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The Traffic Exchange Results ad rotator

You may have some additional questions, but these are the ones that I immediately thought of -

First, a quick look at what the ad rotator top bar looks like -

Connect with me
Make the rotator bar your own at what have we got at traffic exchange results
Social links. Add as few or many as you like from the options in Social Branding.
Or turn them off completely if you'd prefer.
Photo. Still a bit shy? You can turn it off. Text - configurable font family, size, weight, and colour
You can also set the background colour of the bar.
The photo and text link to the website/blog/ad you have entered in Social Branding.
You can add a message that appears when the mouse hovers over the photo or the text.
Shameless TE-Results advertising

What's a rotator and why would I want to use one?

A rotator allows you to create a single link which can contain a number of other links. You advertise this single link wherever you advertise and the rotator will rotate through the links contained in that rotator.

For example. You have one rotator that contains five different splash pages from the site you are advertising. Each time your rotator is displayed it will display a different splash page, giving each of the five pages an equal number of views (you can also alter the frequency each site will be shown relative to the other sites in the rotator). Combined with the tracking feature, this allows you to see which of the splash pages are giving you the best results.

You can also have splash pages for different sites/products associated with one rotator. With the smart filtering feature, the rotator will not display an advert for a site on that site (e.g. advertising Traffic Exchange Results on is not something you would want to do as all the viewers of your ad are already members of the site - it would be a waste of credits). While this can allow you to advertise more sites/products, the rotator becomes less effective because each site/product is receiving fewer views.

One of the best features of a rotator is that if you want to change an advertisement (maybe the site you are advertising is down, or you'd prefer to stop promoting a program), you edit the rotator. You don't need to log into every site to edit your ads, you do it from one location.

For me, the best feature of the rotator is that you can add your personal information to every page you advertise. There is a top bar added to the page you are advertising where you can add detail about yourself. Adding your name and photo to all your advertising (as long as you are advertising quality products and nothing illegal, offensive or misleading) is the fastest way to get yourself recognised as a promoter of quality products. This goes a long way to building trust with prospective customers.

There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of sites offering a rotator. The focus of every one I have used is additional advertising for the rotator provider. The branding of the rotator is always that of the site that hosts the rotator. It is understandable. They are providing server storage and bandwidth, so it's fair that they should get some free advertising in return. The Traffic Exchange Results rotator differs in this respect.

What's so special about the Traffic Exchange Results rotator?

You can configure it to compliment or contrast with your advertisements.

How is that going to benefit me?

What about sites that don't allow rotators?

Brand your trackers with the same topbars that you have created for your rotators.

How about banner and text rotators?

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