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Referral builder basics:

What is a referral builder and how do I make it work for me?

A referral builder can assist you in building a network of referrals in many different programs.

Simply signup a referral in one program and they will automagically signup as your referral in many additional programs - one referral becomes many in a manner which is often referred to as viral.

The referral builder is a list of programs where all your referrals are presented with your referral link for each of the programs. If one of your referrals chooses to sign up to a program in the referral builder, they will sign up to that program as your referral. But only where you have your referral ID entered into the referral builder.

If your referral ID is not added to the referral builder, the ID of your sponsor (the person who referred you to the site) will be presented to your referral. If theirs hasn't been added, the list of sponsors is checked until an ID is found. If no one else in your up line has added their ID, the site owner will become the referrer.

If, for whatever reason, you are not going to promote a site, you are likely to feel disinclined to put time and effort into filling the referral builder. It is always worth the effort - I often get signups in sites I don't promote.

As well as potential commissions, active referrals will generate additional traffic credits.

You are giving away referrals if you don't fill in the site's referral builder.

For any site in the referral builder where you are already a member, simply add your referral ID for that site and click the 'update' button to save the ID.

Referral builders don't all use the same system. Most only require the referral ID, but some require the full affiliate link. Don't give potential referrals away - always double check that you have entered the correct information.

Never join a site simply because it is in a referral builder. The number of dodgy 'marketing' sites on-line far outweigh the number of good ones. And some owners are will happily promote scams. Always do your 'due diligence' before joining any site:

Once you have added your referrral ID to the sites you choose in the referral builder, and you are promoting the site and getting referrals, you will begin to see referrals signing up to the sites in the referral builder. And also in the referral builders of those sites.

When you receive notification that someone signed up under you, don't be shy. If the site offers the opportunity to contact your referrals, send them a welcome message. Don't spam them with referral links to other programs, offer to help them. For example, they may have any questions about how to best utilise the site's features.

Simply offering assistance without requesting anything in return will bring you an amazing number of unexpected rewards. It doesn't happen overnight, but I can confirm that it certainly does happen.

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