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You can

You could possibly try to light a fire with them, or try to use them to wrap a small gift, but you would probably have to print them out first.

There are two things I would suggest though.

  1. Don't attempt to read them all at once. Take one at a time and put the training/suggestions into practice. Give your new ‘system’ a chance to work before bouncing off in a new direction.
  2. Keep an open mind - don't take everything you read as the whole truth. These are the methods used by the writer. You may need to tweak some of the ideas to suit your own methods/ideals.

Internet marketing is just like any other business

Success in 10 steps by Michael Dlouhy is well worth a read. You can get an overview and download it free from The focus is MLM (Nothing to buy here - it's purely 91 pages of incredibly useful information. No affiliate links. No companies are mentioned or promoted.) but I found the information relevant to any marketing endevour and good enough to share.

eBooks as promised.
Free eBook - your free traffic report Your easy way to profit with Traffic Exchanges:
Turn your clicks into cash.

In this free report Scott is going to show you what works!

You've probably already heard you should be:

  • Using Splash Pages
  • Branding Yourself
  • Building Your List, and
  • Growing Your Traffic Exchange Downlines

You've most likely also heard you should not be jumping around from program to program looking for "the secret" that will make you rich while you sleep.

The "secret" is... THERE ISN'T ONE!

You already know WHAT to do!

This report was put together to show you HOW to do it.

You will learn how to...

  • Generate much more traffic with less surfing through leverage and viral marketing,
  • Quickly and easily build a list of leads for your business, and
  • Make loads of up front profit before anyone even joins your primary business or buys the products you are selling! you can stop looking for "the secret" and start making Traffic Exchanges and Email Exchanges work for you today.

free eBook - your free traffic report
free eBook - Safelist Marketing Tactics Safelist marketing tactics
Inside You Will Discover...

point1  How to drastically reduce the time spent clicking for credits while still sending your ads to the maximum number of readers.

point2  How to setup your inbox to make managing multiple safelist accounts a breeze.

point3  How to stand out from the competition by creating stunning html emails with just a few clicks of your mouse.

point4  How one simple safelist email can generate multiple streams of income for you over and over again.

point5  And a whole lot more!

free eBook - Safelist Marketing Tactics

free eBook - no more excuses No more excuses!

"No More Excuses" is the total package! Just knowing what to do is not enough. You also need the right tools and enough advertising to see you to success. You will get it all here and support you can rely on as you learn how to use the tools and concepts of marketing that have worked for Marty.

This book is going to give you an exclusive opportunity to get a trial membership to Referral Frenzy FREE for 7 days and explain all the ins and outs of GREAT marketing! Along with this book comes a huge advertising package to get you going.

free eBook - no more excuses

Free eBook - the triple A plan The TripleAPlan
A must for all marketers

The TripleAPlan will lay out the strategies that work! The best ways to create residual income, and the best sites to do it with. Make sure you read through this book and take the recommendations to heart. They work and have been tested and proven over and over. The book and its strategies have created income for lots and lots of newbies and seasoned marketers as well.

free eBook - the triple A plan
Free eBook - Inside The Mind of a Successful Surfer Inside The Mind of a Successful Surfer:
A Journey of Passion and Purpose

This short report containing several essays by Darrell Dean will, I hope, give you valuable insights into different ways to effectively use traffic exchanges.

Written by Darrell Dean in 2007 and still very relevant today.

free eBook - Inside The Mind of a Successful Surfer
Free eBook - Your $100/day Blueprint Your $100/day Blueprint
Start Small, Build Big!

The steps of this Blueprint are designed to get your new Viral Mailer marketing system set up as quickly as possible (in as little as 30 minutes) so you can start building your $100 per day traffic machine today!

This is not a "get-rich-quick" plan.

Nobody can guarantee that you will make "X" amount of money in any business. This is no exception. But with this system you will be able to start very small, get into profit as quickly as possible, and strategically compound your growth into more and more profit.

free eBook - Your $100/day Blueprint
Free eBook - One signup a day strategy One signup a day 2.0
An advertising strategy

In this updated report 'One Signup A Day 2.0', Andre Zunde will share with you what LeadsLeap has done for him over the years.

He'll also share with you his experience in getting clicks and how he converts clicks into signups.

At the end of this report, you will also learn how you can use this report to help you achieve the same result for your business.

free eBook - Your one signup a day strategy
Free eBook - Autoresponder Profit System Autoresponder Profit System
Are you using your autoresponder to its fullest potential?

What you have here is an easy to follow roadmap that will show you exactly what Jerry Iannucci did to turn his autoresponder into a way to make money every single day with very little effort.

This information comes from Jerry's own personal experience and is filled with techniques that have been proven to work for him and many others.

free eBook - Autoresponder Profit System
The following Copyblogger eBooks are a bit different to the proceeding eBooks.
  • They are not trying to sell you anything.
  • There are no affiliate links.
  • They are full (really full) of quality, unbiased information.
If you are interested in learning how to create advertising with a better than average chance of converting, I would highly recommend joining Copyblogger and working through their free training. You will have to put in a little effort though. There is a large amount of information in each eBook, and there are a couple of dozen eBooks available covering -
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEO Copywriting
Here's a wee sample.
Free eBook - Internet Marketing for Smart People Internet Marketing for Smart People

This -- now in ebook form -- is the original (and still free) 20-part course that Sonia Simone wrote years ago, delivering the techniques and strategies you need to know to become a much smarter marketer online. You’ll get lots of pointers to archived Copyblogger content, but with a new frame that will help you “connect the dots” and start putting this invaluable advice to work in your own business. You don't have to be a genius to master Internet marketing ...

free eBook - Internet Marketing for Smart People
Free eBook - How to Write Magnetic Headlines How to Write Magnetic Headlines

Your headline is the first -- and perhaps only -- impression you make on a prospective reader. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. The better your headline, the better your odds of beating the averages and getting what you’ve written read by a larger percentage of people. This ebook provides you with concrete guidance that’ll have you writing better headlines in no time.

free eBook - How to Write Magnetic Headlines
Free eBook - How to turn traffic into money Landing Pages:
How to turn traffic into money

Successful marketers know that it’s ridiculous to create a product or email newsletter, and then spoil the launch by promoting it through their general home page. Thus, the importance of a highly-focused landing page. This eBook teaches you the keys to creating landing pages that work … and that creating them is not nearly as hard as you think.

free eBook - How to turn traffic into money

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