Command your credits at TE Command Post
100 Easy credits.

Add Traffic Exchange Results to TE Command Post and receive 100 credits at Traffic Exchange Results.

What is TE Command Post and how can it help me?

TE Command Post is a referral builder with a number of tools that make managing the Traffic Exchanges you belong to much easier.

Referral Builder with a unique feature
Add your referral ID to the 200+ sites and you can find all your ReferralIDs and ReferralURLs on the 'Referral Links' menu. The next time you fill in a referral builder you can refer to this page for all your IDs rather than having to log into each site.
Referral Builder with a unique feature
Referral IDs

Site credits, impressions and commissions displayed from one location
Add your sites to TE Command Post and you can see your
  • unassigned and assigned credits on the 'TE Credits' menu
  • unassigned and assigned banner impressions on the 'TE Banners' menu
  • unassigned and assigned Text Ad impressions on the 'TE Text Links' menu
  • Owed commissions and minimum cash out on the 'TE Commissions' menu
  • Notes about the site you've added on the 'TE Notes' menu
  • Alerts you've setup about the site on the 'TE Alerts' menu
Add your site to TECP
Add site
View your site credits
Site Credits
View your site banner impressions
View your site text impressions
Text Ad
View your owed commissions
View any notes you've added to a site
Site Notes
View any site alerts
Site Alerts

Need to remove a site?
There are any number of reasons you might like to remove a site from TE Command Post. For example, a site no-longer exists or you didn't purchase the Platinum upgrade and you'd like to make space for Traffic Exchange Results.
In the TE Credits menu on the site you would like to remove, click on the plus to expand the details for that site and then click on the "Remove name of site from your TE Command Post" link.
Remove a site from TECP
Remove site

Commando Surf for additional credits
Surf the two core sites Traffic-Splash and Tezzers Traffic Power, plus any of the guest Exchanges and receive additional credits on each site per page viewed.
The bonus varies each day at each site and the minimum boost is 10%. The daily bonuses can be found via this link.
TE Command Post Commando Surf
Commando Surf

Not yet a TE Command Post member?
The additional credits for Commando Surfing are great, but the credit and impression management is a massive time saver. And you may find commissions you didn't know you were owed. I know I did.
If you're not a member, join free via this link and add Traffic Exchange Results to your TE Command Post Traffic Exchanges. When I see your Traffic Exchange Results ID listed at TE Command Post, I'll add 100 credits to your TE Results account.
There are 4 memberships at TE Command Post. Free (add 10 TEs), Silver (add 20 TEs), Gold (add 50 TEs) and Platinum (add unlimited TEs). Check the Upgrade page to see which membership is best for you.
TE Command Post find commissions

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