on's badlist "All the usual lies and deception from this hyip/fraud.2016-02-20"Before May 17, 2019
biteroi.comListed on's badlist "It's just another hyip fraudster - don't become his victim, don't get fooled into this fake.2018-07-02"May 17, 2019
biterx2.comListed on's badlist "All coin multipliers are run by thieves. All depositors lose. There are no exceptions.2016-10-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitery.ioListed on's badlist "An odd title to this doubler scam. Doublers just steal your funds to pay for ads, so they can attract that big sucker.2017-01-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitex-ltd.comListed on's badlist "If this page simply said "Send your bitcoin to me and I will keep it, thanks" would you still be dumb enough to send it? Sadly, some of you wouldBefore May 17, 2019
bitexch.comListed on's badlist "We are receiving complaints about this new russian site not doing what it claims. Lack of SSL/https is a big red flag.2015-04-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitexchanges.comListed on's badlist "If you use PayPal to buy or sell bitcoin, you have no buyer protection, and you will get robbed. Everybody does.2017-07-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitexcoins.comListed on's badlist "The clue is in the site title. Another PayPal/Bitcoin screw-up of a fake exchange.2016-09-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitexcon.comListed on's badlist "If the name isn't enough to scare you, will the fact that this is a fraud?2016-07-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitexplosion.ioListed on's badlist "Exploding bitcoin? That doesn't sound safe, beside which, it is a basic fraud.2017-06-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitexpo.xyzListed on's badlist "you can't doublespend bitcoin. Anybody who says you can is either a genius or a liar. Guess which this is?2017-02-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitfactory.coListed on's badlist "Just another ponzi, along the same lines as ore-mine, chicken-coins etc.2015-11-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitfalcon.ioListed on's badlist "Another Telegram scam. Telegram is fast becoming the platform of choice for the trendy scammer, dumb though, as hardly anybody on Telegram has anMay 17, 2019
bitfast.orgListed on's badlist "A bit too fast. Avoid this thief and his pathetic fraud attempt.2016-06-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitfastpay.comListed on's badlist "It even tells you it's a hyip, so expect to lose everything you send.2016-03-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitfaucet.orgListed on's badlist "A great site - if you never want to /be paid out. However, if you DO want to be paid out, this isn't the TC site for you.2014-08-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitferno-finance.comListed on's badlist "So, you send Bitcoin to a scam site called Bitferno, and you wonder why you just got burned?2018-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitferraira.netListed on's badlist "Utter fantasy. Don't get sucked into a fraud by a photo of a shiny red car ffs!2017-07-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitfin.bizListed on's badlist "Aka Bitcoin Financial Ltd. Just more kaka from the hyip/fraud thieves.2016-08-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitfinan.comListed on's badlist "If you send bitcoin to this site, or any other site offering 22% a day, you will lose your bitcoin. It isn't hard to understand surely?2017-07-05Before May 17, 2019
bitfinancial.ioListed on's badlist "Rubbish, it isn't even a little bit financial. It's just a bitcoin thief.2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitfine.bizListed on's badlist "Bitrubbish would be a much better title. Look, these crooks go to the extent of registering a fake UK Company, and that isn't because they are hoBefore May 17, 2019
bitfinest.comListed on's badlist "We'll match their 100% guarantee with our own 100% guarantee that this is just another scammer.2016-09-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitfinexindia.comListed on's badlist "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit! This convoluted complex operation is hiding, that the engine is in fact missBefore May 17, 2019
bitfinity.ioListed on's badlist "Another straight off the shelf Hyip/Scam - Crypto themed. It doesn't matter what you send, you'll probably lose it all.2018-06-01"May 17, 2019
bitfire-mining.comListed on's badlist "Nice site title, but sadly just a hyip. A fake investment programme - They don't even know what a mining controller is!2017-05-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitflame.ioListed on's badlist "Just a pack of lies. This scammer wouldn't know a mining rig if you slapped him with it.2016-01-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitflare.ioListed on's badlist "A brand new, but very buggy fake mining fraud. Hopefully it won't fool you clever readers eh?2017-04-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitflash.ccListed on's badlist "Actually, not even remotely flash. Just a poxy little shyster with a hyip website.2017-07-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitflash.onlineListed on's badlist "An old closed down hyip scam, relaunched on a fresh domain. If you send funds to a hyip thief - you lose them - it isn't science.2018-03-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitfluence.netListed on's badlist "Skilled Traders is another common bit of spiel. There are no skilled traders, there is no business behind this, it is just a scripted fraud.2018-Before May 17, 2019
bitflur.comListed on's badlist "Lots of bs surrounding this site. Paxful was already bad enough. Never ever ever trust any site that sells or buys bitcoin using yours or their PBefore May 17, 2019
bitfog.ioListed on's badlist "Fog, smoke and mirrors, yes it's all here.2016-05-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitforx.comListed on's badlist "If only bitcoin mining were this profitable - It isn't though, which makes this a scam.2017-11-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitfund4u.bizListed on's badlist "You see all those happy smiley people on the images - well you won't look like that. You will look 'suckered'2017-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitfxcoin.netListed on's badlist "20% hourly - Well, if you are going to lie, better make it a doozy.2017-05-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitgadget.netListed on's badlist "If you have downloaded that file, then your computer is toast. Sorry.2016-08-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitgain.coListed on's badlist "This thief gains, but you just lose your bitcoin, like with all these multiplier scams.2016-06-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitgainex.comListed on's badlist "Are you tempted? Don't be tempted, it's all just spiel.2018-08-23"May 17, 2019
bitgamepro.comListed on's badlist "What a complete load of drivel. A complete fail of a ponzi attempt.2017-01-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitgarden.bizListed on's badlist "Just pause for a moment, and really really consider what you are doing. Bitcoin doesn't grow. This is a thief.2017-05-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitgate.bizListed on's badlist "Nothing like a Stargate, pass through this one and all you'll find on the other side is tumbleweed and an IOU from a missing thief.2017-08-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitgen.proListed on's badlist "Oh, it's a bitcoin exploit kit alright, but you are the one being exploited. Don't be a mug.2017-04-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitgener.comListed on's badlist "The scam that appears on any spare domain - Don't be foolish enough to send any Bitcoin.2018-05-23"May 17, 2019
bitgenerator.proListed on's badlist "If you send any bitcoin, you will never ever see it again. It is that simple.2018-08-13"May 17, 2019
bitgenesis.bizListed on's badlist "This is about the least effort you can put in to designing an online fraud. Incredibly, there will probably still be a few victims.2017-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitgenpool.cfListed on's badlist "You can mine (not generate) bitcoin, with an Antminer S9, but that will cost you thousands of dollars! This site though, is a scam.2017-07-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitgenx.proListed on's badlist "There are no Bitcoin exploits - The only thing being exploited, is your naivety.2018-02-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitget.inListed on's badlist "They want your bitcoin, and they won't give it back. Another scam multiplier.2015-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitglobalbank.comListed on's badlist "And This 'site linking' is the new method that fraudsters are deploying to add credibility. Stay clear of these frauds.2016-12-2Before May 17, 2019
bitglobalpay.comListed on's badlist "And This 'site linking' is the new method that fraudsters are deploying to add credibility. Stay clear of these frauds.2016-12-Before May 17, 2019
bitgo.proListed on's badlist "Love it when they use 'pro' in the title. Is there a professional way to become a victim of fraud? Send answers on the back of a bitcoin to...201Before May 17, 2019
bitgoldenday.bizListed on's badlist "If you send your bitcoin here, it won't be a golden day that you are having, it will be a bitcoin losing day.2017-07-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitgrab.bizListed on's badlist "If you send bitcoin, to a site calling itself 'Bitgrab' then you are beyond any help.2016-06-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitgrabber.onlineListed on's badlist "Currently the 'bitcoin generator' scam, but others may appear on this domain.2017-04-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitgrana.comListed on's badlist "So far this hyip fraud is only in Portuguese. One aimed at the SA market.2017-01-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitgreen.bizListed on's badlist "In the case of this fake investment - Green, means Naive.2017-08-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitgroup.tradeListed on's badlist "This is what websites looked like in the days of Netscape! 3rd World Fraud eh.2018-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitgrow.bizListed on's badlist "So how do you suppose they do that? Please sharpen up people, bitcoin is a P2P store of value, not magic Beanz!2017-05-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitgrowup.comListed on's badlist "Ruthless thieves, and already claiming victims! Stay away from this scam.2017-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitguardian.ioListed on's badlist "The title says safe. The content though is pure unfiltered bullshit. Don't be robbed by this petty crook.2017-07-11"Before May 17, 2019
bith.ioListed on's badlist "Bithour, the new fake mining kidder on the block, or off his block in this case.2017-02-08"Before May 17, 2019
bithammer.bizListed on's badlist "just before you get too excited, and start jumping around singing 'hammer time' you need to know that this is just a hyip/scam. You lose what youBefore May 17, 2019
bithardware.netListed on's badlist "Don't hold your breath waiting for kit from this faker! Use Aliexpress or similar, and check reputation!2017-08-02"Before May 17, 2019
bithash.cloudListed on's badlist "There is no mining to be seen here - move along please folks.2017-03-10"Before May 17, 2019
bithash.techListed on's badlist "More fake mining. If you are new to bitcoin, better to learn much more before you try out mining contracts.2017-04-06"Before May 17, 2019
bithash24.comListed on's badlist "Yet another ponzi scheme. Every bitcoin ponzi involves the admin running off with a pot of your bitcoin. Why be a mug?2017-11-03"Before May 17, 2019
bithasher.bizListed on's badlist "Another fraud that can't make it's mind up what it is lying about doing with your funds. Wise up people.2017-02-18"Before May 17, 2019
bithashing.netListed on's badlist "There are loads of similar frauds to this one out there, they are called hyips, and they fool you into believing their bs. Not us though.2017-08-Before May 17, 2019
bithashkey.comListed on's badlist "Like we need another fake Exchange! Stick with the few safe exchanges, it is worth it.2018-02-06"Before May 17, 2019
bithaul.netListed on's badlist "If you send your bitcoin to a site called Bithaul, you almost deserve to lose it.2017-09-07"Before May 17, 2019
bithexchange.comListed on's badlist "A fake Exchange. Prices that are so far removed from reality, they will only fool fools!2018-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitholder.ioListed on's badlist "Not somewhere to put your screwdrivers, somewhere to get screwed.2018-03-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitholding.netListed on's badlist "They'll be holding your bits a bit longer than you may expect. Don't hold your breath.2017-01-31"Before May 17, 2019
bithome.coListed on's badlist "Bitcoin Rule 1. Don't buy bitcoin from any illiterate exchange.2015-11-20"Before May 17, 2019
bithonest.bizListed on's badlist "Move domain, leave a load of losers, rinse and repeat. We hate thieves like this.2017-06-09"Before May 17, 2019
bithonest.comListed on's badlist "In actuality, not even a grain of honesty. Just a thief with a cheap domain.2016-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
bithourly.netListed on's badlist "How did this domain slip past. Of course it's just a scam.2016-01-31"Before May 17, 2019
bithuz.comListed on's badlist "Another scam from Eastern Europe. Don't lose your Btc trying.2014-12-14"Before May 17, 2019
biticash.comListed on's badlist "Another off the shelf hyip/scam. Why not just burn your money, at least it was your choice.2017-01-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitiday.comListed on's badlist "3% per day gives them a good run of collecting bitcoin before a single person even has their capital back. Then they are gone.2016-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitiel.ccListed on's badlist "Like the world really needs another hyip/scam, but here's another one anyway!2017-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitimperial.comListed on's badlist "I had to spit it out. It didn't taste of mint at all.2016-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitin.ccListed on's badlist "It's the fake exchange on a new domain.2015-10-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitin.coListed on's badlist "Bad reports about this supposed exchange. People getting robbed. Anyway, why would a california company run their site from Russia?2015-03-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitincome.ioListed on's badlist "A fake mining theme from this hyip fraud. Don't kid yourselves, it's all lies.2017-09-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitinstan.comListed on's badlist "Not a typo, but it is a scam.2016-05-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitinterest.netListed on's badlist "The only interest from this scammer, is his interest in stealing your bitcoin from you.2017-08-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitinvest.coListed on's badlist "lets just move this fraud from a dot com to a dot co, and hope nobody notices. WE noticed.2016-09-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitinvester.comListed on's badlist "Should you trust any investment that cannot spell 'Investor' No.2016-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitio.ccListed on's badlist "A page full of words that try to convince you that this has something under the bonnet. Just a hyip/scam.2017-06-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitio.clubListed on's badlist "This scam will keep appearing on similar domains, and we'll try to keep up with it.2017-06-30"Before May 17, 2019
BitiplyListed on's badlist - 'Started life on tor, watch out for this 12/4/14'Before May 17, 2019
BitiplynyListed on's badlist - 'Started life on tor, watch out for this 12/4/14'Before May 17, 2019
bitisland.bizListed on's badlist "This island with all the bitcoin on it, can be found next to that island with all the pens on it. In LaLa Land.2017-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitjam.bizListed on's badlist "They have one plan, and that plan is to keep any bitcoin that anybody is dumb enough to send to them.2016-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitjamtrading.comListed on's badlist "Seems to be a Jam theme going on from one set of fraudsters. A bit odd.2016-12-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitjewel.bizListed on's badlist "At least it is a different theme than gold and oil - still just a fraud though.2016-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitjuk.comListed on's badlist "If this fake exchange was selling Red Flags, it would still be stealing. NEVER buy or sell bitcoin with Paypal or unrefundable means.2017-12-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitkeeper.xyzListed on's badlist "Well, the clue is in the title, you can't say they didn't warn you.2017-01-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitkingdom.orgListed on's badlist "Now they have SSL (July 16) but they are still just another ponzi fraud, MMM stylee!2015-12-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitkings.tradeListed on's badlist "King? In your dreams you pathetic pointless wannabe fraudster.2016-07-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitknock.comListed on's badlist "Also This hyip/fake mining operator stems from the 'Kipisa' ponzi fraud - no surprises.2015-11-02"Before May 17, 2019
Bitknock.orgListed on's badlist - 'This hyip/fake mining operator stems from the 'Kipisa' ponzi fraud - no surprises. 11/2/15'Before May 17, 2019
bitkush.bizListed on's badlist "The title should tell you what they intend to spend your bitcoin on. Don't send bitcoin to these frauds!2017-05-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitlack.comListed on's badlist "Is undoubtedly a scam. Just stay clear, they just wait for the big mug to come along.2014-06-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitlake.bizListed on's badlist "Why would you throw your bitcoin into this muddy puddle of a hyip scam? Please don't.2017-08-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitlandis.comListed on's badlist "Outlandish! Wild claims, not backed by realities. Just your typical Internet Ponzi.2018-03-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitlap.ioListed on's badlist "Fake bitcoin mining at it's most basic. It is just a ponzi, and you will get scammed.2017-05-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitlaunder.comListed on's badlist "(Dr Michael Moriarty)2017-05-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitle.bizListed on's badlist "This hyip will bitle you right in your bitcoin wallet.2016-05-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitleader.bizListed on's badlist "Follow this leader off a cliff. A Hyip/Ponzi/Fraud2016-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitleague.netListed on's badlist "Yeah right. Just another hyip/scam. Please learn Maths!2017-03-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitlendo.ioListed on's badlist "A thinly disguised ponzi fraud. Never a lender or borrower be!2018-08-29"May 17, 2019
bitleys.comListed on's badlist "This hyip site gets the distinction of being the first scam added in 2018.2018-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitlifecoins.comListed on's badlist "Double your bitcoins . where have we heard that before? Bitcoin doesn't double, but it does get taken off fools!2017-07-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitliner.netListed on's badlist "This Liner will leave you standing on the shore as it fucks off into the sunset with your funds.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitlioner.comListed on's badlist "A bit of lying here, but naff all mining. Just a faker.2016-09-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitlisting.comListed on's badlist "(Dr Michael Moriarty)2016-09-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitliv.netListed on? for 'scam' on 10/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitllionaire.netListed on's badlist "Who wants to be a bitllionaire? We certainly don't with this sketchy operation.2017-11-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitloader.ccListed on's badlist "Loaded with bullshit and nothing else. Don't be silly and send anything to the gaping wallet of this shit little thief.2018-07-04"May 17, 2019
bitlucre.bizListed on's badlist "Lucre, is a word used in the criminal community, to refer to stolen money. That tells you all you need to know about this domain.2017-11-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitluis.comListed on's badlist "Don't let luis have your bitcoin. He will just keep it all.2017-05-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitluna.orgListed on's badlist "This is quite a clever fraud. Pre-launch, $10 if you sign up now (try and get it out though) 2.5% a day forever! Pre launching a Ponzi is not oriBefore May 17, 2019
bitly.comURL shortenerBefore May 17, 2019
bitmach.netListed on's badlist "No mining to be seen here, move along please folks.2016-04-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitmagnet.bizListed on's badlist "This is just a waste of what could have been a good site on that domain. Just a shit fraud.2017-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitmagnet.orgListed on's badlist "Many frauds are now launched across a few domains. This is another one.2017-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitmain-partner.comListed on's badlist "Bitmain does not have any partners. Any site claiming that is a fraudster.2018-01-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitmain.discountListed on's badlist "This site has a lot of pictures of Mining Rigs. It doesn't have any real Mining Rigs, because it's a scam.2018-09-20"May 17, 2019
bitmain.todayListed on's badlist "A totally fake supplier. We'll remind you again, there are no resellers for Bitmain, you buy direct from Bitmain, that's it.2018-07-06"May 17, 2019
bitmain.ukListed on's badlist "This is a great example of a fake store, see how many warning signs (Red Flags) you can see just with the landing page.2017-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitmaincryptotrade.comListed on's badlist "And 2 parts of the same scam. All just lies and deceit.2018-12-05"May 17, 2019
bitmainmasters.comListed on's badlist "Another fake supplier - Nobody has S9's in stock right now!2018-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitmains.comListed on's badlist "A clone of the Bitmain site. Always check you are on the correct domain!2017-08-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitmalas.topListed on's badlist "Fake mining and impossible promises. They even spelt hyip as hypi - so there's no hope.2017-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitmanusa.comListed on's badlist "A fake bitcoin mining equipment fraud. Don't send funds, you will not get a good deal, you will just get robbed.2016-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitmargin.orgListed on's badlist "A scam that is following a new trend - They won't tell you what they do unless you register. So don't register, and we'll tell you. They run a poBefore May 17, 2019
bitmarketinv.comListed on's badlist "Loosely titled to sound like it's something to do with Investments and Bitcoin, when in reality, it isn't either. Just a hyip fraud.2018-12-13"May 17, 2019
bitmassive.bizListed on's badlist "Yeah right, he probably says the same about his knob, the dickless scammer that he is!2017-08-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitmaxer.comListed on's badlist "Satoshi on steroids? Nah, just a fraud.2016-05-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitmay.ioListed on's badlist "Some fake mining is easy to investigate, and this was super easy. Stay clear of this scam.2018-12-13"May 17, 2019
bitmera.bizListed on's badlist "Please don't ever try a hyip - you will get into a hole that there is no getting back from.2017-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitmi.meListed on's badlist "Also Fake cloud mining. If you want real mining, visit our Safe Sites list.2017-07-10"Before May 17, 2019
Bitmi.ruListed on's badlist - 'Fake cloud mining. If you want real mining, visit our Safe Sites list. 7/10/17'Before May 17, 2019
bitmillion.bizListed on's badlist "Every bitcoin ponzi, like this one, will leave a pile of victims behind it. Don't give your hard earned bitcoin to thieves please.2018-01-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitmind.bizListed on's badlist "Great minds think alike, and they all think this is a silly hyip bitcoin scam!2017-04-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitmine.cloudListed on's badlist "A really basic mining fraud site. There is no real mining to be bought here.2016-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitmine.clubListed on's badlist "Another hyip script to lure you. These are all just fake promises people!2018-10-24"May 17, 2019
bitmine.ltdListed on's badlist "Where it says Beyond Crypto Mining - it really means beyond credibility. Just a faker and thief.2018-03-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitminer.euListed on's badlist "The UK company reg is a red flag - not a white one. The usual convenience address, no real entity.2016-02-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitminer.ioListed on's badlist "Don't download that plugin. There is nothing legitimate about this project. You will get scammed. The site has sat here for years, people send btBefore May 17, 2019
bitminer.siteListed on's badlist "Thousands of people lose bitcoin to similar scams, but they only fall for these frauds once. Don't make the same mistake once.2018-10-14"May 17, 2019
bitminer.techListed on's badlist "The bitcoin generator fraud. They will ask you to send funds to get your magic money out.2017-04-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitminer.worldListed on's badlist "Fake mining, an added ponzi, and then if you want to withdraw the sham earnings, they want you to send even more - and they keep that as well! DoBefore May 17, 2019
bitminerals.comListed on's badlist "Is it me, or are these serial thieves running out of ideas. Buy gravel with bitcoin? Don't make us laugh2015-09-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitminers.ioListed on's badlist "Bitdodgy, bitrisky, bitunbelievable, but not bitmining.2016-02-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitminershop.netListed on's badlist "Another place not to buy from. Your miner will never arrive, they don't currently make Bitcoin Miners in Bulgaria.2018-01-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitminerstore.comListed on's badlist "The latest fake hardware supplier - Don't be the first to get burned.2017-11-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitminerstore.usListed on's badlist "As this scam will keep moving domains, as each gets shut down, you are probably best avoiding any you come across. You can alwaBefore May 17, 2019
bitmines.infoListed on's badlist "Just another ponzi fraud.2016-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitmines.orgListed on's badlist "You WILL lose your bitcoin if you send it to an obvious ponzi scam.2016-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitmining.topListed on's badlist "Fake mining is what this site does. Just a cover story while they build a ponzi pot to run away with.2017-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitmining.zoneListed on's badlist "The first time there is a genuine use for the term Zone Out! When it comes to scams like this one, tune out, turn off, drop off.2018-09-26"May 17, 2019
bitmining24.ruListed on's badlist "Wow - this scam is like a rave from the grave! This fraud design was around in 2013! Still used as fraud.2017-10-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitminingservice.comListed on's badlist "This site doesn't even tell you what you are buying. Send them money if you no longer want it yourself.2014-08-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitminister.comListed on's badlist "I suppose he's there to read the last rites to your bitcoin wallet. Don't fall for this fake mining scam.2016-06-07"Before May 17, 2019
Bitminter.comListed on's badlist - 'Another scam from this fraudster. 1/9/16'Before May 17, 2019
bitmix.ioListed on's badlist "Mixing your coins is always high risk, but this is apparently a clone copy of, mix at your own risk.2016-07-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitmixer.euListed on's badlist "This is a phishing site - the real mixer is - check the URL.2015-05-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitmixer.infoListed on's badlist "Bad reports about this site. We can see why. But then if you use this site, you are probably as bad as the crook who runs it2014-05-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitmo.liListed on's badlist "Don't know about you, but to us that reads as "Bit More Lie" Sick little Mofo thinks he's cute. Nothing to add really.2017-09-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitmoney.clubListed on's badlist "Another attempt at fraud from the hyip scammers.2016-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitmonth.ioListed on's badlist "More lies deceit and general bullcrap from this generic hyip scammer. Why would any of you send bitcoin to an anonymised thief?2017-03-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitmonthly.comListed on? for 'scam' on 30/9/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitmontly.clubListed on's badlist "Not a typo, and not a very good fraud attempt either. Has anybody been suckered by this?2016-12-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitmoon.ccListed on's badlist "Another site making wild claims that could never be honoured. Keep your bitcoin away from these thieves.2017-03-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitmount.bizListed on's badlist "These titles just get weirder. Whatever they call it, we will call it by it's real name. Scam.2017-08-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitmysds.comListed on May 17, 2019
bitneox.comListed on's badlist "Nothing special about this hyip. Lies, to encourage you to send bitcoin, which you will lose.2017-08-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitnetcoin.comListed on's badlist "Any site offering to make you rich quickly is just a lying thief. This is classic.2016-12-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitnethourly.comListed on's badlist "The last thing that bitcoin needs, is another Ponzi. This is just another Ponzi.2018-03-21"Before May 17, 2019
bitnowa.comListed on's badlist "If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times. Do not buy or sell Bitcoin with PayPal. At this time it is common to fraudsters.2017-01-Before May 17, 2019
bitobitz.bizListed on's badlist "Yes of course it's a ponzi scam, like 99% of the sites right now.2015-03-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitocrypt.comListed on's badlist "PayPal and Bitcoin are a NoNo! A site that goes further and boasts they are a PayPal Partner is really pulling your plonker!2018-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitodex.comListed on's badlist "If you send funds to this russian site - you'll lose them to a thief.2015-04-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitoffer.ioListed on's badlist "Some offers are too good to be true, this is one of them.2017-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitoffice.bizListed on's badlist "All the usual lies, UK Company and blah de blah from this fraudster.2017-02-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitohash.comListed on's badlist "Oh well, if you insist.. Waddya mean, not that sort of hash? This is a fraud dammit!2016-07-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitok.icuListed on's badlist "This system appears perfect, except it isn't. You don't get those rates on exchanges, but the sites author does get commissions from your loss.20May 17, 2019
bitomine.comListed on's badlist "It isn't mining, it is ponzi scam. You'll just lose all or most of your deposit.2016-12-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitonecore.comListed on's badlist "Another Hyip/Scam. If you believe a word they write, then they already have your bitcoin.2016-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitoofy.comListed on's badlist "A goofy bitcoin multiplier fraud (get the joke?).2016-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitoply.comListed on's badlist "Another coindoubler fraud. Bitcoin doesn't doublle, the fraudster just keeps it. What don't you understand?2016-09-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitoptions.coListed on as Bit Options Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
Bitor.xyzListed on Tips From Lori on Lori's Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites page. Before May 17, 2019
bitorbit.ccListed on's badlist "If you send bitcoin to this scam, it may as well be in orbit, because you won't be able to get at it.2017-09-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitorion.bizListed on's badlist "Bite into this Orion scam, and you'll lose your teeth as well as your bitcoin. Bite Orio's not Orion's!2018-06-04"May 17, 2019
bitosec.comListed on's badlist "Every so called investment through this portal is just a a shitpile hyip scam. This scavenger sits in the middle and gets a slice of your money tMay 17, 2019
bitosy.comListed on's badlist "Wow, how do they do it? They don't do it, that's how. You send them bitcoin, they keep that bitcoin. That is the entire business plan.2017-11-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitout.inListed on's badlist "Another russian scam coin doubler. Expect to lose your coins.2015-03-17"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Whatever the intention of anybody transacting Bitcoin to Paypal or back again, it will ALWAYS screw up. PayPal hates Bitcoin.2016-08-30"Before May 17, 2019
bitpalas.bizListed on's badlist "10% daily forever! Yeah right. Forever, is about Tea Time, on Tuesday.2017-06-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitpay.liveListed on's badlist "This is NOT the real company. is just a fraudster.2017-01-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitpaybiz.comListed on's badlist "Best stay very far away from this crime scene. Pathetic scams like this are everywhere.2017-07-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitpaybux.xyzListed on? for 'scam' on 3/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bitpayforex.comListed on's badlist "This is a hyip scam. These are ALL set up to steal. The only person getting rich, is the scammer.2017-12-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitpaying.comListed on's badlist "They say "Impossible is nothing". You may not want to bet your bitcoin on that.2015-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitpayingads.comListed on's badlist "It ain't ads - it's a Hyip/Scam.2017-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitpays.bizListed on's badlist "Even crappy hyip scams like this are struggling to find victims because of high TX fees! Every cloud has a Silver lining.2018-01-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitpaystar.comListed on's badlist "The usual lies and deceit that we have come to expect from every hyip scam. There is no such thing as a good hyip.2018-04-15"May 17, 2019
bitpayzone.comListed on's badlist "This is a fine example of a worn out hyip/scam approach to fraud.2017-07-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitpence.globalListed on's badlist "You've either found a source of free income forever, or a very common Internet Ponzi Scam - Which do you think it really is?2018-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitpenta.comListed on's badlist "These hyip fraudsters have no intention of paying you what they claim. All they want to do, is steal from you.2018-04-06"May 17, 2019
bitpetite.comListed on's badlist "Ahhhh...bitpetite, the kind of scam you never wanna meet! (For earworm, think Jackie Wilson)2017-06-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitpide.comListed on's badlist "Another fine example of bitcoin and paypal's incompatibility. Don't buy bitcoin via PayPal - EVER.2016-11-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitplanet.clubListed on's badlist "These scammers think that you're on another planet! Send bitcoin, and you will lose most or all of it.2017-12-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitplay.liveListed on's badlist "It isn't gambling, it is a ponzi scam, with 100% guaranteed loss. Just a thief with a website.2017-11-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitpocket.frListed on for Not Paying on 05/28/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitpoolinv.comListed on's badlist "We should add this site just because we hate misuse of Javascript so much, however it is a scam too.2017-12-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitpopular.bizListed on's badlist "No. This fraud is not in the least bit popular.2017-02-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitpow.ioListed on's badlist "Another hyip scam. There are hundreds of wannabe thieves scratching for those few fools to steal from. Don't let it be you.2018-03-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitpox.comListed on's badlist "In our experience, any site offering unrefundable anonymous payment methods, will screw you. bad reports about this one, and PayPal to Bitcoin isBefore May 17, 2019
bitpremium.proListed on's badlist "Don't send that Up Front Fee, you won't ever see it again. This is a one way ticket for Bitcoin.2018-07-09"May 17, 2019
bitprofit.xyzListed on's badlist "The classic hyip/scam with the impossible promises. They all leave a shedload of losers.2017-03-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitprofits.bizListed on's badlist "This wannabe ponzi fraudster has made some basic mistakes. Tut tut.2016-12-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitprofits.orgListed on's badlist "What these persistent ponzi scammers fail to even consider, is their advertising cost. You as the depositors pay 100% of that as well.2016-12-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitprogress.bizListed on's badlist "Well, let's hope we can stop that progress. Stay away from these scammers!2017-07-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitpromt.comListed on's badlist "An unimaginitive attempt from the hyip scammers. You won't fall for it - will you?2016-07-27"Before May 17, 2019
bitptc.comListed on? for 'scam' on 19/11/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bitpulse22.netListed on's badlist "A picture is worth a thousand lies, and this fraud site has more graphs than the King of GraphLand.2017-07-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitpyramid.mlListed on's badlist "Don't trust us? Er, no we don't actually. All ponzi's are scams.2016-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitqoin.bizListed on's badlist "Nobody falls for these coindoublers nowadays - we have been warning you for over 3 years.2017-05-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitqor.comListed on's badlist "Crazy dreams don't even begin to describe this ICO. Good advice would be take a tab of acid, and only then read the sales pitch.2017-11-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitquick.codesListed on's badlist "A slight variant on the prevalent 'Bitcoin Generator' scam. Don't send bitcoin, and don't waste your time.2017-04-12"Before May 17, 2019
bitrain.ioListed on's badlist "This is a HYIP. All hyips are just scams, so now you know.2018-01-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitraise.netListed on's badlist "False everything on this page, and just another thief behind it.2017-02-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitrap.orgListed on's badlist "A very outdated plain old coin multiplier scam. Don't be the only one silly enough to try it.2017-05-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitrar.ccListed on's badlist "More of the same old flannel from this hyip. These people are not your friends.2017-03-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitrare.topListed on's badlist "Very rare we would like to hope. They call themselves professional hyip investors. That's like calling yourself professional suckers! Absurd.2018Before May 17, 2019
bitraters.comListed on's badlist "Another scam listed, means another scammer stealing far less than they expected.2016-06-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitreg.ioListed on's badlist "All the usual spiel we have come to expect from Internet Thieves. Just thieves, not mining.2018-06-05"May 17, 2019
bitregal.bizListed on's badlist "A very very formulaic hyip scam. Why does anybody fall for these ponzi's - do the maths ffs!2017-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitregion.comListed on's badlist "In Ireland, they would call this 'Blarney', everywhere else, they call it bullshit.2016-07-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitrella.comListed on's badlist "So many shit domains have been registered by these same reg details, and they are all fails and scams. This is too.2018-03-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitrem.ccListed on's badlist "About as basic as a scam can get. There is no such thing as a good hyip. They all just fuck off with all the funds, and nobody can stop them. PleBefore May 17, 2019
bitreserve.ioListed on's badlist "Mining themed hyip scams abound. Here's another fake miner to add to our list.2017-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitrev.simplesite.comListed on's badlist "A simple scam, on a simple domain. Very fitting.2017-04-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitrex.liveListed on's badlist "There is such a thing as an "Off The Peg" scam. Modified to order. Most hyip frauds like this one are bought ready made.2018-06-09"May 17, 2019
bitrium.ioListed on's badlist "Please don't try to read what they've written on this site. It is so indecipherable, it makes your brain bleed.2017-02-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitroad.ioListed on's badlist "You're on a road to nowhere. Just a ponzi calling itself an ICO. Is there a difference, I hear you all ask!2017-12-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitroi.netListed on's badlist "Don't send bitcoin to this thief please.2016-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitron-wallet.netListed on's badlist "With so much shite and lies on a landing page, you would be wise not to join the imaginary 700 thousand users that they've got!2018-08-30"May 17, 2019
bitron.ioListed on's badlist "It isn't really an ICO (not that that improves anything) Just another lending ponzi scam. Who borrows at 10% per Month, and where are those 'borrBefore May 17, 2019
bitrooms.netListed on's badlist "It's almost saddening that this is after all just another Ponzi. Nice theme though.2018-04-02"May 17, 2019
bitrotor.comListed on's badlist "Helicopters have rotors, bitcoin miners don't. What a silly attempt by these hyip crooks.2016-01-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitroyal.orgListed on's badlist "Bitrubbish actually.2016-04-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitrush.orgListed on's badlist "Lose your bitcoins in No Time, did they say Multiply? Bitcoin doesn't multiply, but you know that.2017-02-26"Before May 17, 2019
bits-express.comListed on's badlist "This java'd to death hyip is a train ride to poverty.2017-02-07"Before May 17, 2019
bits-pays.comAd packs with guaranteed 120% or 150% return on investment. A My Advertising Pays Ponzi lookalike on crypto.Before May 17, 2019
bits-world.comListed on's badlist "If this crook called it Scams-world, you might not send any bitcoin. So Bits-world it is then.2018-06-21"May 17, 2019
bits2u.comListed on's badlist "And Nuts2u scammers. What a ridiculously obvious fake site. Don't get suckered, don't send funds, just don't.2018-03-14"Before May 17, 2019
bitsafe.bizListed on's badlist "No it isn't. It's not even a little bit safe! 100% certainty that anything you send here is gone forever.2017-10-15"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "With offers of "100% Proffet" It must surely be tempting.2016-10-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitsave.ioListed on's badlist "Looks like we saved your bits from this ponzi just in time.2016-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitsaveteam.comListed on's badlist "Associated with a known russian scammer2015-01-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitscave.comListed on's badlist "The Bitcoin Generator scam. Don't be silly - you know it's a scam. If you send a release fee, they keep it.2017-12-12"May 17, 2019
bitscave.netListed on's badlist "A fairly routine hyip/fraud. 100% lies, 100% loss if you send you money to this thief.2016-11-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitsdouble.comListed on's badlist "No they don't.2017-03-31"Before May 17, 2019
bitsdoubler.bidListed on's badlist "Since bitcoin doesn't double, and this isn't mining, then there is no reason to send bitcoin here. We WILL say we told you so.2017-06-16"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Seriously, does anybody still fall for these multiplier scams?2016-03-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitsea.bizListed on's badlist "Just because a hyip site looks good, and there are a lot like it, doesn't change the fact that it is just a thief.2016-11-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitseainv.comListed on's badlist "The scam has a new home. We've just sent an eviction notice lol.2017-02-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitsector.bizListed on's badlist "This scammer has overdone it with the Javascript, so you probably won't even get past the swirling graphics - but if you do, be aware it's just aMay 17, 2019
bitsequence.bizListed on's badlist "Your bitcoin is amazing, but not in such a way that it will make you 30% a day. That is called a Ponzi and a Scam.2017-12-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitsevens.comListed on's badlist "Binary options is a scam, and this a binary options scam. Yes, that bad.2017-12-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitshake.bizListed on's badlist "Don't shake your bits on the Internet - Anybody might see you! and while you're at it, avoid this hyip fraud.2017-09-17"Before May 17, 2019
bitshark.ioListed on's badlist "If you are daft enough to send funds to a site called Bitshark, you should not be surprised that you lose them.2017-03-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitshedge.comListed on's badlist "From the stock photos of the supposed staff, you'd think they were selling whitening toothpaste, but it's just a hyip/scam.2017-03-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitshourly.comListed on's badlist "Another filthy rich philanthropist who wants to give all his excess money to you - or a thief? Go on, guess.2015-11-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitshower.comListed on's badlist "Showered with bits - That has to hurt! Fortunately, it's all just lies.2017-07-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitshub.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam. Everybody falls for these overblown claims, and regrets it soon after.2017-06-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitside.ioListed on's badlist "Yes they do, they 'ide everywhere - down the back of the sofa, at the back of drawers, everywhere! This site just steals them though.2017-11-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitsigma.ccListed on's badlist "It used to be, but like many scams, it moves domain and tries for a fresh load of victims.2018-06-21"May 17, 2019
bitsigma.ioListed on's badlist "One more dull formulaic Ponzi Scam to add to our badlist.2018-05-25"May 17, 2019
bitsilver.bizListed on's badlist "A hyip/scam that is virtually indistinguishable from all others. Same rules apply - send bitcoin, and lose it.2017-04-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitsinvestments.comListed on's badlist "Here's a nice new fraud site to take your bitcoin from you, and keep it.2016-07-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitsix.meListed on's badlist "You should read the faq - it's funny. They commit to 'Do not return your investment' You can't say you weren't warned.2016-08-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitsky.bizListed on's badlist "This is not a real company or real investment, it is just another faker like so many.2016-11-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitslegal.comListed on's badlist "Odd choice of title for a blatant ponzi scam! This isn't legal.2017-08-16"Before May 17, 2019
bitsmart.proListed on's badlist "In reality, not at all smart. On our DumbOmeter, this hyip fraud registered a 9!2018-11-19"May 17, 2019
bitsminer.ccListed on's badlist "You will lose any funds that you send to this thief and his website, so don't send any.2018-11-09"May 17, 2019
bitsminer.ioListed on's badlist "The fake mining software, that tries to get you to send a 'mining fee' which you will lose.2017-03-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitsmining.orgListed on's badlist "This is a joke - surely? If you fall for this, then sorry, but you cannot be helped.2016-10-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitsolar.pwListed on's badlist "Just another of these 3% a day hyip/frauds. If you send them bitcoin, it's lost. Simple.2016-08-11"Before May 17, 2019
bitsolid.ioListed on's badlist "You won't be so solid after this laxative of a scam. Just saying.2017-11-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitspade.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin and PayPal are a toxic combination. Every time that PayPal meets BTC, people get ripped off. You have been warned.2018-08-01"May 17, 2019
bitspent.comListed on's badlist "They aren't traders, they are just Twats.2016-09-09"Before May 17, 2019
bitspin.coListed on's badlist "As fake casino's go, the lack of https should be enough to warn most savvy folk. Stay clear of this shambles.2017-01-24"Before May 17, 2019
bitsplan.comListed on's badlist "Just remember that everything is a lie, everything. A thief will tell you what you want to hear, but it is all hot air.2016-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitsrapid.comListed on's badlist "The latest fake mining site to filch your money and bitcoin.2016-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitsripser.comListed on's badlist "This is one of those scams that sting you at the withdrawal point. Don't ever send bitcoin to get your trapped bitcoin out.2017-01-10"Before May 17, 2019
bitssurfer.comListed on's badlist "This is like being locked in a carboot sale with only other carbooters, desperate for a new customer between you all.2017-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitst.netListed on's badlist "a subscam of the scam.2017-08-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitstability.netListed on's badlist "Not worth a witty comment. Just a basic hyip fraud, and not mining.2017-02-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitstant.ioListed on's badlist "You'll be a Bitskint if you are daft enough to believe this offer - You know it's a scam.2018-02-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitstantly.xyzListed on's badlist "You know it's a fraud, so don't send btc to it. Simple.2016-05-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitstone.bizListed on's badlist "Just put the word bit in front of any word, and you have a hyip title. All these hyip's are frauds, there NO exceptions.2017-10-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitstorm.bizListed on's badlist "Standard Plan-Lose all your money, Advanced Plan-Lose all your money, Premium Plan-Lose all your money. It's so hard to choose.2016-08-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitstrade.bizListed on's badlist "More shenanigans from the Hyip production crew.2016-06-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitstrade.orglisted as scam on http://ethanvanderbuilt.comBefore May 17, 2019
bitstrades.comListed on's badlist "Another UK company that doesn't speak a word of English. The UK Company Reg means nothing. Just to add, when a site calls itself a Lending PlatfoBefore May 17, 2019
bitstrategy.netListed on's badlist "The only strategy is to steal your bitcoin.2016-05-18"Before May 17, 2019
bitsystems.ltdListed on's badlist "Let's hope you know more about bitcoin than this scammer. If you find this fraud believeable, then you still have a lot to learn.2018-03-18"May 17, 2019
bitsystemx.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin. Paypal, and Ponzi, all mixed together to bake this scam. What could possibly go wrong?2018-07-30"May 17, 2019
bittank.clubListed on's badlist "A really basic scam. We will give this scammer 1 out of 10 for effort, you shouldn't give him anything though!2017-11-20"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "It's just another scam multiplier. Don't try it please. You'll only lose your bitcoin.2014-10-28"Before May 17, 2019
bittec.euListed on's badlist "The best thing about this site is the lack of SSL, so you won't be stupid enough to enter any details - will you?2017-12-23"Before May 17, 2019
bittmines.comListed on's badlist "Another site that mines it's clients instead of real mining. Simple theft.2018-04-20"May 17, 2019
bittocListed on's badlist "It's an out and out rip. Don't put into ithis scam.2014-04-30"Before May 17, 2019
bittoclick.netListed on? for 'scam' on 16/9/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bittoinvest.comListed on's badlist "Fake mining seems to be the flavour of the month for fraudsters. Here's another one.2016-08-16"Before May 17, 2019
bittoken.bizListed on's badlist "Surely, if we put bit and token in the same site title, people will get sucked in by our fraud? We hope you don't.2017-07-21"Before May 17, 2019
bittradebot.comListed on's badlist "Malicious site and software. Just don't find out the hard way.2015-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
bittradecoal.comListed on's badlist "The Min Genenation' Their words - but what do they mean? Anyway, as it's just a fraud, it doesn't matter.2016-12-30"Before May 17, 2019
bittradecompany.comListed on's badlist "Or Btc2y, you aren't investing - you are giving.2017-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
bittrademarket.comListed on's badlist "Ooh, stay well away from this one. This faker is fishing for Big Bucks, your little contribution will just get spent on their advertising.2018-09May 17, 2019
bittraderbanking.comListed on's badlist "This scam is not a product of the bitcoin industry, but of old school hyip/scammers.2016-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
bittraders.clubListed on's badlist "Another example of a fraudsite ripping people, changing name a bit, and moving domain. Very nomadic these scams.2017-03-20"Before May 17, 2019
bittradeuk.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin doesn't double. If you send bitcoin, it goes into the scammers pocket, where it will eventually get spent on crack!2017-10-30"Before May 17, 2019
bittrading.ccListed on's badlist "They only trade on you being daft enough to believe these lies. You won't get rich, you will get robbed.2017-09-29"Before May 17, 2019
bittradings.comListed on's badlist "They want to trade your bitcoin for more crack.2017-01-12"Before May 17, 2019
bittransit.bizListed on's badlist "This scam is aptly titled. Like every transit - the wheels will eventually fall off.2017-05-19"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Always check the domain name in your browser address bar! This is a really accurate fake/phishing Bittrex site.2017-10-21"Before May 17, 2019
bittrush.comListed on's badlist "For those new to this space, this is a hyip scam. Everything is just a lie to persuade you to send more and more Bitcoin. You will lose it to theBefore May 17, 2019
bittrust.bizListed on's badlist "It's sad that the words Bit and Trust have been put together to create this scam, but hey, thieves don't give a shit.2018-11-30"May 17, 2019
bitts.infoMalwareBefore May 17, 2019
bittwisted.bizListed on's badlist "More than a bit twisted. Don't complain when this thief screws you.2017-02-01"Before May 17, 2019
bitunion.bizListed on's badlist "Please send these crackheads your bitcoin. They need it more than you.2016-02-01"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Sending bitcoin to this site is dumb. Don't be dumb. Thanks.2016-11-04"Before May 17, 2019
bituniverse.ioListed on's badlist "Implausible, is possibly the best description for this fraud site. They have tried to make it appear plausible, and failed badly.2017-09-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitup.euListed on's badlist "Another ponzi/scam from Eastern Europe.2015-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitvaluer.comListed on's badlist "If you do value your bitcoin, you won't send any to this shite ponzi fraud.2017-07-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitventure.bizListed on's badlist "Just don't venture here, not even a bit, it's just another fraud.2017-03-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitvestor.usListed on's badlist "Even the level ups and bank completions are fake on this site. False contact details, location, logs - Don't go there - you WILL lose your coins Before May 17, 2019
bitvestors.comListed on's badlist "Multiplier fraud attempts must surely outnumber fools by now.2016-05-07"Before May 17, 2019
bitvision.ioListed on's badlist "We looked into our Crystal Balls, and saw visions of much lost bitcoin, jail cells, and general stinkiness.2016-11-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitviv.comListed on's badlist "Look in our safelist for trusted exchanges - and NEVER transact Bitcoin with PayPal. you WILL get screwed.2017-08-05"Before May 17, 2019
bitvolt.bizListed on's badlist "If you think this is genuine investment, you are in for a shock!2017-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitwallet.bizListed on's badlist "Also The wallets with a big hole in the bottom. Don't fall for these frauds.2016-07-27"Before May 17, 2019
Bitwallet.ccListed on's badlist - 'The wallets with a big hole in the bottom. Don't fall for these frauds. 7/27/16'Before May 17, 2019
bitwallio.comListed on's badlist "You are fooling yourself if you think getting rich is as simple as sending your bitcoin to an anonymous fraudster. The sun's shining, it's a niceBefore May 17, 2019
bitwam.bizListed on's badlist "What is a Bitwam? Perhaps a pointy tent full of bitcoin? No - it is a fraud. A ponzi/hyip.2018-01-08"May 17, 2019
bitwant.comListed on's badlist "(Dr Michael Moriarty)2016-01-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitwave.bizListed on's badlist "Your bitcoin just waved alright, it waved goodbye! Just another fraud folks.2017-07-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitway.worldListed on's badlist "It's starting to look like the term 'HYIP' is now worn out, so the scammers now use 'Donation' instead, the Sad little lowlife scum.2017-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitways.ioListed on's badlist "Crypto Mining is the theme of choice for this fraud. It isn't real mining, it isn't a real investment, it is a thief with a website.2018-12-09"May 17, 2019
bitwealth.netListed on's badlist "The 12daily scamcode being put to bad use on another domain.2016-02-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitwebhosting.comListed on's badlist "(Dr Michael Moriarty)2016-02-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitwelfare.comListed on's badlist "The bitwealth hyip/fraud renamed.2016-04-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitwelfare.orgListed on's badlist "Another ponzi scam moving through similarly named domains.2016-06-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitwenz.comListed on's badlist "There is no genuine bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double - Send it, and expect to lose it to these ponzi schemes.2018-09-25"May 17, 2019
bitwest.bizListed on's badlist "Bit ridiculous if nothing else. If you missed your maths lessons at school, then it's you that this fraud is goin after!2017-08-02"Before May 17, 2019
bitwexchange.comListed on's badlist "This isn't what real exchanges look like, no coincidence that it isn't real then.2017-04-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitwinner.orgListed on's badlist "It's another Ponzi/Scam from 'expert investors' They aren't investors, they are thieves. They WILL steal your Bitcoin2014-07-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitwis.bizListed on's badlist "Or,, take your pick. They don't seem to know. Not very clever these scammers.2017-10-16"Before May 17, 2019
Bitwis.comListed on -?"Or,, take your pick. They don't seem to know. Not very clever these scammers. 10/16/17"Before May 17, 2019
bitwise.bizListed on's badlist "Fake cloudmining is the theme from this hyip/scam.2017-04-29"Before May 17, 2019
bitwol.comListed on's badlist "Every kind of anonymised payment system, and PayPal too! Unregulated, anonymised exchanges aren't worth the risk.2017-10-19"Before May 17, 2019
bitworldcenter.companyListed on's badlist "As a general rule, any supposed Cryptocurrency operator, who spells it Criptocurrency, is probably worth avoiding. lol.2018-05-23"May 17, 2019
bitwyn.comListed on's badlist "Also Complete bollocks, from a serial fraudster. There is not, nor ever will there be real mining from this scammer.2017-02-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitx-2.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin CANNOT double. This ponzi will just keep anything you send.2017-03-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitx10.comListed on's badlist "Also He's duplicated it from his domain, because we're on it. Same twat, and don't believe those logs, they are often his Before May 17, 2019
Bitx10.orgListed on's badlist - 'He's duplicated it from his domain, because we're on it. Same twat, and don't believe those logs, they are often his own addresseBefore May 17, 2019
bitx2.bizListed on's badlist "If you are so greedy, that you will send bitcoin to an obvious scam, then you will remain poor. Just HODL.2017-09-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitxboom.comListed on's badlist "A ponzi, that goes one step further by encouraging you to keep putting it back in as part of the 'system'2016-02-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitxchange.ioListed on's badlist "A laughable attempt at robbing you. Don't buy btc here.2016-04-06"Before May 17, 2019
bitxcube.comListed on's badlist "We got traders in the backroom innit', and dey iz hot bruv'. Is what this scam would have you believe.2017-06-23"Before May 17, 2019
bitxgo.comListed on's badlist "Nothing spectacular, just another hyip/scam with undeliverable promises.2017-02-28"Before May 17, 2019
bitxoption.orgListed on's badlist "Don't try and question how your investment actually gains profit, they really don't have an answer.2018-12-27"May 17, 2019
bitxtrade.comListed on's badlist "No genuine Investment will ever offer yields like these. These big 'guaranteed' returns are just there to sucker you.2017-01-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitxwages.comListed on's badlist "Brought to you by the same same dumbass that brought (Non-Crypto) Only one question still to answer - Is N.Y. really in NigeriMay 17, 2019
bitxxa.comListed on's badlist "Yet more in the series of bitx frauds. Unimaginative hyips for the most part.2017-06-13"Before May 17, 2019
bitz2u.comListed on's badlist "Tempting isn't it? Don't be soft, it's a ponzi/fraud. In all ponzi's, no matter the intent, the vast majority of participants will lose.2016-11-2Before May 17, 2019
bitzara.comListed on's badlist "Also A crypto ponzi scheme from Malaysia. Don't let your mates talk you into this scam.2018-10-15"May 17, 2019
bitzari.comListed on's badlist "Bizarre, no T needed. What you have to realise, is that there is no such thing as an honest Ponzi. All are run by people with the intent of stealMay 17, 2019
bitzcapital.netListed on's badlist "Hopefully, this cheaphosted fraud site won't load for you. If it does, just close the window.2018-04-14"May 17, 2019
bitzest.ccListed on's badlist "This isn't mining bitcoin the traditional way, this scam 'mines' it from you, by digging into your wallet.2017-03-20"Before May 17, 2019
bitzhour.comListed on's badlist "Oh yeah, you are really going to earn all that. Wake up, don't be a fool - these sites are just crooks!2018-01-22"Before May 17, 2019
bitzilla.ioListed on's badlist "Dynamic Cloud Mining wtf is that supposed to mean? More Cloud-Cuckoo mining just to trap newbies.2017-02-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitzine.bizListed on's badlist "Another hyip style fake investment fraud.2017-05-04"Before May 17, 2019
bitziz.comListed on's badlist "NEVER buy or sell bitcoin using PayPal. No exceptions, you WILL get burned.2017-11-15"Before May 17, 2019
bitzmining.comListed on's badlist "They may have been stealing bitcoin since 2013, but not from this fake mining scam.2016-09-25"Before May 17, 2019
bitzo.ioListed on's badlist "Bitcoin mining doesn't look like this. There are only a couple of legitimate contract mining companies, this isn't one of them.2018-10-06"May 17, 2019
bitzors.comListed on's badlist "Another of these poxy scam multipliers that continue to blight the web.2016-06-26"Before May 17, 2019
bitztrader.comListed on's badlist "The only thing to get bitzed, is your bitcoin. Another hyip/scam with impossible claims.2017-04-08"Before May 17, 2019
bitzuo.comListed on's badlist "More of the same old Ponzi/Scam - Don't EVER believe the logs on these scam sites. Everything is illusion.2014-05-03"Before May 17, 2019
bitzz.ioListed on's badlist "We haven't seen many hyips recently, they all became ICO's, but the heat from regulators means they are back again! Welcome to a fake mining hyipBefore May 17, 2019
bixdollar.xyzListed on? for 'scam' on 21/3/2018.Before May 17, 2019
biyco.comListed on's badlist "There's an old saying, "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance - baffle 'em with bullshit" and boy is this site bullshit.2015-11-26"Before May 17, 2019
biz4cash.netListed on May 17, 2019
bizboom.usListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
bizclix.orgListed on May 17, 2019
biziw.netListed on May 17, 2019
BizMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
biznet.pwListed on's badlist "Much vaguery from this hyip scam. When there is nothing behind the curtains, you have to be vague.2017-04-19"Before May 17, 2019
bizon-Shares.comListed on May 17, 2019
Bizone-Shares.comListed on? for 'scam' on 28/7/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bizzbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bizzilion.comListed on's badlist "Who the fuck comes up with a word as dumb as Bizzilion? Don't be even dumber, and fall victim to this fraud.2018-11-19"May 17, 2019
bizzyadsptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
black-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
black-ptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
black-white.bizListed on's badlist "Water Purification?? Oh ffs whatever next. The only thing in Black and White is our appraisal of this fraud.2016-07-16"Before May 17, 2019
blackberrybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blackbux.orgListed on May 17, 2019
BlackClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
blackcloud.onlineListed on's badlist "It's dark in that cloud - don't go in there! There be monsters.2016-12-23"Before May 17, 2019
blackgoldinvest.comListed on's badlist "Gold that is so feckin black, you can't even see it with the lights on. Sigh.2016-01-08"Before May 17, 2019
blackoption.netListed on's badlist "The white option, would be to stay the fuck away from this fraud!2017-09-06"Before May 17, 2019
blackswanapp.comListed on as Black Swan App Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
blastbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blasterbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blazecloudmining.comListed on's badlist "The sooner this scam goes up in smoke, the better.2018-04-15"May 17, 2019
blazincash.comListed on May 17, 2019
blazingspeedtrader.coListed on as BLAZING SPEED TRADER SCAM - September 2017Before May 17, 2019
blazingtrader.comListed on as Blazin Trader Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
bldtabs.comListed on's badlist "Not a very convincing offer, no https on login page, and you are asked to download dodgy software!2015-12-09"Before May 17, 2019
blerbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blessingptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
blessptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
blindptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
blinkbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blissinstalls.comListed on's badlist "Don't be foolish and download some unknown software. You won't make any money, and you will regret it.2017-02-14"May 17, 2019 on's badlist - 'Don't be foolish and download some unknown software. You won't make any money, and you will regret it. 2/14/17'Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
blitzprofit.comListed on's badlist "Beyond the ordinary - is their tagline. Well, ordinarily, you don't get mugged on the Internet, so that maybe the only thing on the page that isnMay 17, 2019
blockbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blockcext.comListed on's badlist "All the usual spiel you expect from one of these hyip scams. Grow up, nobody owes you a free lunch, and certainly not these crooks.2018-02-20"May 17, 2019 on's badlist "A domain currently being used to phish (steal) your blockchain login details.2017-08-26"Before May 17, 2019
blockchainasic.infoListed on's badlist "Uses genuine graphics to make a convincing enough site but it's a scam.2014-04-22"Before May 17, 2019
blockchaindoubler.comListed on's badlist "Off the shelf ponzi code deployed to catch naive bitcoin newbies. Bitcoin does not double.2016-11-15"Before May 17, 2019
blockchainforprofit.comListed on's badlist "Aka - All bitcoin multipliers are frauds. Bitcoin does not double.2017-07-29"Before May 17, 2019
blockchainminerpro.comListed on's badlist "See blockchainminerpro.net2017-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
blockchainminerpro.infoListed on's badlist "see blockchainminerpro.net2017-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
blockchainminerpro.netListed on's badlist "The latest iteration of this scam, now on it's third domain.2017-10-14"Before May 17, 2019
blockchainminingnetwork.infoListed on's badlist "Let´s just keep this really vague shall we? Plenty of flannel, but a very noticeable lack of anything tangible. Fakers are everywhere.2018-09-26May 17, 2019
blockchainsolutions.bizListed on's badlist "If this fraud is supposedly the solution - Then what is the problem?2017-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
blockchians.comListed on's badlist "Somebody sat Phishing for your Blockchain login. The site won't be up for long.2017-08-30"Before May 17, 2019
blockchlain.infoListed on's badlist "Phishimg for your login. Check that URL !2017-09-22"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Ffs - this has to be the cheesiest fake mining fraud to date. With sites this transparent, you don't need a warning - or do you?2017-06-22"Before May 17, 2019
blockprofits.comListed on's badlist "A bitcoin Ponzi. Don't be a blockhead and profit this fraudster.2016-09-18"Before May 17, 2019
blockwake.comListed on's badlist "That isn't Blockwake, that's Pugwash - don't step in it. At the same time, stay clear of this silly scam.2017-06-28"Before May 17, 2019
bloggersptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bloggingtothebank.comListed on May 17, 2019
blogspotNo free hosting sites. If you serious about what you are doing, be professional - purchase a domain name and hosting.Before May 17, 2019
blogwkf.wkfong4136.wsElectronic chain letters are still chain letters and cannot be promoted on this site.Before May 17, 2019
blokchailn.infoListed on's badlist "Also 2 half baked 'phishing' clones. Don't get caught out.2016-12-06"Before May 17, 2019
Blokchian.comListed on's badlist - 'half baked 'phishing' clones. Don't get caught out. 12/6/16'Before May 17, 2019
bloodbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bloodice2.altervista.orgListed on May 17, 2019
bloombtc.comListed on's badlist "Just a blooming scam. Keep your bitcoin safe from this thief.2015-10-28"Before May 17, 2019
bloomfx.usListed on's badlist "They tell an awful lot of untruths on this bogus exchange page, nobody can miss so many red flags, surely?2018-12-10"May 17, 2019
blubux.netListed on May 17, 2019
BluClicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
blue-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
bluebux.netListed on May 17, 2019
bluechiplab.comListed on's badlist "They are developing the world's most technically excellent blue chips - they will be all the rage at Christmas!2016-12-09"Before May 17, 2019
blueco.inListed on's badlist "You can write your own 'bitcoin blues' song about how you lost it to a doubler fraud.2017-01-07"Before May 17, 2019
bluedivine.dna-gifts.comListed on May 17, 2019
blueforex.bizListed on's badlist "All you need do is dream, they say. You must have some weird dreams, we say. This is another hyip scam.2018-11-16"May 17, 2019
bluemoonads.netListed on May 17, 2019
bluepowerclicks.comListed on May 17, 2019
blueskybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
blueskyinvest.ioListed on's badlist "The perfect investment for Airheads, but not for you clever speculators, you don't invest in scams.2018-12-14"May 17, 2019
blueskyptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
bluestorm-trader.comListed on's badlist "The scammers will try anything to steal your coins. Dazzle you with brilliance - or like this site, baffle you with bulls#it.2015-02-13"Before May 17, 2019
bluethunderptc.infoListed on May 17, 2019
blueunicornworld.comListed on May 17, 2019
bmc-finance.comListed on's badlist "Consulting, yeah good one - pull the other leg, it has bells on. Just thieves with a cheaphosted webpage.2018-07-02"May 17, 2019
bmiclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 17/10/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bmpclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 28/9/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bmt-invest-btc.comListed on's badlist "Just a hyip/scam, don't get excited, it's all lies and deception.2015-12-15"Before May 17, 2019
bnbdexlaunch.comListed on's badlist "OK, so ETH isn't worth that much now, but it is still worth more than sending it to a giveaway scam. Don't be dumb.2018-09-04"May 17, 2019
bnbethcampaignlaunch.comListed on's badlist "A follow on to the Bnbdexlaunch scam. Just moved domain. Don't be dumb, this isn't the real Binance offering this.2018-09-14"May 17, 2019
bninvestmentsbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bnktothefuture.worldListed on's badlist "Not the real Bank to the Future. A phishing site. Don't be fooled please.2017-06-19"Before May 17, 2019
bnlimited.comListed on's badlist "The bitcoin bot baddies are at it again. Bullshit bots as always.2018-08-10"May 17, 2019
bobomails.comListed on May 17, 2019
bochumbux.netListed on? for 'scam' on 8/11/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bockcheian.infoListed on's badlist "A fake of the real online wallet phishing your login. Always check that the address in your web browser is correct.2017-10-06"Before May 17, 2019
bogdanbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bombapub.comListed on May 17, 2019
bomblogic.comListed on May 17, 2019
bomclicks.comListed on? for 'scam' on 6/3/2016.Before May 17, 2019
bomillionaire.comListed on as Binary Options Millionaire Scam on January 1, 2017Before May 17, 2019
bonanzapro.comListed on as Bonanza Pro Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
bonazaclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 16/5/2017.Before May 17, 2019
bonddot.comListed on's badlist "The scammer behind this site has 2 braincells - but they aren't connected. Sigh.2014-08-17"Before May 17, 2019
BondPTC.comListed on May 17, 2019
bondsmanTE.comRe-directsBefore May 17, 2019
bonestopco.comListed on's badlist "A well put together website that will unfortunately fool a few people. Don't let it be you, this is just a scammer.2018-02-23"Before May 17, 2019
bongacams.comAdultBefore May 17, 2019
BONotBS.comListed on as Bo Not Bs Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
bonus-clix.comListed on May 17, 2019
bonusbux.netListed on May 17, 2019
bonusclix.netListed on May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Yeah, it's an exploit, but it's exploiting YOU. The bitcoin blockchain is safe for another day.2017-06-29"Before May 17, 2019
boocoobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
boodaq.comListed on May 17, 2019
bookit24.deListed on May 17, 2019
boombit.coListed on's badlist "Boom, and the bits are gone. Leaving your wallet clean and shiny.2015-08-22"Before May 17, 2019
boomptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
boomxchange.comListed on's badlist "Everything, including their copyright notice is utter bullshit. Don't send any bitcoin you ever want to see again.2018-10-15"May 17, 2019
boonbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
boostbitcoin-air.comListed on's badlist "What a very very silly site title. What a very obvious scam. What is the point?2018-04-12"May 17, 2019
boostbitcoin.comListed on's badlist "Boost your own sense of regret at having been suckered a hyip scammer - but boost your bitcoin, nah.2018-03-05"Before May 17, 2019
boostcent.comListed on May 17, 2019
boostclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
boostholdings.comListed on's badlist "A half-arsed attempt at a scam. Unless you want a Sliver plan.2015-11-08"Before May 17, 2019
boostsurf.comListed on May 17, 2019
borderclix.clubListed on? for 'non payments' on 7/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
BorMoney.clubListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
born2win.bizListed on's badlist "Yeah, right up until you sent bitcoin to this hyip thief.2016-02-26"Before May 17, 2019
borrowbitcoin.netListed on's badlist "Before you click send, ask yourself "Just how stupid am I ?"2015-10-25"Before May 17, 2019
borrowta.comListed on's badlist "From the hyip crook who brought you nano invest.2016-02-14"Before May 17, 2019
bosbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bosmails.comListed on May 17, 2019
boss-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
bosscapital.comlisted as scam on May 17, 2019
bostonbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bostonltcminer.usListed on's badlist "Love the spiel about why pay with bitcoin! This fake supplier can never send you any kit, so please don't send this idiot any bitcoin. Thanks.201Before May 17, 2019
bot-plus-365-v2.websiteListed on as Bot Plus 365 V2 Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
botplus365Listed on as BotPlus 365 Scam on May 15, 2017Before May 17, 2019
bovacoin.comListed on's badlist "I have a used tray of Cat Litter you can buy. Only 75c today, but tomorrow it will be $1, you'd better be quick before it goes to $1.502018-03-05Before May 17, 2019
bowlingbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
boxbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
boxbux.euListed on May 17, 2019
boxdollar.xyzListed on? for 'scam' on 5/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
boxmon.xyzListed on? for 'scam' on 13/8/2016.Before May 17, 2019
boxptc.comListed on May 17, 2019
boybux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bpetroleum.bizListed on's badlist "Just a cheesey hyip/fraud.2016-11-29"Before May 17, 2019
bpoly.comListed on for Not Paying on 11/27/2016.Before May 17, 2019
br-10.comListed on May 17, 2019
braclick.comListed on May 17, 2019
brain-impulse.comListed on's badlist "You would have to leave your brain at home before you'd understand this fraud.2017-03-20"Before May 17, 2019
brainbux.comListed on? for 'scam' on 05/22/2016.Before May 17, 2019 on the page interfere with surfing.Before May 17, 2019
brasoninv.comListed on's badlist "Unlucky for this fraud to go into our badlist on it's first full day of stealing. That's life eh.2017-06-13"Before May 17, 2019
bravebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bravevolitation.comListed on May 17, 2019
bravobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bravubux.comListed on May 17, 2019
brazenbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
brazil-mmm.netListed on's badlist "The Ponzi that ran out of money, and decided to go after bitcoin instead. Don't get involved and become a victim like so many before you.2017-08-Before May 17, 2019
brbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
breaking-binary.coListed on as Breaking Binary Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
breakoutbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
breebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
brexit-money-machines.comListed on as Brexit Money Machines Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
brexitbot.comListed on as Brexit Bot Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
brexitinvest.comListed on's badlist "Dammit man, if you have to pull a Brexit fraud, put some bloody clothes on. It's not British!2016-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
brick-community.comListed on's badlist "Thick as a brick was a Jethro Tull Album, and is also a good term to describe anybody who falls for this scam.2016-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
bricobux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bridge-btc.comListed on's badlist "They describe it themselves as Investors Heaven. We would also describe it as Investors Heaven, it's where Investors go to die!2018-09-30"May 17, 2019
brifex.comListed on's badlist "Nothing new to see from this hyip/fraud. It's all lies you know.2016-08-09"Before May 17, 2019
brightfuturebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
brilliantclix.comListed on? for 'scam' on 12/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
brilliants-investment.comListed on's badlist "And on the landing page is a photo of Forrest Gump's thicker brother. Avoid this fraud.2016-09-09"Before May 17, 2019
britbit.bizListed on's badlist "If Britain made bitcoin, it would go rusty and fall apart. Be glad this is just a scamsite!2017-08-20"Before May 17, 2019
britebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
briteclix.comListed on May 17, 2019
british-market.netListed on's badlist "There is nothing Great about this hyip fraud.2016-04-06"Before May 17, 2019
britishbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
britmethod.comListed on as The Brit Method Scam on November 27, 2016Before May 17, 2019
brmbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
brmine.netListed on's badlist "You don't ROI in 3 months by mining Crypto, and as this isn't real mining, you don't ROI ever.2017-03-06"Before May 17, 2019 on May 17, 2019
bronbux.netListed on? for 'non payments' on 14/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
BronClix.comListed on May 17, 2019
bronzebux.comListed on May 17, 2019
brooksblueprint.coListed on as Brooks Blueprint Scam on November 6, 2016Before May 17, 2019
broonie.techListed on's badlist "They also have Greenie, Reddie, Bluey and other absolute shite to offer! Just a fraudster.2017-11-30"Before May 17, 2019
brown-mails.comListed on May 17, 2019
bsbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
bsefullsignups.comListed on May 17, 2019
bslbux.comListed on May 17, 2019
BsMoney.funListed on Lori's 'Get Paid To Perform Online Tasks Scam Sites' page.Before May 17, 2019
btads.netListed on May 17, 2019
btc-arbs.comListed on's badlist "Claims great returns on 'Arbitrage' - love that word. Anyway, the numbers shout PONZI. We've looked into this, and it makes us very nervous2014-0Before May 17, 2019
btc-assets.comListed on's badlist "Please don't send funds to this fraudsite.2016-07-01"Before May 17, 2019
btc-atom.orgListed on's badlist "A total clone/phishing site of the genuine site. Always check that url! If in doubt, google it.2018-01-28"Before May 17, 2019
btc-banker.comListed on's badlist "This is a thinly disguised scam. Bitcoin generally doesn't earn Interest, There is no Base Rate for starters. Thanks to a Btc user for the reportBefore May 17, 2019
btc-base.comListed on's badlist "Another PayPal to bitcoin shyster. Paypal and Bitcoin currently remain a complete No No.2017-01-05"Before May 17, 2019
btc-bis.comListed on's badlist "Don't let this con-man seduce you with this fake investment.2016-01-29"Before May 17, 2019
btc-bros-ltd.comListed on's badlist "Oh boy! - If you've been scammed by this, you genuinely aren't safe on the Internet. Cryptocurrency cannot multiply, this is all just lies.2018-0May 17, 2019
btc-buy.comListed on's badlist "We've told you before, and we'll remind you. Bitcoin and PayPal don't mix. If you use this site, you will simply send bitcoin or money to a thiefBefore May 17, 2019
btc-cex.inListed on's badlist "That 'bitatt' scam on yet another domain. Don't get caught by it.2016-02-16"Before May 17, 2019
btc-clock.comListed on's badlist "Just a hyip/ponzi to avoid.2015-03-31"Before May 17, 2019
btc-cloud.orgListed on's badlist "So a clone of the now discredited, and 100% scam from the outset.2015-10-01"Before May 17, 2019
btc-club.comListed on's badlist "What a silly concept. Workers would indicate some sort of work, but no, it's a half-baked ponzi.2015-04-27"Before May 17, 2019
btc-consult.comListed on's badlist "Just an insult to your intelligence. Don't fall for this fraud.2017-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
btc-cypher.comListed on's badlist "Please please please - if you got conned by this fraud site, keep very quiet about it - it's embarrassing!2018-09-18"May 17, 2019
btc-day.siteListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. Don't believe any site that says they will multiply your btc, they don't. They steal it.2018-12-16"May 17, 2019
btc-double.inListed on's badlist "Those cheesy looking people on the main pix should be enough to scare you away from this scamsite.2015-01-12"Before May 17, 2019
btc-double.infoListed on's badlist "Bitcoin does not double. Send it here, or any other multiplier, and you will never see it again.2017-06-04"Before May 17, 2019
btc-doubler.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin doesn't double, it gets stolen from naive holders, but it doesn't double.2016-12-30"Before May 17, 2019
btc-doubler.usListed on's badlist "Thanks to an anonymous report - we got this listed in it's first days. A doubler scam. Bitcoin does not double.2017-06-06"Before May 17, 2019
btc-e.blackListed on's badlist "The old worn out 'flaw in the blockchain' better known as the Bitatt scam.2016-03-07"Before May 17, 2019
btc-e.proListed on's badlist "Also any address starting with Used by phishing scammers2014-03-30"Before May 17, 2019
btc-empire.comListed on's badlist "Starts out OK, but after the icecream shop, it just goes complete ponzi, with unsustainable rewards offered.2015-05-17"Before May 17, 2019
btc-exploit.proListed on's badlist "Same old scam. Don't send any Bitcoin - they will simply keep it and laugh at you while they get stoned on your money!2018-04-04"May 17, 2019
btc-extractor.comListed on's badlist "Not extracting Bitcoin, just extracting the piss out of you.2018-04-12"May 17, 2019
btc-finance.bizListed on's badlist "The 'Bitatt' Doubler fraud makes yet another appearance.2017-01-07"Before May 17, 2019
btc-flash.comListed on's badlist "Your bitcoin - gone in a flash. What hocus pocus is this?2016-12-10"Before May 17, 2019
btc-flow.comListed on's badlist "It is a Ponzi, a weird Ponzi, but a Ponzi nonetheless. Withdrawal threshold rising as well.2015-02-20"Before May 17, 2019
btc-flow.inListed on's badlist "Not if you don't send it to this serial thief it won't. also goes with the title "Get 100x bitcoin on your invest"2015-08-29"Before May 17, 2019
btc-for-you.weebly.comListed on's badlist "A weally cwappy weebly fweehosted fwaud.2016-05-27"Before May 17, 2019
btc-free.usListed on's badlist "If your bitcoin are shouting free us, just ignore them, especially where this scam is concerned.2017-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
btc-funds.comListed on's badlist "They don't have any btc and so they want YOUR btc so that they do have some. They won't give it back - why would they?2016-11-27"Before May 17, 2019
btc-gain.comListed on's badlist "The only thing you'll gain, is experience. Everything else will be a dead loss.2018-09-04"May 17, 2019
btc-generat0r.clubListed on's badlist "Hey somebody started this club especially for Fools and their Bitcoin! Join that long queue.2018-06-11"May 17, 2019
btc-genesis.meListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. If you want to find out the hard way - go ahead.2018-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
btc-get.comListed on's badlist "Your bitcoin has just entered the twilight zone, where it gets cloned!! Nah, just a thief.2015-09-17"Before May 17, 2019
btc-get.websiteListed on's badlist "More of the same old fake multiplier bs. Don't fall for it.2015-10-19"Before May 17, 2019
btc-giveaway.pubListed on's badlist "You probably ended up at this scamsite from a link in a spam email. Never follow links in uninvited emails.2018-12-27"May 17, 2019
btc-go.topListed on's badlist "I suppose calling it Btc-go-hell doesn't have the same ring to it.2017-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
btc-gold.comListed on's badlist "This Gold doesn't glitter, but it does smell of cow poo.2016-02-21"Before May 17, 2019
btc-goldmine.comListed on's badlist "Another one that goes pure ponzi after the free level. This seems to be a new strategy from the ponzi creators.2015-05-20"Before May 17, 2019
btc-gpu.orgListed on's badlist "If you don't have a Trezor, Electrum, or Ledger hardware Wallet, just get one. You will never need to test dodgy wallets ever again.2017-10-21"Before May 17, 2019
btc-grow.xyzListed on's badlist "Grow your Bitcoins Here we go with that Bitatt scamcode again.2016-06-08"Before May 17, 2019
btc-harvest.comListed on's badlist "Don't be silly. Since you know that bitcoin cannot double, you must also know that sending bitcoin to a doubler is a bit careless.2017-07-07"Before May 17, 2019
btc-haven.comListed on's badlist "Last time we saw this hyip template, it was called Same scam.2018-03-16"Before May 17, 2019
btc-i24.comListed on's badlist "Another scam multiplier - bitcoin doesn't earn interest for nothing.2014-12-20"Before May 17, 2019
btc-income.clubListed on's badlist "If this actually was a club, it would be the kind of club that you beat baby seals to death with! It's a fraudster.2018-04-04"May 17, 2019
btc-instant.comListed on's badlist "There will only ever be 21M Bitcoin - It cannot multiply. Your deposit goes to pay for a criminal lifestyle.2018-01-15"Before May 17, 2019
btc-instantly.weebly.comListed on's badlist "Another coin multiplier fishing attempt. Don't be daft.2016-12-03"Before May 17, 2019
btc-interest.comListed on's badlist "Just keep your bitcoin safe, don't send it to sites that offer impossible returns - it all ends in loss.2017-11-01"Before May 17, 2019
btc-investment.weebly.comListed on's badlist "These scammers have nothing to offer.2015-08-19"Before May 17, 2019
btc-investor.comListed on's badlist "Get rich quick? afraid not. You just lose your bitcoin to this scam.2014-11-04"Before May 17, 2019
Btc-king.bizListed on's badlist - 'Yeah right. King Con. 1/30/16'Before May 17, 2019
btc-maniya.comListed on's badlist "A Wix (free) hosted scamsite. Yet another multiplier.2015-03-04"Before May 17, 2019
btc-master.blackListed on's badlist "The Bitatt scam code appears yet again.2016-02-06"Before May 17, 2019
btc-matrix.inListed on's badlist "Matrix=Ponzi=Fraud. Any questions?2015-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
btc-miner.netListed on's badlist "If you have a Goose that lays Golden Eggs, you don't give it away. Slow down, think about it, and don't send any bitcoin!2018-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
btc-mirbox.comListed on's badlist "This is, they have added the BTC to the start. Doesn't make it any better though, it's still a scam.2014-06-22"Before May 17, 2019
btc-multiplier.comListed on's badlist "What have we told you about bitcoin? That's right IT CAN NOT MULTIPLY. Its magic, but it ain't that magic, this site and others like it just steaBefore May 17, 2019
btc-multiplier.netListed on's badlist "As bitcoin isn't magic, it must be another scam multiplier.2015-06-27"Before May 17, 2019
btc-multiply100x.comListed on's badlist "Btc cannot multiply - so if you send it here, you shouldn't expect it back again.2018-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
btc-now.deListed on's badlist "They are anonymous, you are anonymous, your Bitcoin isn't coming back, you haven't been paid, and they also have your Bank Details and email addrBefore May 17, 2019
btc-profit.comListed on's badlist "Somebody profits from this, but not you, just the thief who runs it.2015-03-09"Before May 17, 2019
btc-pyramid.comListed on's badlist "Mostly using spam mail to try and get users, but don't use it, it's just a scam, a fake cloudmining site.2015-10-10"Before May 17, 2019
btc-rock.comListed on's badlist "You want to buy rocks - we have a few, just send us your bitcoin and call to collect them.2016-08-12"Before May 17, 2019
Btc-rush.comListed on's badlist - 'You should rush in the opposite direction. This is just another scam doubler. All bitcoin doublers are simple scams. 10/12/17'Before May 17, 2019
Btc-stack.comListed on's badlist - 'A multiplier scam. 3/16/2015'Before May 17, 2019
Btc-traders.comListed on's badlist - 'They don't trade, they steal from you. Any questions? 3/28/16'Before May 17, 2019
Btc-Transfer.orgListed on's badlist - 'Does what it says on the tin. You transfer your money and Btc to them, they keep it. Avoid this hyip/scam 5/3/15'Before May 17, 2019
btc-turk.xyzListed on May 17, 2019
Btc-twins.comListed on's badlist - 'If you squint, you can't tell them apart. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber. 6/16/16'Before May 17, 2019
Btc-usa.weebly.comListed on's badlist - 'There's no such thing as a free lunch, likewise bitcoin mining. Avoid this freehosted nonsense. 9/15/15'Before May 17, 2019
btc.antminer.xyzListed on's badlist "No, it isn't mining, so please don't invite your friends to follow you into this fraud.2016-12-29"Before May 17, 2019
btc.couponsListed on's badlist "Well blow me, how has bitcoin managed to survive without Coupons. Must be a genius crook, on the level of Lex Luthor to dream this up.2017-02-24"Before May 17, 2019
Btc.surfListed on's badlist - 'Bitcoin DOES NOT DOUBLE. When will you all understand this? 1/21/16'Before May 17, 2019
btc100.mlListed on's badlist "Scam. Send bitcoin and expect to lose it. Bitcoin doesn't just grow, and nobody has the power to 'multiply' it.2015-09-02"Before May 17, 2019
btc100x.comListed on's badlist "Another 'official' domain. Whatever you do, avoid the unofficial thieves, stick to the official slimeball.2016-01-20"Before May 17, 2019
btc100x.winListed on's badlist "Coindoublers are the simplest of scams. Like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.2017-01-06"Before May 17, 2019
btc10days.comListed on's badlist "Today is not a good day to be sucker. Avoid this site, don't give this thief your bitcoin, and don't be that sucker.2015-10-21"Before May 17, 2019
btc18.siteListed on's badlist "The bitatt scam in Chinese! That's a first for this common fraud.2016-07-24"Before May 17, 2019
btc21.netListed on's badlist "Also We have reports of these related ptc sites not paying out. Your risk.2014-12-19"Before May 17, 2019 on's badlist "This site is still only in Russian, but expect this scam in a language of your choice soon.2014-07-12"Before May 17, 2019
Btc25.netListed on's badlist - 'We have reports of this ptc site not paying out. Your risk. 12/19/14'Before May 17, 2019
btc2bch.comListed on's badlist "Don't be a numpty and send your private key to this crook! He will have ALL YOUR BITCOIN !2017-08-06"Before May 17, 2019
btc2bit.comListed on? for 'scam' on 06/23/2016.Before May 17, 2019
btc2btc.tkListed on's badlist "The old "Highly qualified investment team" spiel. So why do they need you? Because it's all lies and theft as usual.2015-04-07"Before May 17, 2019
btc2double.comListed on's badlist "You know it's just another thieving dropout somewhere.2016-02-07"Before May 17, 2019
btc2me.comListed on's badlist "Yes it's a ponzi.2015-02-03"Before May 17, 2019
btc2mine.comListed on's badlist "Not professional mining, not even professional scamming, but everybody has to start somewhere.2017-11-10"Before May 17, 2019
btc2pay.netListed on's badlist "What have we told you about bitcoin and paypal, like oil and water, they don't mix. People are getting scammed by this site. Works in cahoots witBefore May 17, 2019
btc2x.comListed on's badlist "These scam doublers just keep trying. Think about it?2015-12-03"Before May 17, 2019
btc2x.ioListed on's badlist "When scams, of scams come along, you have to smile. Hopefully, 2x won't happen, but regardless, this site is just a fraudster.2017-11-08Before May 17, 2019
btc2x.pwListed on's badlist "Same old scam. Bitcoin cannot double, and nobody can double it. If you are daft enough to send it to an obvious fraud, it's your own fault.2018-0May 17, 2019
btc2xhash.cfListed on's badlist "All bitcoin doublers end in tears for about 90% of (and i use this term loosely) Investors. Don't be an idiot.2016-07-24"Before May 17, 2019
btc2xx.inListed on's badlist "Nobody, but nobody falls for these coindoubler scams anymore. You didn't did you?2017-04-03"Before May 17, 2019
btc48hours.comListed on's badlist "A generic doubler fraud.2016-05-07"Before May 17, 2019
btc4earn.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 27/2/2018.Before May 17, 2019
btc4free.orgListed on May 17, 2019
btc4invest.netListed on's badlist "Hopefully, you will easily spot this fraud, and so you won't lose your bitcoin.2016-08-08"Before May 17, 2019
btc4life.linkListed on's badlist "Doublers, and get rich quick schemes are always frauds. This is as well.2016-07-19"Before May 17, 2019
btc4money.comListed on's badlist "Another multiplier fraud attempt.2016-05-23"Before May 17, 2019
btc4you.ioListed on's badlist "Another bitcoin doubler. Bitcoin cannot double, please understand this basic condition.2016-09-08"Before May 17, 2019
btc5x.comListed on's badlist "Also All multipliers are frauds, these are no exception.2016-04-27"Before May 17, 2019
Btc5x.netListed on's badlist - 'All multipliers are frauds, this is no exception. 4/27/16'Before May 17, 2019
btc600.bizListed on's badlist "Me share btc with you long time mister.2016-03-22"Before May 17, 2019
btc75.infoListed on's badlist "It's a total fraud, like all these multipliers. What makes you think bitcoin can multiply? It can't.2016-02-19"Before May 17, 2019
Btcadder.890m.comListed on's badlist - 'This scam promises to double your Btc. They still just steal it though. Bitcoin doesn't double by magic. 10/10/14'Before May 17, 2019
btcadder.comListed on's badlist "Also, This scam promises to double your Btc. They still just steal it though. Bitcoin doesn't double byBefore May 17, 2019 on's badlist "Also The common double bitcoin scam.2015-11-17"Before May 17, 2019
Btcadder2016.jimdo.comListed on's badlist - 'This scam promises to double your Btc. They still just steal it though. Bitcoin doesn't double by magic. 10/10/14'Before May 17, 2019
btcads.netListed on? for 'non payments' on 6/4/2017.Before May 17, 2019
btcasia.infoListed on's badlist "Without wishing to be too insulting, you would have to be pretty fkn dumb to send money or btc to this clown outfit.2016-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
btcautofill.comListed on's badlist "All those cutesy graphics just go to confirm that it is just a ponzi like any other. Every ponzi leaves many more losers than the few winners.201Before May 17, 2019
btcbank.bidListed on's badlist "Err, no. This is Btc bunk Bud'. Just a thief.2016-07-14"Before May 17, 2019
btcbank.bizListed on's badlist "Another scam that's moved on to a new domain. Gotcha.2016-04-25"Before May 17, 2019
btcbank.ioListed on's badlist "Just a doubler fraud like soooo many.2016-12-29"Before May 17, 2019
btcbank.proListed on's badlist "Pro? It isn't even amateur, in fact it isn't even a Bank! Just a poxy little shit with his own poxy little doubler scam.2017-01-20"Before May 17, 2019
btcbank.tradeListed on's badlist "It isn't a robot, it is just a thief. NEVER exchange Bitcoin using payPal. there are a few ways you can be robbed, with zero protection.2018-01-1Before May 17, 2019
btcbanking.weebly.comListed on's badlist "It isn't a bank, it's a rubbish scam. Don't let this cheap thief steal your coins.2015-06-10"Before May 17, 2019
btcbase.ioListed on's badlist "A lot of Javascript, a lot of shiny pictures, and a complete pack of lies. Don't send funds to this undeserving individual.2018-06-29"May 17, 2019
btcbasemining.comListed on's badlist "The longstanding mining site, that actually only launched today! Pure unfiltered camel piss!2017-12-17"Before May 17, 2019
btcbay.netListed on's badlist "The btc bay coindoubler fraud relocating to a cooler domain. Same old scam though.2017-03-31"Before May 17, 2019
btcbay.proListed on's badlist "Nothing pro about another poxy doubler fraud.2017-02-13"Before May 17, 2019
btcberry.comListed on's badlist "Another hyip/fraud.2016-09-29"Before May 17, 2019
btcbitz.comListed on's badlist "If you can even figure out what they are offering, it's probably because somebody else clued you up, who is simultaneously trying to suck you intMay 17, 2019
btcbiz.tradeListed on's badlist "Cards - ficticious cards, that earn money. This fraud site is proof that you can think this stuff up!2017-06-22"Before May 17, 2019
btcbonus.orgListed on's badlist "The only bonus, is if you found this warning before you sent bitcoin. If you have sent it, you are too late.2017-07-16"Before May 17, 2019
btcboom.infoListed on's badlist "Boom, and the bitcoin's gone. Barry Scott would love this scam.2018-11-14"May 17, 2019
btcboom.orgListed on's badlist "Exploding bitcoin - whatever next will scammers tempt you with.2017-11-10"Before May 17, 2019
btcbooster.comListed on's badlist "Just another fake doubler. Don't fall for these scams.2016-01-17"Before May 17, 2019
btcbox.ccListed on's badlist "This box has no bottom in it. Not a very good box really.2017-11-17"Before May 17, 2019
btcbroker.bizListed on's badlist "You'll certainly be broker than you were if you send btc to these thieves.2016-06-29"Before May 17, 2019
btcbug.tkListed on's badlist "Janus Innovation. It's just another scam coin doubler.2015-03-17"Before May 17, 2019
btcbusiness.bizListed on's badlist "It's not a ponzi, it's a whole load of little ponzi's, and of course it's unsustainable. Better mention zero user security too.2015-09-26"Before May 17, 2019
btcbux.netListed on? for 'closed' on 11/11/2016.Before May 17, 2019
btcbuxon.comListed on? for 'non payments' on 28/1/2018.Before May 17, 2019
btcbuzz.bizListed on's badlist "The crook running this basic fraud may get a buzz - but you won't.2017-03-19"Before May 17, 2019
btcbyte.ioListed on's badlist "100% risk for a possible 10% Ponzi Payout is bad odds even by scam standards. Just designed to build unwarranted trust!2018-02-27"May 17, 2019
btccircle.comListed on's badlist "(See PTCircle)2014-06-25"Before May 17, 2019
Btcclicks.comListed on's badlist - 'Formerly, one of the most trusted PTC sites, but if they can remove our account of 4 years standing, AND steal all our income and referrals,Before May 17, 2019
btcclickz.comListed on's badlist "It isn't an investment, quite the opposite.2018-04-26"May 17, 2019
btcclock.ioListed on's badlist "Don't be a Btc Cock, and fall for Btc Clock! It's just a ponzi fraud.2017-05-05"Before May 17, 2019
btcclube.comListed on's badlist "Google translate and The Romans make most of this hyip fraud completely incomprehensible. That will save a few victims.2017-12-26"Before May 17, 2019
btccoins.bizListed on's badlist "Btc con-artists. Just pass this by.2017-01-09"Before May 17, 2019
btccoins.ccListed on's badlist "Just con merchants out to steal your cash and bitcoin.2017-08-17"Before May 17, 2019
btccoinwallet.comListed on's badlist "Make sure the crazy MoFo's behind this scam site don't get your bitcoin eh.2017-09-16"Before May 17, 2019
btccomunity.comListed on's badlist "literacy is the least of this sites problems. It's a really poor attempt at fraud.2017-02-13"Before May 17, 2019
btccorp.bizListed on's badlist "A very poxy little hyip/scam.2016-10-01"Before May 17, 2019
btccpools.comListed on's badlist "3 Years in mining, from a site that is 24 days old. Nah.2016-06-28"Before May 17, 2019
btccreator.comListed on's badlist "Lo and behold, another bitcoin ponzi wannabe thief. Get rich at your expense. Don't be a mug please.2017-11-22"Before May 17, 2019
btccyclic.comListed on's badlist "Apart from setting a record for the most c's in an 11 letter domain name, this site has no worth whatsoever.2017-11-08"Before May 17, 2019
btcdailytrader.comListed on's badlist "Just DON'T download from this site. Scans show malware in btcprotradingv3.exe and btcpropredictionv1.exe.2014-11-07"Before May 17, 2019
btcdays.netListed on's badlist "Your deposit isn't coming back. It is just a fraud.2016-11-02"Before May 17, 2019
btcdbl.lima-city.deListed on's badlist "The Bitcoin-doubler fraud in a fresh location.2015-11-06"Before May 17, 2019
btcdblr.webs.comListed on's badlist "Their btc will double - but yours won't!2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
btcdealer.bizListed on's badlist "They only thing this scamsite deals in, needs to be carried in sacks, not wallets!2017-09-05"Before May 17, 2019
btcdeposit.bizListed on's badlist "Just don't deposit btc, because this is the more intelligent option.2015-12-02"Before May 17, 2019
btcdom.ioListed on's badlist "A totally new way to Invest! You send them Bitcoin. That's it. You won't ever see it again, but they miss that bit in their blurb.2018-01-21"Before May 17, 2019
btcdominate.comListed on's badlist "Your bitcoin won't be dominating very much if you send it to a hyip scam. Scams like this are everywhere.2018-09-14"May 17, 2019
btcdonations.netListed on's badlist "Oh you're donating alright, you're donating straight to the thief who put up this laughable fraud!2017-08-13"Before May 17, 2019
btcdouble.inListed on's badlist "This fake bitcoin generator has one purpose, to persuade you to send a 'release fee' You WILL lose it.2017-08-03"Before May 17, 2019
btcdouble.x10host.comListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. Send it here and lose it.2017-10-18"Before May 17, 2019
btcdouble.xyzListed on's badlist "The first scam doubler of 2016. Don't feed these thieves.2016-01-01"Before May 17, 2019
btcdoubler.inListed on's badlist "A doubler fraud with a hyip theme. 100% Scam.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
btcdoubler.netListed on's badlist "If this site gets you - then the final thing you need to google is 'hopeless case'2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
btcdoubler24h.tkListed on's badlist "This is your warning, you WILL lose bitcoin if you send it to any doubler. Bitcoin does not double, it is not magic.2016-10-22"Before May 17, 2019
btcdoublex.comListed on's badlist "The latest in a long line of scam doublers.2016-01-26"Before May 17, 2019
btcdoubling.comListed on's badlist "It won't double if you watch it though - keep your eyes shut.2016-04-23"Before May 17, 2019
btce.proListed on's badlist "Don't send any bitoin to these generator scammers. All these bitcoin generators are just bollocks. They want you to send a 'fee'.2017-06-14"Before May 17, 2019
btcearning.bizListed on's badlist "This is what happens. You send bitcoin, and they keep that bitcoin. You never see it again.2017-01-04"Before May 17, 2019
btceden.comListed on's badlist "Another one of these P2P Ponzi's. Don't kid yourself, you will just lose everything to this thief.2017-02-05"Before May 17, 2019
btcenjoy.comListed on's badlist "We aren't sure how the word enjoy really goes with being arse raped by scammers - but if that floats your boat - it's a free world.2018-06-19"May 17, 2019
btcexcelinvest.comListed on's badlist "The Korean version has Ho Lee Fuk as CEO and Sum Ting Wong as Treasurer. Sarcastic fraudsters - whatever next?2017-07-24"Before May 17, 2019
btcexp.comListed on's badlist "Express Bitcoin Ltd. Currently only in Russian. Stay clear of this hyip fraud.2016-05-17"Before May 17, 2019
btcexploit.proListed on's badlist "It is YOU that will be exploited by this shyster. There are no holes in bitcoin's code.2017-02-26"Before May 17, 2019
btcexploit.xyzListed on's badlist "The scam that makes you believe you are rich. Don't be a mug.2017-09-08"Before May 17, 2019
btcfarming.comListed on's badlist "Virtual Mining' - I'll fkn say it's virtual, it isn't real anyhow.2016-05-24"Before May 17, 2019
btcfaucet.spaceListed on for Not Paying on 06/29/2016.Before May 17, 2019
btcfinance.coListed on's badlist "Another silly fraud - Of course they won't pay you, they are thieves ffs.2016-07-12"Before May 17, 2019
btcfinancials.comListed on's badlist "If this were a poker game, this would be called 'overplaying your hand'. Rarely will you see such grndiose claims! Binary options is at best, a ZBefore May 17, 2019
btcfinex.liveListed on's badlist "Bitcoin cannot double. If you send it here, you are sending it to a liar and a thief.2018-12-28"May 17, 2019
btcflap.comListed on's badlist "Is this the BTCgaw scammer at it again? We reckon so. No such company, no ssl, all means no way is it legit. Now reports of losses to this thief2Before May 17, 2019
btcflex.comListed on's badlist "Just a hyip/scam to avoid - unless you like giving bitcoin to thieves.2015-06-13"Before May 17, 2019
btcflood.comListed on's badlist "And I quote - "Register with us and get Educate" Do you get a Cerfiticatt for Gurdurating?2017-03-05"Before May 17, 2019
btcforte.comListed on's badlist "They must just copy and paste this bs from other bs hyip scams.2016-07-06"Before May 17, 2019
btcfrenzie.comListed on's badlist "Don't be in too much of a frenzy to send your bitcoin to a crook.2018-04-18"May 17, 2019
btcfund.isListed on's badlist "The joy of community mining" That should read "The joy of mining the community" It's a go back to start ponzi, a sort of snakes and ladders ponziBefore May 17, 2019
btcfuturestrading.comListed on's badlist "Utter drivel. This is just a $25 off the shelf fraud.2017-01-10"Before May 17, 2019
btcgains.comListed on's badlist "We nearly made it a day without a hyip. Not quite. Avoid this ponzi scam.2014-08-31"Before May 17, 2019
btcgame.weebly.comListed on's badlist "Don't be a fool and deposit to this, you are 100% certain to lose this particular bet.2015-09-11"Before May 17, 2019
btcgaw.comListed on's badlist "Don't fall for this scam. They WILL steal your money.2015-04-10"Before May 17, 2019
btcgen.bizListed on's badlist "If it isn't fake mining, it's bitcoin multipliers. Easy scams